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Henderson Executive Airport

at Henderson Executive Airport

The facilities at HND are tailored to the discriminating general aviation pilot and corporate client. As a primary reliever airport to busy McCarran, HND provides all the necessary services and amenities to make your trip pleasant and convenient.
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Complimentary shuttle to The Strip, one-hour reservation required.
  • Restaurant open MO-TH 0700-1600, 0700-1800 FR-SA-SU
  • Free coffee, tea, water, ice, and newspapers
  • No arrivals slots necessary
  • Pilot lounge with "snooze" rooms and showers
  • Flight planning with WSI and internet access
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal
  • Line Services from "Air - Towing" provided
  • 24-Hour 100LL Self-Service Island
  • After-hour call outs available for fee
  • Competitive fuel pricing
  • Ample parking, low ramp and parking fees
  • Line crew NATA Safety First Certified
  • Clark County Dept of Aviation operates FBO
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Ascent
Fueling hours: Fueling available from 0530-2130 daily. Other services and fueling provided after hours for fee.
Fuel prices as last reported on 20-Jun-2018
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.07 Reported by the FBO
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.77 Reported by the FBO
Jet A Full service    $5.05 Reported by the FBO
Discounts: Jet A tiered discounts of $.50/gal begin as low as 125 gals, to $.85/gal for 1,000. Call Customer Service at 702-261-4806 for price structure.
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:3500 Executive Terminal Drive, Suite 100
Henderson, NV 89052
United States of America
Telephone: 702-261-4806
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FBO negotiated rates
2.5 mi

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Comments from AirNav users
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From Terry Hemmen on 19-Jun-2018

  I have gone into HND about 6 times in the last few years. Most times were typical, but landing in our Commander June 18th was superb. The van was waiting to direct me to a parking spot and the driver "MIKE" was tying the plane down before I had my door open. He loaded our baggage, drove us to the terminal and would not accept a gratuity. The ladies were very professional and their policy of buying 20 gallons of 100LL waived the $15 fee for one day. We always use Enterprise since they are in the building (AOPAP9) discount code when reserving. Couldn't be happier. Easy in/out of the Class B with Las Vegas approach control. The ground controller will get you a transponder code and frequency if you want it before taxing. Easy to fuel at their 24 hour self serve pumps.
From Michael Dunlevie on 13-Apr-2018

  I stopped in to pick up my wife from her parents in Henderson. Last time we used Boulder City because her parents live smack dab in the middle between the two airports, so tried HND Saturday 3/31. I checked their website and it says "NO LANDING FEES." I checked the website Fee Estimator, which takes you to their reservation form. To use it you have to give your name, plane data, email and phone. No data, no estimate. I was there about 30 minutes and got hit with your $15 fee. They called it a "facility fee" instead, which I find deceptive. Why advertise no landing fee but no mention of the facility fee? I wrote their customer service and got the computer generated "give us 3 days and we'll get back to you." Ten days later nothing. If they truthfully put on their website there's a $15 charge unless you buy (10 or 20 gallons) fuel that would at least be the truth. Aside from the fee issue the line staff was very nice.
From Matthew Schmitzer on 20-Mar-2018

  While customer service has room for improvement, the facility is great and so is the airport. Pros: Follow Me Vans (Fantastic!), crew room, parking, and restaurant. Overall good visit.
From Dave Wurfel on 09-Mar-2018

  Before flying in saw the FBO had a crew car. Upon arriving was told if I was buying 100LL could not use the car and there was a $15 landing fee unless you bought $20 fuel. Lady was pretty blase. Alas though there is restaurant on the field upstairs the FBO and the food and service were most excellent. The fuel price was ok so bought fuel and was on my way. Wish they would put that info on their site.
From David Lincoln on 18-Jan-2018

  Landed here on 14JAN18 from a coast-to-coast M20TN flight. Excellent facilities, controllers, and services. Also, very nice restaurant overlooking the runways in the terminal. Convenient multiple self-serve pump island as well.
From Eric Cook on 09-Dec-2017

  The service at Henderson airport is always excellent. I call ahead to set up my eta and advise what services I will need and the staff always takes care of our requests. Everyone from the CSR's to the line staff needs to be commended on their excellent service.
From Todd Miller on 28-Nov-2017

  I wasted so much time debating where to land in Las Vegas, based on so many negative reviews at all of the airports. I picked Henderson in the end because Enterprise was onsite, so hopefully that would at least go well. I have been to many airports and KHND was as good as any. Follow Me van waiting on the ramp. Parking short walk to the terminal. Rental car upgraded and waiting on the ramp side of the terminal. Every employee from the ramp to the desk to Enterprise friendly and efficient. Overnight fee was pricey at $55/night, $15 refunded with fuel purchase. I guess that's the highroller surtax? Just once, I would like to see an FBO put their fee schedule on their website.

