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Blair Hill Inn

5 miles from Greenville Municipal Airport

  • Internet access
  • Restaurant
  • Lodging
Contact information
Address:351 Lily Bay Road
Greenville, ME 04441
United States of America
Telephone: 207-695-0224
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From Christopher Hess on 11-Apr-2017

  The Blair Hill Inn is, in my opinion, one of the best B and B's in Maine. My wife and I were married there and it has the most spectacular views of the lake. The views of sun setting behind the mountains while having a cocktail on the porch or while dining are unforgettable. The best part is it's only a 5 min ride form the airport and if you so desire you can land your helicopter on the front lawn of the inn with permission. I highly recommend a stop!
From Mark Spitzer on 03-Apr-2017

  Wonderful old-world ambience and charm, great food, fantastic view and friendly owners. The best inn on Moosehead Lake.
From Keith Isaacson on 25-Mar-2017

  Amazing food and atmosphere. The staff is personable and welcoming
From Arnold Sperling on 03-Dec-2016

  The Blair Hill Inn is one of the finest B and B's in Maine. A jewel located in Greenville on Moosehead Lake with spectacular views, elegant rooms, a first class spa and a truly gourmet restaurant. You can fly into the local airport, be picked up for the 5-minute ride, land your helicopter at the Inn, or arrange for a rental car. This is a remote piece of paradise operated by a couple that made our stay memorable.
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