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Falcon Executive Aviation, Inc.

Falcon Field's only FULL SERVICE FBO AND 24 HOUR FUEL. Conveniently located next to the control tower and the City of Mesa Terminal Building. Fast, friendly service. Cool, comfortable pilots lounge with a great view of the runway and the surrounding mountains. Free Wi-Fi!
Falcon Field Airport
UNICOM 122.95

4766 E Falcon Dr
Mesa, AZ 85215
United States of America

toll-free 1-800-237-2359
Fax 480-830-8688

 NATA Safety 1st   Avfuel Contract Fuel   World Fuel | Colt Contract Fuel   AVTRIP   National Car Rental   Cessna Pilot Center   Cessna Service Center   Wireless Internet Access (WiFi) 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Avfuel 100LL & Jet A Premix - 24 HOURS
  • Line Service, Lav Cart, GPU, Oxygen
  • Pilots Lounge
  • Weather/Flight Planning/Internet
  • Full Service FBO- Parts Dept. -FAA Repair Station
  • Avionics Sales & Service
  • Cessna Service Center/Cessna Pilot Center
  • Aircraft Rental / Flight Instruction
  • Aircraft Charter
  • Aircraft Sales
  • Pilot Supplies
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 24 hrs. For faster full service fuel after 6 p.m. call our cell phone: 602-885-3406
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.20
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.95
Jet A Full service    $4.00
Discounts: Call Brandon Moore for Jet A volume 480-797-1604
Prices include all taxes.
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Comments from AirNav users
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From Gary Jones on 13-Oct-2018

  I fly there several times a year. Service is good and I appreciate the Self Serve fuel
From Phil K./ St. Louis on 29-Apr-2018

  Quick, fast service. They offer full serve, but Self Serve pumps right there on ramp, and their friendly workers ran out and helped me when they saw me using tow-bar to pull my C210 to self-serve pumps, on departure day. I didn't ask, they ran out on their own--excellent personal service! Also, when I earlier called to order oxygen service, upon arriving 20 minutes later, they had already completed the service! Nightly overnight for Single-Engine was $9, a little pricey for a 7 day stay; however, I later contacted other FBO for my next trip there hoping they may be competitive, but their overnight was $15 a night--Stick with Falcon Executive FBO if needing to fly into KFFZ.
From Terry Hammarquist on 06-Feb-2018

  Outstanding FBO staff that's always readily available to assist you with your aircraft needs. My air crew and aircraft operators were very pleased with the service and fuel costs. Will definitely use this FBO again if we get another opportunity in the Phoenix area.
From Dan Lipko on 01-Oct-2017

  Delivered three float helicopter ships to FFZ and the staff at Falcon Executive couldnt have been any better. Assisted me in obtaining rental cars which is co-located at thieir FBO. Just a great overall operation. And a thank you to Bob at Alamo as well.
From Jason Andrews on 07-Aug-2017

  This is NOT AN FBO. Do not expect typical FBO service here. This is a flight school that sells fuel and that's it. No crew car and over priced gas. (Airboss discount is a DIME! REALLY??? A DIME?????) The bathroom was on the side of the building and akin to a public bathroom at a dumpy gas station. BTW, your soap dispenser in the mens room fell off the wall on my foot. I Needed a car for 40 mins and had to RENT A CAR! I asked the National rentacar lady (who was very nice) if this was an FBO, she said, "sometimes" :-/ I've been here before but this place is ridiculous. I will not be bringing my B200 to you anytime soon. Keep milking your international students for money, you are not getting any more from me.