Response from Karina Tarnowska, Customer Service Supervisor, Henderson Executive Airport
Mr. Miller, The Clark County Department of Aviation has recently redesigned the Henderson Executive and North Las Vegas Airport websites to include a "Fee Estimator" tool. Based on type of aircraft, duration of stay, current price of fuel, quantity of fuel, and other services requested the "Fee Estimator" automatically calculates all the fees that will be charged during your stay. We also appreciate the importance of preplanning and we encourage you to visit to our website to try out this new functionality. Best Regards

From Mike Arnold on 30-Oct-2017

  Customer service seems to be a low priority for the front desk staff at this location. Our company has traditionally used this airport for commercial operations into the LAS area, but repeatedly have dealt with rude and ambiguous (at best) desk staff. Treat me rude as flight crew is one thing, but treat my passengers poorly and I start having passengers tell me "these people don't seem to care about customer service one bit" it's time to start looking at Atlantic/McCarran for a shift to operations, and deal with the fees associated. This is not a reflection on the line staff/van drivers/fuelers, who are competent and friendly, but with the inside customer service desk staff who seem to have a general disregard and dislike for anyone that walks into the terminal that they have to speak too. I undertsand and have seen there has been some retirements/new hires, but perhaps it's time the Clark County Aviation Authority gives some "People" training to the HND desk staff.
From Steve Clegg on 13-Jun-2017

  We flew in and the personal at the FBO couldn't have been nicer. They met us upon arrival and loaded our bags into the van. After reading the reviews we elected to try Enterprise and they were nice and accommodating. Great service by everyone at Henderson. Would highly recommend.
From Daniel Whiting on 11-Jan-2017

  Our arrival was great, met by a follow-me van, parked, the line guy helped with our luggage and gave us a ride to the terminal. The single engine pistons are parked pretty far from the terminal, so the ride was appreciated. On departure, we were told to wait for the van to return to get a ride to the plane. We waited and waited, and finally gave up and walked. Overall the experience was fine: nothing special, nothing terrible.
From Chuck Topalian on 05-Nov-2016

  The airport is great all of the staff is very helpful. Hertz Rent-A-Car is terrible. It doesn't matter whether you are a gold member. The attendant is always late and they will not let you have a car before 9 AM and will not leave the key with the front desk. I suggest you go and rent a car from someone else.
From Shawn Moore on 18-Oct-2016

  We called in to let HND FBO know we would be in 10 minutes before closing, 10pm. They advised us that they quit pumping fuel at 9:30! Surprised but glad we called in. We stop there many times a week for drop off & pick up. It's always good service and treatment!
From Steve McKibbon on 17-Oct-2016

  Service was almost non-existent. Arrived at 1400 on a Wednesday. The airport was very slow yet no line people could be found. Had to chock airplane and carry all luggage into terminal. Three CSR's were at the FBO desk but only one was helping customers while the other two chatted with each other. No line people available on departure three days later. Going to KLAS next time.
From Pierre Redmond on 27-Sep-2016

  I used to be based here, but have been away for a couple of years, so it was interesting to return with the perspective of a guest. The customer service and line staff here is terrific. Considering it is a county government run business, one might expect the lack of competitive pressure to result in sub-par service, and one would be wrong! The team is friendly, responsive, and professional. Thanks to all of you. I'd start mentioning names, but I don't want to miss one. You rock. The management team there has clearly developed a great culture of high performance combined with old fashioned warmth.
From Jamie MacDougall on 28-Aug-2016

