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Petersen Oil Company Inc

at Lakeview Airport-Griffith Field

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From Elliot Zeltzer on 24-Jan-2017

  Interesting airport. I had some avionics work done at KGRR and saw the low fuel price. Shot the RNAV 28 approach and observed the REIL out of service. Please fix or NOTAM for future approaches. Also the pump works and the price is right but pumps VERY slow! Took way too long to load 180 gallons of 100LL
From Peter Lautensack on 04-Aug-2016

  Landed to get fuel on way to Oshkosh. Dropped ladies off at building and proceeded to fuel farm. Noticed pump was surging as I tried to fill 15 gal aux tank. Read flow meter, 23 gallons pumped on meter, tank 3/4 full. The fuel farm was empty and pumping Air When we called the FBO after Oshkosh they were nice and offered to refund balance. That was nice on a bright side the ladies said the facilities were very nice also be careful, this airport has a very active Air Tractor spraying business. The Air Tractors may not follow standard left pattern and traffic pattern altitudes when landing.
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