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Hawthorne Hangar Operations

HHO has 1800 Sq Ft of Prime Office Space available, with second story view of the Jack Northrop Airfield.

HHO has available, 800 Sq Ft of Prime Office/MX Bay located in the Hangar,

HHO has available, 18,000 Sq Ft of Hangar for Lease, capable of G-650, F-8X housing.
Jack Northrop Field/Hawthorne Municipal Airport
ASRI 128.85

3507 Jack Northrop Ave
Hawthorne, CA 90250
United States of America

Fax 424-294-7841

Stage & Hangar Rentals
Jim Schulte

 U.S. Government AIR Card   CAA Preferred FBO   Avfuel Contract Fuel   Fly Louie Alliance   UVair   World Fuel Contract Fuel   AVTRIP 
 Contract Fuel   Crew cars   Courtesy shuttle   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   Go Rentals   Hertz   National Business Aviation Association 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft ground handling
  • Oxygen service
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • Hangar leasing / sales
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Aerial photography
  • Catering
  • Rental cars on site
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Courtesy cars (free for pilots to use in the local area)
  • Public telephone
  • Computerized weather
  • Internet access
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: Normal business hours are 0600-1700 Monday-Friday, 0700-1700 Saturday & Sunday
Before 0600 or after 1700 please call 310-956-6535 to be connected to After Hours personnel for assistance.
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.82
Jet A Full service    $4.86
Prices include all taxes.
HHO's fuel station is also set up for 24 hour self service

HHO is available 24/7 to take your reservation calls.

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Comments from AirNav users
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From Matthew Alton on 17-Sep-2020

  We come in regularly on a PC12. The staff is always prepared and extremely helpful. It makes our job easy with their great service!
From William Ward Holbrook on 15-Sep-2020

  Over the years, I've flown corporate aircraft to all 50 states and this FBO ranks right up there among the best. We come to LA often and the service and support we receive here have never disappointed us. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of Andre's line service or Amy's help at the counter will know exactly what I mean. World call service. World class people.
From Doug Herbert on 24-Jun-2020

  Excellent! The best FBO service I've received in a LONG time. Highly recommend!
From Pieter Waters on 24-Feb-2020

  HHO is far and away the best FBO in the greater LA area. It's not just the fantastic new terminal or the great price on 100LL that makes HHO such a nice place to stop, it's Jim, Matt, Andre and the rest of the crew that make my time there an out-and-out pleasure. Attentive, helpful, caring service is the norm whether you're in a little Piper Cherokee like me or coming through with a Falcon 8X. I cannot recommend HHO highly enough!
From Gordon Feingold on 29-Jan-2020

  I had a great experience at HHO. Really nice folks, very efficient and professional, and excellent pricing. Gotta get used to an alternative to Santa Monica and this FBO and airport are looking good.
From Scott Brewster on 07-Nov-2019

  These folks are the best. I use them quite often. Easy to get to LAX.
From Howard Metz on 07-Nov-2019

  Landed there a few days back and had to park overnight. Was amazed at the helpful crew and reception team! Also, great to find a full featured FBO that did not rip you off on parking and ramp fees. I'd suggest HHO to anyone flying in to Hawthorne!!
From Bill Allen on 09-Oct-2019

  Fuel dispensed by HHO even tho I had intended to do self serve. All staff were courteous and very willing to make my stopover painless. I will always use them when I fly into HHR.
From Tim Barrios on 16-Sep-2019

  Great service with even better people. I ended up needing a jump start, which they gladly provided with no mention of a charge.
From Zachary Smith on 16-Sep-2019

  What was supposed to be a several-hour sit turned into a quick turn and HHO handled it great. With just a 10 minute heads up they had a fuel truck waiting and an easy in/out spot on the ramp. Friendly service inside and out, including a ride to Eureka for lunch on the return. Two visits in one day and HHO were great for both. Thanks y'all!
From Dan Wyson on 06-Sep-2019

  First time to Hawthorne HHO but won't be my last. What a treat to find this great place in the shadow of LAX. No ramp fees, at least three people met me at the plane with a couple bottles of cold water and willing to help in any way they could. Will definitely be making this a regular stop - and fuel was very well priced. Totally unexpected such great service in this area.
From David Houston on 04-Aug-2019

  These people at HHO are the best. Fuel prices are good and the customer service is excellent and it looks like they treat everyone the same whether you fly in a C172 or a Corporate Jet. I highly recommend HHO at KHHR.
From Kayvon Hoveyda on 25-Jul-2019

  I was so thirsty while I was parking at the ramp and then out of no where, I see a lady yelling out to my airplane with a big smile holding an unopened water bottle for me. That type of customer service is really above and beyond. I will be coming back here with my Beechcraft Duchess.
From Rusty C on 16-Jul-2019

