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Lubbock Aero



The High Plains Finest FBO!
24 Hour Service
Quick Turns
Easiest in and out on the Airport
Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport
ASRI 129.10

6304 N Cedar Ave
Lubbock, TX 79403
United States of America

Fax 806-767-8000
Directions from town
Take I-27 north to exit 9.
From exit 9 turn right into the "Westport".
Lubbok Aero is immediately to the right or north of the Silent Wings Museum.
Look for 4 large tan hangars.

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • 24 Hour Service
  • Quick Turns
  • WSI Weather
  • Gourmet Catering
  • AvTrip Bonus Program
  • Executive Conference Room
  • 24 Hour Maintenance
  • Crew Cars
  • Wireless Internet
  • On Site Rent Cars
  • Hotel Discounts
  • Crew Lounge with Big Screen TV
  • Complimentary Coffee, Ice and Newspapers
  • Beautiful Facilities
  • Easiest in and out from the Runway or the Highway
  • NATA Safety 1st Trained and Qualified
  • Volume Discounts
  • Factory Authorized Service Center
  • Overnight Hangar
  • Customs Available (Prior Notice Required)
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 24
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.99
Jet A Full service    $5.19
Discounts: 101g - 700g = $.15, 701g - 1500g = $.30, 1501g+ = $.40
Prices include all taxes.
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From Jay Wilhelm on 22-May-2018

  All around excellent service! It was our destination for a graduation on a Friday afternoon and plane broke inbound. Linemen were awesome both coming and going with 2 separate fueling orders, luggage, car and ice. Maintenance fixed our plane for a very reasonable sum, left a logbook entry in the plane, and emailed a follow up to let me know it was ready for the next days departure. Lobby was busy with a full ramp. This is a Full Service FBO without the Full Service price. Thank you to the entire staff at LBB Aero!
From Art Friedman on 13-Apr-2018

  Lubbock Aero was a great choice. We only needed about 6 gallons of fuel when we arrived to spend the night, but received service like we'd bought 100 gallons. They marshaled us in, helped with our luggage, and topped us immediately, so the plane was ready for our early departure. The fact that Lubbock Aero was open 24 hours made our predawn departure easy too.
From Dan Levin on 12-Mar-2018

  Pretty basic FBO (i.e. not a big fancy Atlantic or Signature at a big urban airport), but they are open 24 hours and did a great job for us. Fuel price was very reasonable (at least for CAA members) there is Uber in town even at 1am, and several decent hotels maybe 15 minutes from the airport. It was a great late night fuel stop for us, and I would definitely recommend Lubbock Aero.
From Floris Oldenbroek on 26-Jan-2018

  The people are nice and helpful but it stops there. One of my planes got stuck there due to a flat tire. They charged $223 (including a 14% discount) per tire for a Condor 6.00x6. You can buy these tires anywhere for less than $130, I know everyone needs to make money but that seems like a really high margin. They charged a $102 for the tube. When questioned they claim they only charge 30% over cost. The pilot that got stuck there at night had to pay $100 to take their car to the hotel just to return it the next morning. Until now I always had a great experience there but this was very disappointing.
From Buddy Criminale on 12-Nov-2017

  Wow! What more can I say. The wife and I stopped here on our trip around the country (celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary this year) These folks were awesome and helped us with a hotel for the night and had us fueled up and ready to go the next day. Highly recommend stopping here. You won't be disappointed.
From Charlie Gregory on 04-Aug-2017

  On 8-3-17 we were greeted by friendly line service and happy and helpful customer service inside. Keely was especially kind and helpful. I posted a negative review in April of 2016 and even stated that I wouldn't be back. I did come back and was pleased 100% with everything. Keep up the good work and I hope to be back in the future.
From Michael Brothers on 28-May-2017

  We arrived at 0730 for a college visit at Tech in an A-36. Pleasant ramp crew. We let them and the desk know we needed 10 gal in the right. We finished a little early at 1pm, called the FBO and said we'd be there in 30 minutes. Got to FBO, airplane not fueled yet, after 7 hours on their ramp. I was irritated. I wanted to get on our way and the 3 behind the desk couldn't explain why we hadn't been fueled already. I preflighted and my GF dealt with the desk. Fuel truck shows up, guy puts 10 in the right without a word, much less "sorry". We took off 30 min after we should have. Rating would have been Terrible except for a guy named Mitch the night before. This guy went way out of his way trying to coordinate our rent-car and his efforts were very appreciated. He should be promoted. Next time we will try a different FBO even at a higher ramp fee.
From Mike Harwood on 25-Jan-2017

  Generally good service. We were asked to pay $100 ramp fee or purchase 100 gallons of fuel.
From Mark Antoine on 13-Nov-2016

  Been here a few times. The customer service is very friendly, with a shout out to Veronica for always being on top of things. The down side is that this FBO NEEDS to staff better on Texas Tech game days. There's no excuse for running so thin on game days when you have more than a ramp full of jets and pistons on your ramp with lots of passengers and crews around. Overall, not a bad experience, but staffing on Saturday's during game season needs to be addressed.
From Gary Walls on 30-Oct-2016

  Westbound fuel stop in our Citation. After reading about one person's long quick turn, I called and talked to the manager. He, and the fuel truck, met us on our 0830 arrival. Very fast quick turn, and very nice facility. Appreciated the CAA price.
From Thomas Lissner on 05-Aug-2016

  Been here many of times and consistently experience how terrible this FBO is managed. Obviously, the owner/manager doesn't care, this has been a problem for years, in LBB as well as ABI. Since Lindsey left LBB CSR desk it got worse, at least she knew how to take care of things in a crunch. CSR got phoned and advised at 8:30 am about our 15:00 arrival from Vegas for a quick turn and especially got told that this is a critical turn, and we have been let down in the past. She responded with "Okay, I will let the line guys know". Upon arrival, no fuel truck standing by, line guy had no clue and was never advised of our arrival but took it upon himself to make the quick turn as fast as possible, a whopping 45 minutes, he was the only one I could count on. He told me he had just been there two weeks and already turned in his notice to leave. I told him "Good for you"! At CSR desk the clueless girl mentioned it might take as long as an hour before I get fueled. Won't return, nor recommend.
From Charlie Gregory on 20-Apr-2016

  4-19-15 Was my first time to KLBB. We stopped for fuel in our King Air. The linemen provided the quick turn fueling as requested. However, the customer relations at Lubbock Aero is very lacking. The lady at the front desk obviously didn't want to be there. Our passengers even picked up on her bad attitude. Although Lubbock would have been the most convenient fuel stop on the return leg, we chose another airport. We won't be back.
From Robert Bosche on 10-Dec-2015

  Mixed review. We diverted into LBB a few weeks ago on the way to Fort Worth. The line staff was helpful, but the girl behind the desk that night was inattentive, glued to her phone, and seemed annoyed when my wife asked her for help arranging a rental car. Initially, we were told that they didn't have hangar space, but I was pleased to find when we returned to depart that the line crew had made space and kept us indoors, and at a reasonable rate. A different front desk attendant helped us upon departure and she was friendly and professional.
From Greg Scheideman on 28-Sep-2015

  We came in to Lubbock to see the TCU Tech game and the Lubbock Aero folks were fantastic, even though we were clad in purple. It was very busy but there were courteous and efficient with plenty of staff to take care of everybody. Outstanding job Lubbock Aero!
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