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Larsen Aviation

at Dalhart Municipal Airport

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Aviation fuel
  • Oxygen service
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • Hangar leasing / sales
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Catering
  • Pilot supplies
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Courtesy cars (free for pilots to use in the local area)
  • Pilots lounge / snooze room
  • Public telephone
  • Computerized weather
  • Internet access
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: daily 8am-6pm; 24hr fueling service
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.09
Jet A Full service    $3.05
Discounts: Self service system is down for repairs. will be available soon
Prices include all taxes.
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Contact information
Address:11908 Airport Road
Dalhart, TX 79022-5925
United States of America
Telephone: 806-244-5521
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From Mike Grossberg on 02-Sep-2017

  Landed August 25, for fuel. Lineman was prompt in directing me to parking, and assisted with fueling. The FBO building is very elegant, and frankly not what one would expect in many airports. The adjoining restaurant looked to be very nice, but closed shortly after my arrival. I was kindly offered bottled water. Very friendly and pleasant stop.
From Don Hayes on 20-Jul-2017

  Stopped in 7/15 about 6:30 pm for overnight. Called ahead because we would be arriving after 6 pm. Rudy (manager) gave us a cell # to call when we got in. He was over in 5 min (or less) and provided us with a crew car for overnight. Fuel service the next morning was efficient and extremely polite. We will stop again.
From Chris DeZ on 09-Jul-2017

  Was met at the plane before my engines shut down. Terminal building is fantastic, and the Red Baron Restaurant is worth a stop. Family was ordering while I was wrapping up the refueling, pretty convenient. Family liked it so much, we will likely stop on our next trip to CO even if we do not need fuel.
From Adam Charles on 05-Jul-2017

  Quick turn. Attendant fueled plane and I paid immediately. Was in and out with 20min. exactly what I was after for a X-country trip. Great fuel price with remodeled passenger facilities. Easy in and out. They also sell bags of ice to pilots needing a cooler based A/C on those hot Texas days.
From Gary Risley on 09-Mar-2017

  I wanted to update my comments from my experience January 2nd. We landed at DHT about 12:45 pm local time on March 8th. We were promptly greeted at the pump. The building is very nice and the waiting area comfortable, but still no snacks or drinks visible and no one was at the counter. I had to hunt down someone to pay for the fuel by going to the shop. Not a big deal, but a little unusual. Everyone was polite, and the fuel price competitive. The restaurant, the Red Baron, is great. Very good food at a very good price with very good service. Best chicken-fried steak I have had in years! If you will be flying in the area before 2 pm (when they close the restaurant), it is well worth the stop for a meal.
From Gary Risley on 03-Jan-2017

  We arrived on Jan. 2nd at 5:45 pm. Attendant promptly came out and we were quickly serviced. Beautiful building but limited in what was available. No one greeted us inside. There is no soft drink machine, no snack machines, etc. There is not even a water fountain I could find. Nothing was offered until I inquired if such items might be available, at which point we were offered water, powerade, or a soft drink. The water was provided free of charge, but one would hope that 3 travelers topping off an airplane would have been asked. The restaurant (the Red Baron) is only open from 6 am to 2 pm, a time schedule I did not find mentioned anywhere on aviation sites. So don't plan to get supper if you stop here, or even a candy bar to tide you over. The staff was not Texas friendly. They were very polite, but only spoke when spoken to, and I had to drag information out of them because they did not volunteer anything. Maybe we arrived right at closing time, or it was a bad day.
From Jeffrey B. Chipetine on 01-Oct-2016

  We were welcomed and offered every possible courtesy. Folks should note that the price charged is LESS than that listed on the pump and the fuel cost was exactly as reported on AirNav. As we were looking to RON we asked and received a few suggestions for dinner and hotel which worked out fine. We were given a courtesy car and good directions. Bathrooms and facility were clean too. Personnel were 100% friendly all round too!
From Barry Harper on 25-Sep-2016

  Took the wife and dog over to DHT for the $100 breakfast. We were met on the ramp with an offer of fuel if needed. We told the lineman that we were just there for breakfast at the café. A very good stop for anyone needing fuel and food all within walking distance.
From Craig Cady on 06-Sep-2016

  Where to begin - airfield is in deplorable condition with grass growing up all over 3/21, ramp is deteriorating badly with chunks of concrete and rock scattered everywhere (doesn't the airfield management know we have propellers?), the self-serve pump ISN'T - and never has been according to the employee who has to manually process your sale at full serve price (deceptive to list prices this way). Ladder is broken and leans to the right. Inside the newish facility, no paper towels in bathrooms, bathroom door doesn't lock, not a single business like "welcome to Dalhart" comment from anyone, after paying - not a soul around to notify about bathroom conditions. I have flown over KDHT for years and took a chance due to a runway closure at KPVW and strong winds today. I will never return to this airport unless an emergency requires. Very disappointing.
From Tim Barrios on 01-Aug-2016

