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Koury Aviation

at Piedmont Triad International Airport

  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft ground handling
  • Oxygen service
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft management
  • Catering
  • ...
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 24 hours a day
Fuel prices as last reported on 30-May-2023
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.87 Reported by the FBO
Jet A Full service    $6.80 Reported by the FBO
Discounts: Certain fees waived or discounted with minimum fuel purchase
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:7680 Airline Rd
Greensboro, NC 27409
United States of America
Telephone: 336-279-7997
toll-free 866-947-6564
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From Shalom Wertsberger on 17-Mar-2023

  I will never go there again - bad risk management I landed there as a one night stop. During preflight I found a flat main tire on my cirrus SR22. THEY CHARGED ME OVER $800 to REPLACE A TUBE not even a tire, only tube. They were also truly non-professional. Their mechanic tried to remove a long, 1/2" bolt with adjustable pliers, so I gave him MY socket wrench. They did not know how to jack the airplane, tried to use three separate jacks (I gave them the lift pins immediately, but they tried two other jacks and then tried to lift the wing by ducking under the wing tip and pushing with their back, before using the right tool. Despite this clear non-professionalism they charged for every second, and I believe for much more. They charged $600 for labor plus $72 for shop supplies that constituted a cotter pin. FBO crew was nice, but if you need maintenance - you are screwed.

Response from Scott Stuart, Manager, Koury Aviation
I apologize for the less that ideal experience you had with Koury Aviation Maintenance. However, we do not believe it was "bad risk management." During your preflight, you noticed one of your tires was flat. This problem was observed after our Maintenance Shop was closed. The Maintenance Mgr and the last tech was closing out their Friday and getting ready to head home. You were advised to work on the tire it would be an AOG event with after-hours rates. Due to the position of the aircraft and location of where it was parked, they had to improvise to solve the problem. The tube was normal rate. Shop supplies were normal rate. The issue seems to be the labor rate, which seemed high due to an AOG event, after-hours. Again, we are sorry you had a bad experience.

From John Kramer on 03-Sep-2022

  My AngelFlight trip into Koury in June was not an anomaly! Apparently Cathy is THAT nice and efficient with EVERYONE that uses Koury Aviation at GSO. Again, socks for me and my AngelFlight patient... But this time... Secret sauce!! According to the funny label, good for just about any kind of meat AND it cures BALDNESS!! Line guys took care of my A36 as if it was a G6. Thanks to all at Koury!
From John Kramer on 07-Jun-2022

  A terrific little FBO amidst a busy airport! Yes, we could have gone to the big boy next door, but I ALWAYS chose the "Mom & Pop", if there is one at a big airport such as GSO. Happy I did. Ms Cathy treated my companion, my AngelFlight patient and me as if we just stepped off a G7, instead of my A-36. SOCKS FOR EVERYONE!! What a terrific idea! Who doesn't need socks! Very much appreciated AngelFlight fuel discount on top of a much appreciated smaller fuel price to begin with than the "big boy" next door.
From Matthew Mellon on 02-Apr-2022

  Excellent FBO. No ramp fee, 100LL was competitive, leather sofas, free coffee and popcorn, and super nice people. They have nice courtesy cars (late model Hyundai's). We will definitely be back.
From Ronnie Mowery on 10-Mar-2022

  When I call about a ramp fee for my single engine aircraft I was told there was no ramp fee but they would appreciate it if I would by a "splash" of fuel. I purchased 10 gal. And for this I, my wife and my uncle and aunt who were there received socks. 2 pair each. Nice folks.
From Todd Parker on 14-Jan-2022

  I first went to Koury because the only alternative is Signature and I avoid them like the plague. I was so glad I did. From CSR Cathy, to the line folks, outstanding service with a smile. The rental car was at the plane immediately after shutdown. The crew was more than eager to do whatever they could to help. Koury has become one of my favorite FBOs in the county.
From Tom McLean on 13-Aug-2021

  This is one of the most efficient and personable FBO stops I have made in 45 years of my flying career. Southern Hospitality at it's finest. Stop in and see for yourself. I hope you will be as impressed as I was
From George Boras on 07-Aug-2021

  Guys were very nice. Pulled in and immediately started refueling the airplane. Took care of my son's car. Will always use them when visiting Greensboro.
From Paul Barre on 27-Apr-2021

  Always great service at Koury. Cathy with a C takes great care in what she does. Line crew always available and willing to help. I never worry about the details when I arrive. Thanks again.
From Greg Munning on 11-Apr-2021

  Fantastic FBO. Great customer service. Crew car available. Always first class service whenever I call for services. If you're passing through Greensboro, I recommend Koury Aviation for your pitstop.
From Paul Rekieta on 21-Dec-2020

  We stopped twice on a cross-country trip just before Thanksgiving and the staff could not have been more friendly and helpful. We were offered a crew car to go pickup a sandwich. No fees with the purchase of fuel. (I topped off so I don't recall if there is a minimum purchase.) In any case, I highly recommend and will definitely stop next time we're in the area. As another commenter noted, we also requested RWY 14 for a short taxi and easy departure.
From Pamela Province on 22-Sep-2020

  This FBO is too good to be true! WOW!
From Chris Wegener on 14-Aug-2020

  Kathy at Koury Aviation has her ducks in a row and keeps the show running smoothly! Line service was efficient with fueling and a power cart for our quick turn!
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