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Dansville Aero, Inc

at Dansville Municipal Airport

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From Darrell Klein on 21-Aug-2016

  We flew into DSV to drop off a passenger during daylight VFR conditions. The airport sits at the bottom of a valley which makes its a challenge to see when approaching from the East or West. Runway 18/36 is closed but not clearly marked as such. The runway markings on 14/32 are non-standard but fairly visible. When we arrived at approx. 1730 Local on a Saturday afternoon the airport FBO was locked up tight with no one around. We dropped off our passenger and departed without any problems. Had we needed fuel or a bathroom break things would have been different. One positive for the location is the McDonalds right across the street from the airport, less than a 3 min walk from the ramp. If approaching this airport at night I would urge the use of an IAP to avoid the terrain all around this picturesque airport.
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