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Located on the Colorado river, this base is a stone's throw away from Nevada. Most hotels are located across the Colorado river where casinos are plenty. Roughly 90 miles south of Las Vegas, Bullhead city is surrounded by unique attractions. Visit the Hardyville Pioneer Cemetery which is named after its early resident and politician William Hardy. The Grapevine Canyon Petroglyphs are listed on the United States National Register of Historic Places. Known as Christmas Tree Pass. The area features over 700 petroglyphs and many rock shelters.
Laughlin/Bullhead International Airport

2550 Laughlin View Drive, Building 40
Bullhead City, AZ 86429
United States of America

Fax 928-754-1350

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • 100LL Line Service
  • Jet A Line Service
  • Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (Prist)
  • Aircraft Parking Long Term
  • Signature Status and TailWins
  • Signature QuickTurn
  • Transient Hangar Space
  • 10,000 sq. ft. Hangar
  • 200,000 sq. ft. Ramp
  • Courtesy Cars
  • Long Term Vehicle Parking
Aviation fuel services
Brand: EPIC
Fueling hours: 0600L - 2200L
Call out available on request.
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.69
Jet A Full service    $5.434
Discounts: Weekend TakeOff: 50 cents off per gallon of AvGas.
Ask Base about any additional discounts.
Prices include all taxes.
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From Dan Eldredge on 03-Jan-2019

  Flew in on Dec 7 2018 Line personnel were great but the FEE's are outrageous. $29.00 landing fee plus a security fee and an Airport development fee. Come on enough is enough. 14 gallons of 100LL with fees was $136.00 about $10.00 a gallon.
From Bill Gardner on 25-Oct-2018

  This is our second stop at a Signature FBO this week, (SBA the other). SBA was good, this team is great! If you fuel up on the weekend with their discount, IFP's price is identical to Las Vegas and Henderson GA Airports (VGT and HND). Help from Chris, Martin, and Marie at IFP made our stay even better. Friendly experienced people really make a big difference and Signature IFP has 'em. Thanks guys!
From Ian Hughes on 20-Jul-2018

  From the moment I arrived, these guys were fantastic. I was given directions where to park and was picked up in golf cart and assisted in the tie down, they found me excellent and reasonable accommodation for the night and gave me a ride to the Hotel/Casino. Great facilities, tidy, great coffee, water etc. Extremely friendly staff and just a great experience. Fuel price in line with region and no fee for overnight with 12G fuel purchase.
From Rubin Saavedra on 07-Mar-2018

  I haven't flown into KIFP for a while and I was shocked at the $30 tiedown fee - waived with a fuel purchase of (?10gal) at a $5.41 rate. The fee is egregious; if the fuel were reasonable, then there would be no issue. The pricing will deter small guys from flying in for a short stay. I would fly here often if not for the fees. Will be flying to KHII instead.
From Bill Gardner on 23-Dec-2017

  Starting with help from Martin with tie down and putting on the aircraft cover on a typically windy Bullhead-Laughlin day, to rides to and from the hotel across the river, to fueling on Saturday morning when Signature's 50 cent a gallon weekend discount actually drops their price below our home field in Las Vegas, we couldn't ask more professional help and good cheer. Thanks Martin, Andrew, and Maria. You guys are the best. Merry Christmas!
From Kelvin Crezee on 30-Oct-2017

  Called late Weds afternoon.. too late to get a rental car for Thursday early morning funeral a significant distance from the airport. The desk personnel called the boss and got clearance. The lineman and desk personnel could not have been more helpful or kind. It was a least minute situation and they all went out of their way to accommodate us and make this very sad occasion as comfortable as possible. Without their help we would not have been able to get to the funeral... Thank you Signature for your assistance and most importantly your kindness!
From Robert Morris on 21-Oct-2017

  Great experience here, every time. Staff is responsive, management pays attention to detail, and convenience to casinos and river is excellent. Discounted fuel on weekends as well.
From Steve Sando on 19-Aug-2017

  On July 28th I inadvertently left my cell phone in the pilot lounge at Signature. Chad found it there and along with Michelle and Darren they made the extra effort to determine the owner. I got in touch with Michelle and she told me she would have it sent to me ASAP. I received the phone a few days later. Signature Support at Bullhead City has a great staff!!! Drop in next time you're in the area and need Flight Support!!!
From Debby Murphy on 09-Jun-2017

  Worst FBO ever, be careful of hidden fees and astronomical pricing by Signature Flight Support. They have ruined it for a lot of people that used to really look forward to coming to KIFP due to their fees and fuel prices that are out of control. Line guys though are super and very helpful. That is the only thing good about the place.
From Bill Gardner on 30-May-2017

  Yeah the fuel price is probably a little higher than small, nearby Unicom fields. But the line team is probably still the friendliest, most efficient and helpful I encounter across America. Quick pick up, baggage and airplane covering help, rides to and from our hotel. That handling fee was waived with a 13-gallon fuel purchase. Only "extra" we paid was a $5 "infrastructure fee." Plus, you always make us feel welcome. Thanks Jeff and Chris at Signature! You and your team still get my Professional Pilot Magazine Praise vote for "best line team."
From Larry Schneider on 10-Feb-2017