  HHO is the best FBO around! Employees are professional, friendly, and accommodating. Always a pleasure to see you guys. Will be back soon. Thanks again for all your services!
From Roland Baker on 10-Jul-2019

  Flew in for the day just after July 4th holiday - EXTREMELY accommodating and friendly. Zero min fuel purchase required, Zero landing fees, Zero fees AND they gave me their crew car for the day to run around to meetings with! Incredibly impressed with level of service and not any kind of nickel-and-dime games other FBO's play. I will be back!
From Randy Beck on 04-Jul-2019

  Outstanding service - friendly and courteous staff. Several visits over the last month - each stop made enjoyable by the team at HHO. Andre and Amy in the office could not be more helpful and the line guys are fast, efficient and take care of your aircraft as if it were their own.
From John Hayes on 18-May-2019

  Wow! We flew into KHHR yesterday in a Citation Mustang to attend the 2019 AFW Endeavor awards. Andre and the entire staff made our stop at HHO an amazing experience. They love aviation and treat customers like gold. I wish that all FBOs where this good. I'd give them 6 stars if that were possible. Well done Andre and everyone who helped out...We'll be back.
From Dave Hultman on 25-Apr-2019

  Wish every FBO were like HHO! Great service and they make you feel so incredibly appreciated. Thanks Andre, Amy and Mica for making our first trip to HHR such a super experience!
From Jonathan Shorey, N560RK on 27-Feb-2019

  HHO gets 5 stars, if 6 were an option they would have got that! They treated us like part of the family. They are a great example of what old fashion FBO service is like. Thank you and see you next time around.
From Ben Smith on 26-Feb-2019

  Wonderful service and very accommodating! Would highly recommend.
From T Crowder on 06-Jan-2019

  Absolutely amazing service! From the moment I arrived until the moment I was ready to depart. By the time I taxied in, there were 3 people with smiles and water there to greet my passenger and me. They even laid out the carpet. It was like I was arriving in a Citation X instead of my piston. The staff was kin, courteous, and attentive. I will certainly visit again. Thanks for the service and attention to detail!
From Paul Rosales on 07-Dec-2018

  What a GREAT FBO located at the midfield!!!!! Rather than drive from the High Desert (Rosamond-L00) to LAX (1:30) to pick up a friend, I flew my RV-6A to Hawthorne (20 min) and stopped in at HHO. I was able to use their Crew Car to get to the airport (10 min), THANK YOU VERY MUCH! There was no ramp fee (thank you again) and I made sure I left the car with more fuel than I found it. The staff that greeted me (Andre, Tuesday & Elizabeth) was beyond kind and made feel quite welcomed. This airport is easy in / easy out so be sure to stop in and say hello to the team at HHO!!!!
From Peter Edwards on 21-Nov-2018

  After a very pricey nasty surprise with the 'competition' on the field. The folks at HHO are a real breath of fresh air. I avoided HHR but will happily come back to HHO and their great service. Highly recommended in all aspects.
From Russ Gay on 24-Sep-2018

  HHO is amazing. If you are coming to KHHR, this should be your only FBO option. HHO's service, facility and staff are terrific and I can't recommend them enough!
From Eric Lyman on 19-Sep-2018

  HHO is the place to go, model service that should be copied by all FBOs. Thank you for all that you guys do for us!
From Alireza Alivandivafa on 14-Sep-2018

  I've flown into HHO a couple times now. The building may be tiny, but their hearts are much bigger. Their 100LL fuel farm is technically a self-service pump, but they will do full service for you. They will come up to your bug smasher with cold water and otherwise take really good care of you. A fantastic option.
From Nicholas Mokover on 08-Sep-2018

  This is how FBOs need to be. They haven't forgotten the little guys, but haven't sacrificed customer service either. They're always happy to have me even for an hour, and even when I hear them pick up the phone I can tell they're smiling. A true pleasure to work with HHO, no handling charges, no line guys standing by while you pull your own chocks, just straight up professional excellence. I made an AirNav account just to write this review, it's long overdue.
From Garrett Smith on 30-Jul-2018

  Amazing FBO, Great Service A+++++
From Sean Tommervik on 16-Jul-2018

  The line staff at HHO is phenomenal. The management is running the FBO like a dream. My biggest complaint is Andre might be a Yankees fan. Keep doing what you guys are doing!
From Jeff Billups on 06-Jul-2018

