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Wilson Air Center - Charlotte

Voted #1 Best Small Chain (Voted #1 for 11 out of last 12 years) and ranked 6th Best US FBO in Pro Pilot 2018 PRASE Survey. WAC-CLT was also ranked in the top 20% of US FBOs by Aviation International News 2018 annual FBO Survey.
Come see why we are "The Plane Best!"
Charlotte/Douglas International Airport


ASRI 129.40

5400 Airport Drive
Charlotte, NC 28208
United States of America

Fax 704-359-0280

 NATA Safety 1st   U.S. Government Contract Fuel   U.S. Government AIR Card   U.S. Customs Service   WSI Pilotbrief   DASSP   AEG Fuels   Shell Aviation Contract Fuel 
 UVair   World Fuel | Colt Contract Fuel   Shell AeroClass   Contract Fuel   Crew cars   Courtesy shuttle   Hertz   Wireless Internet Access (WiFi) 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Hotel Style Concierges
  • Valets
  • Ramp side shuttle service
  • Parking Lot Side shuttle service
  • Hertz rental cars on site
  • Great hotel rates
  • 24 Hour operation
  • 2 distinct pilot's lounges
  • Business Center
  • VIP Lobby for the discreet traveler
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: 24 Hour Operation
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.27
Jet A Full service    $5.79
Discounts: Aggressive Jet A Volume Discounts start at 300 Gallons.
Prices include all taxes.
We offer contract fuel through Shell, Colt, UVAIR and EVEREST  
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From Juan Infante on 06-Oct-2018

  My five-star review echoes the other reviews before mine. I flew in a Piper Dakota and was met by the "follow-me" golf cart. My plane was chocked, and personnel (thanks Gavin!) helped take our luggage on a cart to the FBO. The car rental process could not have been easier. My baggage was taken to the car rental. When I came back 3 days later, I found ***no surprise fees*****!!! In fact, my 55 gallons of fuel got a lot of the day and night parking fees waived. I could not be more satisfied with my experience. Although at first glance one might be tempted to go to smaller airport FBOs, the experience of flying into Bravo and the overall value of the great service of this FBO and lack of surprises make me want to come back during my next time to Charlotte, and I do not feel at all tempted to try anything else.
From Philip Rash on 26-Aug-2018

  Great experience at Wilson - flew here Friday night for a Panthers football game in our Cherokee. We were 5 minutes late getting there to get the taxi we reserved, but Wilson let them know for us that we were running just a few minutes behind. It seems so out of the ordinary nowadays to see an FBO at an airport this large that doesn't charge _any_ fees for staying a few hours with a modest fuel purchase (which itself isn't anywhere near as overpriced as it is at many other Class B airports). I wish those other FBOs would take some lessons from Wilson. Thanks again!
From Robert McMeekin on 29-Jul-2018

  WOW! I've been to lots of FBO's that provided outstanding service, but Wilson tops them all. Pleasant and efficient, never had to ask for anything. Follow-us met us, parked by line guy, crew bus and 2 guys with baggage cart when we opened door. Relaxing lobby. CSR appeared anytime one of us stood up. CSR's everywhere, uncanny attention to details. Ice cream for son. Did I mention efficient. Wow is the only way to describe our experience. Thank you.
From David Beaman on 09-Jul-2018

  Wilson is the best FBO, bar none! They are friendly and informative on the phone. They are professional and nice on the ramp. The folks inside are great. And their ramp fees are quite reasonable.... In my case in my Tiger, $10 or purchase 10 gallons. I chose to put 20 gallons for reasons mentioned. I have been to Wilson in Memphis and Hobby with equal results. I'll add that the ATC was excellent working me in and out with the big boys...
From Juergen Klicker on 30-May-2018

  I stopped by to pick up a passenger arriving commercially. At the time my Mooney was the only plane on the ramp with a prop. Due to W&B all I could take was 12gal of fuel. That did the trick for Wilson Air Center to waive the fees. My passenger got picked up at the AA terminal and we received top-notch service.
From Michael Carey on 22-Jan-2018

