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Kenmore Aero Services

at Boeing Field/King County International Airport

Let us be the first to welcome you to Seattle. Here you'll find a vibrant, sophisticated metropolis surrounded by pristine natural beauty and abundant recreation. Downtown Seattle is easily walkable and waiting to be explored. Shopping, dining, arts and visitor attractions are within steps of hotels and inns. The city is surrounded by pristine waterways, two mountain ranges and three national parks. To the west lies the only temperate rain forest in the continental U.S. To the east, a world-class wine region. Amongst the best things about Seattle are the wonderful mountains and water views. Whether your plans include business or pleasure, Kenmore Aero Services offers the best in executive aviation services.
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Top-Notch Service
  • Aggressive Fuel Pricing
  • ALL Contract Fuel Cards Accepted
  • Quick-Turns!!
  • Fueling At Customs
  • Oxygen, Lav and Water Service
  • GPU
  • Catering
  • Crew Vehicles
  • On Site Rental Cars
  • Executive Passenger Terminal
  • Conference Room
  • Free Internet Access And WiFi
  • Pilot Lounge (Private, Satellite, DVD)
  • Snooze Room
  • Complimentary Snacks And Beverages
  • Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies
  • Kitchenette With Dishwasher And Fridge
  • WSI Weather
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Overnight Hangar (60'x60'x17')
  • Ramp Space - Over 100,000 Square Feet
  • Cargo Off-Loading
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 0500-2200 Daily
Prior arrangements needed between 2200-0459
Fuel prices as last reported on 15-Sep-2020
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.36 Reported 08-Sep-2020 by the FBO
Jet A Full service    $3.88 Reported by the FBO
Discounts: Bulk Fuel Purchases, Avfuel Contract Fuel, Colt, UVair
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
Avgas prices listed on this website are only for customers receiving fuel on the Kenmore Aero Services ramp. An Avgas delivery fee applies to customers requesting delivery of Avgas to their aircraft elsewhere at Boeing Field.  
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Contact information
Address:8555 Perimeter Rd S
Seattle, WA 98108-3837
United States of America
Telephone: 206-762-6376
toll-free 1-866-410-6376
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From Jon Rudolf on 02-Jul-2020

  For my piston single ramp parking/tiedown was $15 per night, none waived with fuel purchase, but no other fees charged. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Go-Rental cars available. Have been here a few time, and always a pleasant experience.
From Roland Baker on 06-Sep-2019

  Flew in for 2 nights in a single engine Cessna. Scott the Manager came out to meet me and thank me for my business. Very impressive. Line guys never moved my aircraft, something I greatly appreciate. Facilities are modern, very clean, and quiet. Great location and prices for gas and ramp is a no brainer if you're coming to Seattle area for a few days. Highly recommended!
From Carl Rossi on 18-Aug-2019

  I have been flying into KBFI since 1988, and over the years I Have seen an unfortunate distinct shift in focus amongst the FBO's away from the piston GA crowd and towards Jets/TP. I started using Kenmore exclusively shortly after they opened and I could not be happier with their services and attitude, despite the fact that I am not burning kerosene! They treat all GA alike, which means in my experience excellent customer service including line staying past closing time to ensure that I have someone around to marshall me in. What an excellent FBO.
From Bill Rowe on 13-Aug-2019

  The folks at Kenmore provide friendly, prompt, service, at a very reasonable price. Comfortable, welcoming reception area as well. This is my first choice for an FBO at KBFI, every time. Thanks for taking great care of my plane and me.
From Alireza Alivandivafa on 27-Aug-2018

  Exceptional, and helpful FBO. We came in for a couple days and needed to leave our bags in the plane to make an event. An employee stayed past the official closing to assure we could come back and grab our stuff. Fair pricing and they treat light GA like royalty. Will definitely come back.
From Travis Ayers on 26-Aug-2018

  Kenmore Aero is helping keep GA alive at KBFI! Super friendly staff, great 100LL prices, and clean crew cars. A true gem.
From Alex Bock on 20-Aug-2018

  This is the way an FBO I supposed to be, especially at a major/busy airport! It doesn't matter if you have a Gulfstream, a Cessna 152 or an old Stearman, Max and his crew will make sure you are taken care of. Kudos to an FBO who's all about aviation and not necessarily all about making money. I love visiting Kenmore at Boeing field.
From Tony Riley on 13-Aug-2018

  I fly for a 135 operator in the northwest and we use Kenmore Aero's FBO to fuel, pick up and drop off our passengers. Definitely the most friendly and helpful FBO I have had the pleasure of using. Large, clean crew lounge, two courtesy cars, and warm cookies and coffee make it a must stop. Top notch service for everything from a Cessna 172 to a G450.
From Paige Beahm on 05-Aug-2018

