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Hartford is located halfway between New York City and Boston, features big city business with New England charm. The insurance and financial service industries are the driving force within the metro Hartford area. The downtown fabric of the Hartford /Springfield region comprises of stately office buildings and historic icons, surrounded by quaint New England country towns. Signature BDL is a premier aviation service provider offering a state-of-the art facility and quality services.
Bradley International Airport
ASRI 131.875

100 Signature Way
East Granby, CT 06026
United States of America

Fax 860-623-5232

 Signature TailWins®   DASSP   Crew cars   Courtesy transportation   National Car Rental 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • 100LL Line Service
  • Automotive Fuel
  • Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (Prist)
  • Jet A Line Service
  • Aircraft Maintenance 3rd Party
  • Aircraft Parking Long Term
  • DeIcing/Anti-Ice
  • Heated Hangar
  • International Trash Disposal
  • Speaks: English, Spanish
  • Signature Status and TailWins
  • Singature QuickTurn
  • 25,000 sq. ft. Hangar
  • 200,000 sq. ft. Ramp
Aviation fuel services
Brand: independent
Fueling hours: 24 hours/7 days a week
100LL Avgas Full service    $7.45
Jet A Full service    $5.902
Discounts: Weekend TakeOff - 50 cents off per gallon of AvGas.
Ask base for any additional discounts.
Prices include all taxes.
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From Jim Clark on 12-Jul-2016

  Great people, nice facility. Landing Fee $15, Ramp Fee $35. Will waive part of fee with fuel purchase, minimum 7 gallons @ $7.50/gal. $50 either way, pick your poison. Quick drop off of passengers or all day stay does not matter. Cessna 182
From Jim Covington on 10-Mar-2015

  Stopped in on Friday evening to pick up a passenger. Asked for a quick turn with a 100LL topoff. 40 minutes later I was informed that they couldn't start the 100LL truck. I paid my $42 in fees and left. I returned 48 hours later after a VFR weekend to drop off the passenger and I was informed that the 100LL truck was still out of service. Paid $42 again, and left. No 100LL for an entire VFR weekend? I guess they don't see much 100LL traffic.
From Robert Beverly on 31-Oct-2014

  Even though Signature is more expensive than surrounding Class G airports, they are very conveniently located to a new client of mine. I was met immediately by two linesmen and my fuel order handled immediately. The counter staff is helpful and courteous. For a single-engine prop, the fees are handling charge ($34), landing fee ($21), ramp parking ($18.75), and facility fee ($5). The handling charge and landing fee are waived with a minimum 7 gal. Fuel purchase. The parking fee applies even for partial-day stays. Overall a very positive experience and I'll happily return. Be aware that the tower wants you to continue squawking your assigned code while taxiing.
From Daryl DeBetta on 12-Aug-2014

  What a GREAT all around experience I had at Signature Air yesterday! I had previously flown into Hartford A/P several times and the fees are ridiculous. No crew car, landing fee, ramp fee, fuel is NOT a bargain and if you should need access to your aircraft after 10 pm on a weekend they will charge you $125.00 an hour for someone to let you in! I only used Hartford because it seemed easier for me (relatively new pilot) to get in and out of. After flying to Bradley yesterday afternoon and experiencing Signatures professionalism and courtesies, I will ALWAYS land there when I need to go into Hartford/city. In reality Hartford/city is only another 5 minutes added to your drive when coming from Bradley...In turn that 5 minutes save you 3 hours of hassle and it saved me at least $375.00 last night! (Sunday) We left at 1 am.
From David Abrams on 10-Aug-2014

  Great service even though I flew in in an Ercoupe. Lineman insisted on golfcarting me to the entrance. Fresh popcorn and drinks. Very nice staff. We were given rides to a local restaurant and to/from the air museum. Not inexpensive but some fees waived with a 7 gallon purchase. I was going to complain that there were no cookies left when we returned from lunch but they were just baking fresh ones.
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