  Would be excellent except that we were charged the full service price even though we self served. The mechanic came out from the hangar, as we were self-fueling then when we saw the bill it was at the full service price. That mechanic who rang us up said that the extra charge was for his time even though we didn't ask for his help and were gladly using the self-serve. Apparently the card reader wasn't working. We had stopped at the same place a few days earlier (on the way *to* Oshkosh) but this time he was charging us the full service price. We did finally find a manager who ended up saying he would credit us the difference. So, just make sure that they don't try to charge you the full service price if you're doing self-service.
From Sam Shaw on 06-May-2016

  Flying cross country in a 152, stopped for fuel and was pleasantly surprised to find one of the nicest FBOs I've been in on the whole trip. To top it off I accidentally left my wallet in one of their crew cars and they bent over backwards to mail it to me overnight at my next destination. Awesome FBO and people. Hopefully I'll have the pleasure of stopping there again on the way home
From Neil Masco on 22-Feb-2016

  I can't say enough good about KDHT. We stopped as part of a long cross-country from California to Alabama. It was my wife, our two dogs and I, plus baggage flying in our Grumman Tiger, and Dalhart was the last stop for the day. The staff was very accommodating, not having any issue with our dogs and even arranged for the loaner car (truck) while we enjoyed a delicious meal at the Red Baron. It was one of the high points of our trip and helped to convince my wife that our small private plane can be a good way to travel. Thank you everybody at Dalhart!
From Tyler Chapman on 20-Jan-2016

  I made an unplanned stop here due to fuel pump issues with an Ercoupe I was delivering. Chuck quickly got to work towards getting the airplane back to health. Rudy allowed me to borrow a courtesy vehicle to get to a hotel for the night and gave me a ride to Amarillo the next morning to get home until the airplane gets fixed. These guys were great to work with and have a first class facility to go along with their outstanding service.
From Harold Doty on 10-Oct-2015

  We stopped overnight on a Sunday, and were treated very well at the airport. Only problem was with the Best Western Inn in town. Terrible place to stay. I would recommend that the airport take it off the door leading into the FBO from the ramp.
From Paul Searles on 17-Sep-2015

  Excellent and professional service. Plus a courtesy vehicle. Good place to stop enroute for fuel, knowing they're there if you need help.
From Kelly Grant on 05-Sep-2015

  I stopped for fuel westbound and liked the atmosphere so much I planned my return stop there. Convenient, beautiful facility, easy Wi-Fi, restaurant overlooks the fuel pumps.
From Chuck Crinnian on 26-Jul-2015

  Wow, what a positive change from a couple years age. New FBO facility with the original self serve pumps out front. Didn't visit the co-located restaurant, but looked nice. Great service, self serve with attentive attendant. Will be back.
From Ken Nebrig on 25-Jul-2015

  Sometimes 'ya just get lucky! On the way home from Oshkosh back to Arizona on a Saturday afternoon. Over the Texas Panhandle, vacuum pump goes tango uniform. Stopped at KDHT for fuel, figuring I was out of luck on pump. Chuck met us at airplane and when I offhandedly told him about vacuum pump, he said that he was the A&P and he might just have one in the back. Long story short...Chuck installed new vacuum pump while my son and I munched on excellent chicken fried steak at the Red Baron. Chuck set us up with a courtesy car and we decided to spend the night. What are the odds that ANY FBO has a mechanic on duty late Saturday and they have a vacuum pump sitting on the shelf? Chuck was excellent, facilities brand new and spotless, nice courtesy pickup (this IS Texas), great restaurant and good price on gas. Like I said...Sometimes you just get lucky!
From Curt Pierce on 12-Jul-2015

  My 10-year-old daughter and I were on a cross-country trip and Dalhart was a fuel/lunch stop. Walked into Larsen at 2:20 and found the restaurant was closed. The gal at the fuel desk went over while we were fueling and came back with two sandwiches/sides/drinks in to-go containers! What service! We ate in the conference room and were on our way! We'll be back again- thanks much!
From Bill York on 25-May-2015

  Stopped in late in the afternoon on Memorial Day, Walked into the beautiful new building and was met by on of Larsen's staff. Very helpful gentleman. Set me up with hangar space for the night, a better than average crew car for the night, and useful hotel info. A great place to stop. A-1 service. Will stop here again and utilize Larsenís. Thanks!
From Mark Sherman on 20-Dec-2014

  Chuck met me when I arrived and went above and beyond to get me fuel, oxygen and a hangar. Michael was great in the morning getting me into the hangar and pulling the plane out when I was ready to go. The new restaurant and facility are great.
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