  I work with hundreds of FBO/s across the country and I can say with confidence, Max at BFI's Kenmore Aero Services is truly special and one of a kind! He went above and beyond in helping with last minute catering arrangements and ensured every aspect of my passenger's departure was prepared to be handled seamlessly. Thank you Max for all of your help and attention to every detail. You have exceeded all expectations - I wish every FBO had a Max to work with!! Jet Linx Nashville looks forward to working with you and your team again very soon!! :)
From Suraj Nagaraj on 28-Jul-2018

  A big shout out to the folks at Kenmore Aero. I've used this FBO twice now and couldn't be happier with the service. Great fuel prices, friendly staff and linemen make this a 5* FBO. On my last trip, they went out of their way to help me get to SEA-TAC by driving us there. A crew car is always available and they have arranged a rental car for me as well. Highly recommend this FBO over others on the field that seems to only want JET-A burners. Will definitively use them again.
From Greg M. on 21-Jul-2018

  A great stop for GA aircraft. Very helpful staff, reasonable fees, and they'll even hold a crew car for you if you call ahead. They were a big part of my trip over to Seattle being as pleasant as it was, and I'll use them again.
From Kevin Nelsen on 06-Jul-2018

  Great line crew and office staff.
From Jeff Grissom on 03-Jul-2018

  Great people, great service, they always make sure all of our needs are met and we get out on time.
From Brittney Wyman on 02-Jul-2018

  Great prices and very friendly staff. Wouldn't go to any other FBO at BFI. Always a good experience here!
From Donavin Yamagishi on 29-Jun-2018

  The staff at Kenmore Aero Services is really easy to work with and are quick to get things done. From the initial Line techs marshaling you in -to- the CSRs hooking you up with Jet A.
From Mike Travis on 29-Jun-2018

  I have been a regular customer at Kenmore Aero Services for more than a year. They provide excellent service and very reasonable prices, especially for the GA guys. I can show up in a Cessna 172 or a Learjet and I get the same friendly service. Great FBO!
From Phil Baldwin Flynn Companies on 27-Jun-2018

  All the staff at Kenmore are excellent. They are always courteous and helpful. From their hot cookies to their awesome ramp service. Providing a hose to wash with or just their quick fueling service. I always look forward to coming into Kenmore. Thanks for the excellent service.
From Mark Bourne on 11-Apr-2018

  Friendly, helpful folks can take care of all your GA needs. Great 100LL prices and none of the pretension of some other FBOs.
From Kevin Condroski on 11-Jul-2017

  Very helpful staff, fast parking and fueling. They're also keeping the avgas prices low for general aviation. We'll be back!
From Greg Lennox on 17-Apr-2017

  Dropped off an Angel Flight passenger and ordered fuel on a quick turn. Super quick fueling and friendly service. Simple but nice facility. Definitely the place for piston aircraft!
From Frank Weissig on 12-Jul-2016

  Stopped here in a light single on a quick trip to Seattle, the staff was very helpful and went out of their way to explain fees and make sure I wasn't charged more than necessary. Ramp fee is $15, waived with 20 gal fuel purchase. Given that the fuel price is extremely competitive, this seems pretty reasonable. Crew cars are available but there is a 1-hour limit - in Seattle traffic that means you won't be going far from the airport. It's a fairly modest facility but more than adequate for the average GA visit. I will definitely use Kenmore on future visits.
From Gregory Gerhardstein on 07-Jul-2016

  Great line personnel and office staff. Very helpful in every way and they all made me feel welcomed. Plus, they offer the best FS fuel price on the field. This is definitely my go to FBO at BFI. Thank you Kenmore.
From Pete Brady on 06-Jul-2016

  Flew in today to take my Dad to a Doctors Appointment. Crew car was very helpful and all of the staff was amazingly professional and dedicated. It's great to see this FBO building business. Fuel and ramp price services are very competitive, coupled with the legendary Kenmore Air service, it's the best place to park and fuel at BFI.
From John Snapp on 30-Jun-2016

  I have now been to Kenmore Aero 3 times and every experience has been fantastic. I am so happy to see them come to Boeing Field. I fly in with a Cherokee but they treat me like I few in with a Citation. Great friendly staff. Great prices and service. After using Clay Lacy and Landmark ONCE each I thought I would stop coming to BFI. Kenmore changed that. It is also nice to see they are bucking the local trend by selling 100LL at almost $3 a gal less. On Sunday their ramp was full with small singles. Glad to see that again at BFI. Thanks for buying the FBO Kenmore.
From Doug Haughton on 18-May-2016

  I had the honor and privilege to participate in the recent open house. What a treat. We were well fed, well entertained, and treated like royalty during our stay. Many thanks for an outstanding experience, coupled with an FBO that caters to us GA types. Keep up the great work.
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