  I gave 5 stars because they (after a misunderstanding on the phone) took care to make sure we were happy. FYI, for an RV size airplane the handling fee is 35 dollars and waived with a minimum of 15 Gallons of fuel. I would recommend calling to verify this info ahead of time. They were certainly a nice group of people to work with during our overnight.
From Bill Breen on 04-Feb-2017

  Arrived 2/2/17 and departed 2/4/17. As in all my previous visits (this is my 4th trip here) to Signature/Bullhead City, it was top notch all the way. Waived my first night with fuel purchase. Everyone there is courteous and helpful. Promptly got us a shuttle to the hotel. Their facility is welcoming, clean, and pleasant. Their personnel have all been outstanding. It's always a pleasure to come here!
From Joel B Schwartz on 01-Dec-2016

  I was considering spending a night in Laughlin this weekend. Based on some of the other comments regarding ramp fee's I called to check and was told there would be a $255 handling fee. I reminded them that I am flying a single engine 4 place piston aircraft and was told that they looked up my tail # in their system and it showed a Commander 690 (not what I fly) and based on my tail # it would be $255. Needless to say I passed and am going to go somewhere else for the night. Got a call later in the day that they fixed their database and the charge for my plane was now $35. Hope they figure out pretty soon that the reason traffic is way down is fuel prices and ramp fees. $35 to fly in for breakfast? Going to HII instead.
From Gary Van Dyke on 23-Nov-2016

  Stopped in for lunch and to make a donation to the Riverside. The tower and ground controllers were professional and very courteous. Martin met us at the plane, helped tie down, and then drove us to the FBO. He called the airport shuttle for us before we were in the door and the shuttle arrived by the time we had talked with Maria at the counters and had used the facilities. When we got back the plane was fueled and all but the small security fee was waved with the 10-gallon fuel purchase. Maria and Martin took good care for us and I wouldn't hesitate to go back
From Mike Divan on 06-Oct-2016

  Our complaints are not with the folks at Signature. They greeted us at the plane gave us a ride, friendly as could be. Our gripe is with the policies Signature has. They obviously do not want us "little guys" in there. We were hit with $30 in charges for about a 4-hour stay. They would waive $5 if we purchased 7 gallons of fuel (at $5.51 a gallon). 5 bucks would not even buy a gallon of gas! What could be a great GA destination destroyed fees. $5 fine $30 not so much.
From Kelley Ryan on 05-Jun-2016

  This was my first time using Signature and I was very impressed. It was the best experience I've had at KIFP yet. There was someone there to greet us, help us tie down the plane, carry luggage, and they even called a shuttle for us from our hotel. They had our plane fueled on time, and were even there to give us a ride back out to the plane before we left. Thank you to everyone at Signature KIFP for the great service!
From Bill Gardner on 04-Jun-2016

  Another excellent visit. I'm a professional pilot, but again flying our Beechcraft on this trip. Both regular Signature ramp crewmen were busy refueling other aircraft as we arrived, so who met our aircraft, helped with baggage and tie down, and gave us a ride to the terminal building in triple digits temps? General Manager Jim! Don't think I've seen another GM working an FBO ramp, ever. Thanks guys.
From Bill Gardner on 13-May-2016

  Honest, I don't work here. :-) But I DO visit many FBO's nationwide. This facility itself is nice, but it's the professional, helpful, and friendly line crew that makes Signature IFP a great experience and one of the very best. Thanks again Mike, Chad, and Andrew!
From Michel Moacanin on 31-Mar-2016

  This FBO is what makes general aviation a real pleasure. I landed just as the tower closed and found out that the rental cars (all of them) closed right at 6PM. Did not anticipate that every rental agency in a resort town would close at 6 sharp, but they did. Chad at Signature made every effort to find an alternate. Not succeeding he drove us into our hotel and helped arrange transportation back to the airport the following AM. The entire operation was courteous and professional. A true pleasure to do business with even though I was "just" a GA pilot. Will be happy to return.
From Bill Gardner on 17-Mar-2016

  Navy T-6's have returned home and are no longer at the airport. FBO transition to Signature from Landmark well under way. Same great facility and same great professional service. Thanks Chad and Martin! You guys are still the best, and always make us feel welcome.
From Bill Gardner on 02-Mar-2016

  Another update on all the T-6's and Naval Flight Training at Bullhead-Laughlin. Latest estimate I heard today for this year's completion...March 9th. This well-run FBO is now Signature, (formerly Landmark). Just hope they keep the experienced, helpful, and friendly line crew happy.... Guys who know their jobs inside out. It's a real pleasure to run into pros that have experience, rather than what you hear around some FBO's across the land..."I don't know. I just started here." Good guys like Andrew, Mike, and Chris made our stay perfect as usual, while keeping the U.S. Navy crew happy too.
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