  A great experience with exceptional service. Flew in Thanksgiving Day with the family for a 2-night stay. All CSRs and line personal were very pleasant and helpful. The cost? $6.11 per gallon plus they charged $15 for only one night. The ramp and first night fees were waived with fuel purchase. Show me another class B FBO that does that! PS - with a quick call ahead, they took care of all rental car details as well. If you are visiting Charlotte, this is the place to go. Can't wait to visit again!
From Mark Tysinger on 30-Nov-2017

  I almost never post a review but Wilson is so exceptional that I am compelled to do so. "Follow me" car met us. Line person held the door with a huge smile. Rental pulled up with our name on car. Nice facility and everyone exemplifies southern charm. Big time airport (CLT) and fuel under $5.00 a gallon 5 Stars!!!
From Eddie Esserman on 18-Aug-2017

  What a great FBO! Surprisingly friendly small airport feel, for a major airport. Bus at a Bonanza before I got off the wing, and a bus ride back for less than a hundred step walk! A welcome break from the attitude of most large airport FBO's these days. Thanks Team Wilson.
From Thomas Bowen on 24-Jun-2017

  I few my Cherokee 6-300 to Wilson Air for a two day business trip. I was treated with perfect service. First night fee waived with fill up. Second night $15, as advertised.
From Ray Bengen on 06-Feb-2017

  Wilson is going to be very fortunate to have Miss India join them as a CSR. I experienced her work ethic and customer relations skills when I had an emergency late in the evening in Charleston Intl., and I would simply suggest to Wilson that she be used to train their CSR's as she's an extraordinary skilled people-facing professional, and would be wasted just sitting at a front desk..
From Daniel Keene on 16-Sep-2016

  Pretty much the best experience I have had at an FBO. I came in with my Grumman Tiger, so nothing fancy and was treated like I came in with a citation. Fuel was reasonable for a large airport ($5/gal) and parking was $15/day. What more could you ask for? On top of that the Charlotte controllers were very accommodating in getting me in and out. I barely waited on the ground to get out. Will definitely make another trip down.
From D. White on 09-Sep-2016

  Left my airplane with Wilson Air Center for 18 days in August returned to pick it up and it had been damaged. Wilson Air denies any responsibility, and they were very bad people to deal with, so beware. If you park your airplane with Wilson or any other FBO take pictures before leaving.

Response from Vince Papke, General Manager, Wilson Air Center - Charlotte
We are very disappointed to learn that Mr. White left our facility unhappy, especially relating to his experience at our facility. We will confirm that Mr. White did in fact, leave his aircraft with us for 18 days, in a hangar, which is monitored by video. Upon a thorough review, the video showed no evidence of any damage occurring while the aircraft was hangared at our facility. Further, the alleged damage is behind the propeller in an area on the engine nacelle that is not accessed or serviced by our technicians. We matched all ground equipment (tugs, water carts, power carts) and none came to the correct size and height to have caused such damage. Additionally, there is no evidence of scratches, creases, scuffs, paint chips or discoloration in the area. I am sorry that Mr. White feels that our investigation resulted in a reply that is opposite what he expected.

From Bruce Schrader on 03-Apr-2016

  Landed late on a Friday night in a thunderstorm. Was taking my daughter on a college visit and had coordinated a car, etc. with April. Extremely pleasant experience. The line crew met the plane on the ramp, unloaded all the bags and loaded them in the car. We had a highlighted map waiting for us at the desk along with a greeting bag full of items from the college bookstore! Upon arrival back at the airport they met the car, pulled the plane up, and loaded it up for us. We had topped off so they waved the overnight fee. Fuel was very reasonable for the size of airport and the amenities offered at the FBO. Very convenient to where we were going. One of the friendliest FBOs I have ever been in.
From Russell Hyde on 18-Feb-2016

  I had a meeting a few miles away and Lisa was very helpful getting a car and directions. Thanks Again Lisa
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