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William H. Morse State Airport

at William H Morse State Airport

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From John Cotton on 04-Sep-2017

  Flew into KDDH on 8/27. While taxiing off the runway I was surprised to hear a friendly voice on the CTAF say, "Welcome to Bennington, 44130! What can we do for you today?" It was, John Likakis, the General Manager of the Bennington Airport Development Corp, a non-profit which is now breathing new life into KDDH. That new life was evident on that beautiful Sunday morning, with traffic approaching and departing, and planes in the pattern. A beautiful sight for any GA enthusiast. You won't find a more picturesque location than Bennington, and you won't find a more hospitable and friendly FBO anywhere. I will be back, and I would encourage others to check it out as well.
From Jeffrey B. Chipetine on 05-Jul-2016

  Flew in on July 4 for a casual day in town. There is an obelisk monument 2 miles south of the airport that is an easy walk on very quiet country roads. It is a monument to (I believe) the battle of Bennington during the War of Independence. Lots of history and an elevator that goes to the top for terrific views of the surrounding countryside. July 4 there is a reading of the Declaration of Independence by a period dressed actor playing the part of the Towne Crier. We just lucked in! Another mile down the road is Bennington proper stocked w great eateries. If you prefer, a $12 bill gets you a cab ride back to the airport after lunch. A really nice place and kind of unknown as GA traffic is light. Airport is in a valley and you should heed the AFD specified traffic pattern. Once down, John took terrific care of us, the facility was spotlessly clean (VT scrubbed clean!). Snacks and cans of pop were very reasonable too. Just a wonderful stop. My wife and my buddy loved the place.
From E. Howard McVay on 16-Jun-2016

  Flew in yesterday to have lunch with family. Rob, the airport manager greeted me at the self-service pump with a smile. For a self-service price, Rob did most of the work and then helped me move the plane to the tie down. Very pleasant experience as well as low fuel price.
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