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Eureka Airport

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Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 24 hours a day
Fuel prices as last reported on 21-May-2018
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.98 Reported by the FBO
Jet A Self service    $4.22 Reported by the FBO
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:361 State Route 278
Eureka, NV 89316
United States of America
Telephone: 775-237-5372
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Sharon Swisher on 07-Nov-2017

  Very good helpful and friendly good fuel prices we will definitely stop there again
From John Bickham on 27-Oct-2017

  Nothing but a pleasurable experience for us. Sweet lady met us at the gas pumps and was very helpful. She was very accommodating and even let us smelly backcountry boys get a quick shower. Will be a regular stop for us.
From Mike Marker on 24-Oct-2017

  Excellent service. We stopped for fuel with a couple of Cubs to and from the HSF 2017. The friendly attendant helped with fueling the aircraft at the self-serve pump, helped clean windshields and get a weather update. A shower was a welcome treat after backcountry camping the night before.
From Reid Aldrich on 19-Oct-2017

  Clean and open easy to use airport in very good condition. Flying EMS in the region for many years I have always been greeted with helpful service even on chilly winter nights. Thank you John and Mary.
From Scott Waymire on 17-Oct-2017

  Flew in for a pit stop Oct 16th, 2017. Great place for fuel, bathroom break, and to stretch your legs! Vincie helped me fuel the plane, it's nice to be handed the fuel hose and hand it back while fueling a high wing. It's also nice to have an attendant there to make sure you get a receipt. Been flying since 94 and logged 800 hrs in just over the last year, I've been to many, many small fields - this one was very nice. Newly paved and clean. Not sure what was wrong with the AWOS, but it worked great and was easy to hear for me. I'll be back, thank you!
From Scott Kennedy on 24-Sep-2017

  Excellent airport - all resurfaced - fuel tanks & equipment look new & in perfect working order. The lady who met us at the fuel pump was very friendly & helpful!
From Michael Coster on 20-Sep-2017

  Nice country airport with great service. Good fuel prices for the region, and easy accessibility to the SS pumps. The Walzs are friendly and very accommodating.
From Jeff Barnow on 11-Sep-2017

  I stopped at the Eureka airport on August 28th. My experience was the opposite of Russ Howard's. The AWOS was fine and easy to hear. The FBO was clean and inviting and the woman that owns the operation with her husband was more than delightful. I find it very difficult to believe that she would not be fully accommodating in anyway. She came right out to help me pump fuel from the self-serve station. She was a little hard of hearing which I could see might create a communication barrier but in no way would I see her saying that you couldn't throw away some trash or that they don't have any food when they do. I would not hesitate to return to Eureka, NV's airport in the future.
From Tracy Cheatham on 11-Sep-2017

  Arrived 9/7/17 for fuel stop. Reasonable price and good modern self serve equipment. We asked about a ride into town and Vincie offered to take us. Ultimately we decided to get on our way quickly. Observed no reason for previous person's objections. In 21, 000 hours of flying this was for me a very good place to refuel.
From James Riordan on 07-Sep-2017

  My family has had great experiences over the years working with John and Vincie at the Eureka airport, but I want to write concerning my personal experience with the management. I have been taking my two aircraft to John for routine and specific maintenance now for the last few years. John and Vincie have always treated myself and my family so very well and really welcomed us into the airport. John is a great, knowledgeable mechanic with whom I feel confident working on my demanding radial engines. The facility at the Eureka airport is always kept in immaculate shape with the office being very warm and inviting for the weary traveler. Vincie has offered numerous times to run us to town for food or supplies. The Walzls are dedicated to providing outstanding service on behalf of Eureka County and are always present at the airport to tend to the needs of those who fly in and out of 05U.
From Michael Riordan on 07-Sep-2017

  I have always had the most positive experience at this FBO. It is a first class facility and attended by great people. Eureka, NV is a small town. Don't expect all services, as you would find at a large FBO. Eureka County has made this a very nice airport overall and I recommend it.
From Brian Smith on 06-Sep-2017

  I have landed at 05U many, many times during the past 5 years. The FBO IS EXCELLENT! John and Vincie are always accommodating. They have even offered to take me in to town when my car did not start. The runway and tiedown is in excellent condition. I love to fly to Eureka! I stop in to say Hi when I'm driving on highway 50, just cause I so enjoy the visit with them.
From Mary Miller on 30-Aug-2017

  On Aug. 28th my husband and I landed at Eureka airport for fuel before visiting a ranch in the desert near by. When I asked the manager's wife if she could take me to the grocery store to buy a few provisions, she kindly obliged. She was offering to help make our stop positive. We did have trouble hearing the AWOS report from the air so called the Unicom freq and the manager clearly gave us the wx conditions.
From Roger Allen on 29-Aug-2017

  To add to my earlier comment, this is truly a five star general aviation airport, runway and taxiway are in excellent condition, fuel is reasonable and the Manager is the best aircraft mechanic I have ever met, they maintain a spotless facility. Watch the density altitude in summer
From David Allen on 27-Aug-2017

  I have been a customer here for over 10 years, I have never found John and Vincie to be anything but competent professionals. John has accomplished extensive maintenance on my aircraft, including a partial restoration and annual inspections. Whenever I pick up the aircraft it is always immaculate, even washed and vacuumed. This is easily the best small airport FBO I've seen in 20 years and over 8000 hours of flying, operated by a combat veteran and great american.
From David Evans on 25-Aug-2017

  Landed here on 8/24 because of headwinds and turbulence to get fuel. Pleasantly surprised nice airport, friendly service by the couple working there.
From Roger Allen on 24-Aug-2017

  I was surprised at Mr. Howards experience at Eureka airport, I have flown in many times and I have found the Manager and his wife to be courteous and helpful to everyone they meet, Mr. Howard also needs to accept responsibility for fueling his aircraft and not try to blame others for his mistakes.
From Russ Howard on 23-Aug-2017

  Day before eclipse. AWOS 1/2 function. Couldn't hear wind or density alt, critical on hot-humid summer day w/scattered convective. "Self-serve", but the female employee watched & crowded the whole process, looking over my shoulder while filling, distracted into too much fuel in one tank: close to max takeoff weight w/o cushion. Was getting hungry, asked if anything to eat: "No". 2 other people on bench outside office (handlebar mustache?), unfriendly. No trash can outside. OK, but the office was open & we had a few little things we wanted to dispose of due to weight; wouldn't let my passengers use the waste basket, telling them "you fly it in, you fly it out", like backpacking. When I heard about that & peeked in, handlebar said (laughing sarcastically) "just throw it on the floor". I wasn't going to do that, but on looking in I noticed there were snacks, coffee. We left. Never seen anything like it in 31yrs/1500hrs of flying to many small fields.
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