  Even though we are in a Bonanza, the staff at Henderson has always treated us like royalty, and this trip was no exception. We called about 15 minutes before landing and a cab was waiting for us when we arrived. The facility is spotless, and although I have never had to use it, they have a beautiful pilot's lounge as well. Fuel prices are so much cheaper than KLAS. A cab ride to the strip takes about 15minutes and will cost you about $50-55. They also have a shuttle that runs three times a day, but you need to arrange for it ahead of time, and it may not always be scheduled at your arrival time. Parking is $15/night and there is a landing fee that is waived with a 15-gallon fuel purchase. They have instituted a new on-line reservation system through their website, which is very user friendly and smooth’s your arrival even further. Although there is something to be said for the novelty of landing at KLAS, I will always prefer KHND. Great staff and facility!
From Sven Larson on 31-May-2016

  I arrived in my Baron at Henderson on 05/29/16 for a quick overnight to see a show in Las Vegas. The service could not have been friendlier or more efficient. The fellow who helped tie down my Baron and load our luggage in the courtesy van would not even accept a tip. Used Uber to get to and from the hotel - under 7 minute wait time for the ride each way. Great experience all around.
From Alice & Scott Wade Alexander, N98XS, Wolfe Elect., KICT on 08-May-2016

  KHND, You got two of the" BEST ", they are what make's people come back again and again.
From Yaoshiang Ho on 19-Apr-2016

  I flew in and out today. The pilot's lounge and nap room is a welcome perk of the terminal. I was a little tired and had the TEAM/IMSAFE checklists running through my head. Should I cancel the flight home and get a hotel? Good guy at the desk pointed me to the pilots lounge and I was able to get a nap. Flew home with no fatigue at all.
From Al Gaines on 19-Apr-2016

  Line staff and desk staff were outstanding. Went out of their way to help me. Soooo much better experience than North Las Vegas. Strongly recommend KHND.
From Eric Cipcic on 23-Dec-2015

  Very wind night in middle of December, the van met us and marshalled us in, helped us tie down, and got us to the FBO. What a surprising big airport! Got a rental car at the FBO and some info on where to stay; facilities are pretty nice, but the rental was a little expensive...Would probably just Uber next time.
From Guilherme Schmidt on 09-Dec-2015

  I called, and asked for a cab / driver, they said I had to call the cab company directly. I then asked for a rental car, they connected me with Hertz directly, which is ok. On depart I asked for catering for the passengers, they don't do it, I had to call the restaurant directly and go pick it up myself. I asked for a bag of ice, waited 20 minutes for it and it never came. Nobody to marshall the plane out either. Never saw a line person out there. And they were not very busy.
From Dan Herr on 30-Nov-2015

  I enjoyed good service during NBAA. After I landed and fueled at the SS pump, the line crew towed me to parking. They do a nice job.
From Shawn Moore on 04-Nov-2015

  Very windy night with the SEMA show in town the ramp was pretty full. We got parked in the west 40 but 2 vans were there for the PAX. After 4 so the restaurant was closed. Needed to buy 125 gallons to get a 'free' ride to a restaurant. No problem there. Only 1 CRS so she was busy. We waited for her to finish before asking any questions, she still was extremely nice to us.
From Chris Zhang on 09-Sep-2015

  They got the job done but the attitude at the front desk was a little cold and impersonal. I think that's pretty typical at large airport with a single FBO with no competition... The lineman was a nice guy and drove a nice van to our aircraft and waited for us as we spent 10-15 minutes securing the aircraft.
From Manuel Scott on 09-Aug-2015

  I have flown into HND annually in my PA32, but I'm reconsidering after our most recent experience. My wife and 3 kids and I pulled up to the gate, and called for clearance to enter the ramp, but there was a guy in the a grey corvette who had just pulled into the gate, but did not pull in far enough for the gate to close. So he just sat there, blocking the gate. We sat there for about 30 seconds, and when the gate wouldn't close, my wife first politely identified herself, and informed him that we had just been cleared to go to our plane, but he ignored us, and still refused to move...When my wife went inside to complain, the ladies at the front desk brushed her off, and were dismissive of our complaint. To make matters worse, the ladies offered my wife bottled water for the inconvenience. Leaders there would do well to give their staff a little bit of diversity training (we are black), and some conflict resolution skills. (Follow Up: manager called to acknowledge they dropped ball)
From Ted Louis Glenn on 06-Jul-2015

  Excellent service again. Follow-me van waiting for me as I entered the parking ramp. For a light piston single the overnight parking fee is $15 per night with the first night waived with fuel purchase.
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