  I flew into KHHR today to drop off a pax for LAX and to pick one up. I was in my Cessna 182 and could not have been treated any better. I called ahead and used AirNav.Com FAX system to notify FBO in advance. They had a courtesy car available for me with the A/C on and took my bags to the car and had iced cold water waiting for us. It was 100 degrees today in LA. Jaime at the front desk was very polite on the phone and in person when planning my stop at HHR. All the Customer Service Agents and Ramp Personnel where very polite and extremely helpful. I will definitely recommend HHO FBO to anyone I know who is flying there. Once again, thanks so much!
From Alex Knox on 05-Jul-2018

  HHO staff provides some of the most professional and friendly service anywhere I fly. Job well done. See you soon.
From CR Sherman on 05-Jun-2018

  Great service and comfortable facility. Andre is a One Man A-Team, and Amy is friendly an accommodating. Both are total pros!
From Philip A Russ on 31-May-2018

  I've been flying into HHR about once a week for the past couple months. HHO has the BEST staff of any FBO period. Sincerely welcoming and they actually care about their customers! As a corporate pilot, it's a very refreshing experience to find this kind of service.
From Randy Latimer on 09-May-2018

  I must concur with all of the 5 star ratings and positive comments about HHO FBO. It was my first time flying in to KHHR in my 182. I came in, unannounced to drop my wife and daughter of and for them to Uber to LAX for their flight. I was greeted by Andre and staff who treated me as if I had just pulled up in a Gulfstream. My plan was to drop off, call an Uber and go, however, Andre offered me the crew car to take my family to LAX. They unloaded the bags and loaded them in the crew car and off I went. When I returned, I must have chatted for another 30 minutes. Gotta say...This is one of the Best FBOs I've visited in my 10 plus years of flying! Thanks for the service and hospitality... HHO Rocks!
From Randy Coursolle on 16-Apr-2018

  We chose HHR due to a planned late evening departure and the lack of noise abatement. I'm not sure how long they've been open, but what a great place, their terminal is small but adequate. Jim and Matt went way out their way to accommodate our needs, the Uber driver dropped the ball and Jim ended up giving me a ride to the hotel. I believe they will do almost anything to help you out, I highly recommend this FBO.
From Alex Knox on 07-Apr-2018

  HHO and Matt working the line once again provided excellent service. Thank you. I'll be back soon.
From Pete Ford on 25-Mar-2018

  Jimmy, Amy, Wally and Marlon make HHO a great place. Recently had a battery die on my Velocity XL RG and they helped me charge it along with making the time waiting easy. This is a well-run, quality group of aviation professionals that make Hawthorne airport a great place to land in the LA basin. Expect the best when you go to HHO. I'll be back! Godspeed
From Carl Rossi on 25-Mar-2018

  I hate to keep piling on but yes these folks are every bit as helpful and accommodating as the previous commenters have written. I had a sudden trip come up which required me taking a flight out of LAX (I'm based in San Diego). I arrived unannounced at HHO early Saturday Morning [0715 local] in my Columbia 400 and was treated like I was stepping out of a G5. When I walked into the beautiful new FBO I mentioned that I needed to get a ride [as in cab or Uber] to LAX, the FBO Manager, Andre [a classy gentleman in every respect] instantly offered to take me over there in a crew car. This was my second visit to HHO in the past 6 months and on both occasions the treatment was precisely the same. I recommend them without hesitation and I wish that other FBO's would take a lesson from their approach to customer service.
From Dan Richard on 24-Mar-2018

  These folks are incredibly friendly and accommodating. When we pulled up, they were all out to welcome us, offering water and asking what else was needed. They offered a crew car, which I didn't need and were just professional and warm in every way. The fuel price was the best on the field. I had been flying into Burbank, but Hawthorne turns out to be closer to downtown LA. Outstanding FBO!!
From Ethan Tobias on 23-Mar-2018

  HHO is an outstanding FBO and is truly a pilot's FBO. I flew my 182 into Hawthorne and was nothing but pleased with the great customer service from all team members. No ramp fees, great people, and quality treatment. Thank you HHO!
From Daxton Sorensen on 23-Mar-2018

  HHO has got to be one of the most friendly and nicest FBOs that I have ever visited. HHO is now my go to FBO in southern California and will always have my business when I'm in town. Great facilities, great people, great prices. Overall an amazing experience!!!!
From Levi Maaia on 15-Mar-2018

  Both the line crew and office staff is excellent! HHO offers friendly service to everyone. I arrived in a Cessna 182 and was greeted with a smile. No ramp fees and beautiful amenities.
From Jon Howell on 05-Mar-2018

  Amy and the staff at HHO made my visit easy and fun, from the first phone call planning overnight parking to my arrival on the ramp. Great hospitality, including a golf cart ride over to the airport diner (which is top shelf, too). Reasonable parking prices, and no ramp fee was refreshing after parting with a ramp fee at a nearby airport where I stopped only for fuel.
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