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On this page we can display a detailed listing with information that pilots, dispatchers, and aircraft owners and operators look for about University Airport Services, including:
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  • ... and much more.

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From Adam Silverthorne on 11-Aug-2021

  No fuel until the 27th
From James W. Whitmore on 29-Oct-2020

  Flew into EDU last Saturday for some inexpensive fuel. Fuel island inop. Found someone on airport who said fuel island had been inop all day and airport manager wouldn't be in until Monday. With sunset fast approaching, we returned to home base and paid $50 more for fuel - very disappointing.
From Ryan Ricupero on 11-Jul-2020

  Fuel system works (maybe they fixed the problem since previous reviews), and very good price too. Flew by on a cross-country trip recently.
From Bill Ferrier on 07-Jul-2020

  As mentioned earlier, fuel station is unreliable. Iíve been in line only for the pump to stop working when it was my turn. There have been multiple times that the card reader was inoperable.
From James W. Whitmore on 06-Jul-2020

  Used SS fuel on 04 July 2020. No problems. Computer terminal easy to use. Platform type ladder with wheels for those that don't like to use a regular ladder, which was also available.
From Sunny Sethi on 30-Jun-2020

  No issues with fuel system encountered on 6/30/2020 and best price anywhere in the state.
From Gary Evans on 13-Jun-2020

  Fuel system is unreliable. Plan on fuel at KVCB or KDWA.
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