Response from Nancy Severt, V.P., Falcon Executive Aviation, Inc.
We have a very nice PRIVATE 400 sq ft pilots ONLY lounge - it has a restroom w/shower, couch/recliners, dinette, TV, wifi and computers with flt desks. The front lounge/ofc and ext restrooms are open to the public 24/7 as reqd by our ground lease. Our fuel prices are SUBSTANTIALLY lower than 95% of surrounding FBO's offering similar services and paying city fuel flow/concession fees. I have no idea what your comment; "milking international students for money" even refers to We don't do international training! We're a full svc FBO, same owner 18+ yrs, employ 45 great people and have 1000's of happy long time customers! Ins. does not cover crew cars- found out when a customer caused an incident in our ex crew car. I called 4 ins co. and other FBO's (all were unaware of this ins issue). I suggest you obtain an Avfuel card for great fuel discounts/perks. PS The soap disp in the ext mens room is still securely on the wall!! Thank you!

From Dan Lipko on 13-Jul-2017

  Had to deliver an aircraft to FFZ and it certainly was a pleasure deal with Chas and Brandon who arranged for a hangar to place the new aircraft inside for new owners to pickup, since the temps were just a little on the warm side. Chas coordinated my Alamo rental car pickup from their Alamo's manager Bob who met me with the car at the FBO. I couldn't ask for any better service, and you guys can keep those "mild" AZ temps!
From Nels Nelson on 26-Mar-2017

  First time to PHX area. Landed Sat 2017-03-18 and taxied Baron to FBO. No one came out to flag. Shut down and went into bldg. Found lineman siting on couch, hat on backwards, deeply engrossed in texting. When I asked about parking he did manage to look up and tell me that in front of FBO was for jets only then waved his hand in general direction of tie-down line, said we needed to be there, then resumed texting. Taxied plane to line and my wife and I pushed it back in position, tied down, then made multiple trips back/forth on ramp moving luggage. The "text-o-matic" lineman remained... "busy". As businessman I know one employee's actions may not fully represent a company. After a few days of calming down I drove to their offices to talk with owner. Found he was out on errands so left my business card including my cell number and a message asking him to call. Never heard from him. ONLY positive interaction was their young ex-serviceman in charge of fuel truck. Otherwise, very disappointing.

Response from Nancy Severt, VP, Falcon Executive Aviation, Inc.
Mr. Nelson, We are so very sorry for the poor service you received on March 18th. As you can see from all the other great user comments, this is not the norm. This employee has been appropriately counseled. Our line service techs are well trained and generally provide excellent customer service. This employees behavior and lack of customer service is completely inexcusable. I sincerely appreciate you bringing this problem to our attention. We did receive your business card and the fuel dept. manager, Brandon indicated he had called and spoken with you about the issue. Again, please accept our sincere apology. We hope you'll give us another opportunity to provide you with excellent service should you find yourself back in the Phoenix area. Thank you.

From Justin Derendal on 30-Jun-2016

  This place goes above and beyond the call of customer service. The sales staff is great from start to finish and provides continued top tier level of customer service even after an aircraft deal is done. The entire maintenance department, from the head IA "Bruce" to every tech I've met is no different. This place sets the bar for anyone else in the business. I'm not even based here and I will gladly fly in for anything I need because I know I can always count on Falcon Executive to get it done, and get it done right. I couldn't be more pleased!
From Monty Johnson on 16-Apr-2016

  Arrived April 5th for extended stay. Line guy was excellent and very helpful. I ordered oxygen and was told it would be taken care of. Called back on 9th to follow-up and told it had not been done but they would take care of it. Arrived early April 11th to find no oxygen ever put on. Had to fly 5hrs and deal with Mtn waves that could easily been avoided. Thought they were better than that... Disappointed

Response from Nancy Severt, VP, Falcon Executive Aviation, Inc.
We would like to apologize. I have followed up with our line service personnel regarding our failure to service the oxygen as requested. Clearly our personnel had a miscommunication between shifts and we dropped the ball. These employees have been appropriately counseled. I can assure you this is not our normal level of service. We work very hard to provide excellent service to our customers. I sincerely apologize for our failure to provide the oxygen service and hope you will give us an opportunity to regain your business. Thank you.

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