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Del Monte Aviation

at Monterey Regional Airport

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Your best fuel stop to the Hawaiian Islands
  • Fuel
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Crew cars
  • Spacious and luxurious passenger lounge
  • Conference room
  • Big screen TV
  • Crew rest room with shower
  • Internet access
  • Car rentals on site
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 0500 to 2200
After hours service by prior arrangement
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.49
100LL Avgas Self service    $5.09
Jet A Full service    $6.57
Discounts: Volume Discounts
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Prices include all taxes.
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Contact information
Address:100 Sky Park Dr
Monterey, CA 93942
United States of America
Telephone: 831-373-4151
toll-free 1-800-452-6184
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From Alireza Alivandivafa on 10-Apr-2018

  Stopped in for a lunch flight in probably the slowest, least "impressive" plane they saw that day (a Piper Archer) and they couldn't have treated us better. Carted us from the plane, as piston parking is a slight distance away and took us up to the terminal for lunch, though I'd recommend just walking, as it is short. We put in about 31 gallons, as we'd flown up from MYF, and no fees were tacked on. Super nice people working there too. Will definitely make Del Monte my FBO of choice at MRY.
From Aaron Sims on 13-Jul-2017

  Stopped for a short overnight in Monterey on our way down from San Jose to LA. Since I'd topped off in San Jose, I didn't need any gas before going to LA. As several people have mentioned, there is a handling fee and a parking fee. I had arranged for a rental car from National, and one of the staff in the office gave me a ride over to the terminal to pick it up. I was allowed to bring the car to the plane for loading our bags. This is a very nice, clean, full-service FBO. The handling fee is a bit steep for handling a small piston. I'd give it 5 stars with a slightly lower handling fee.
From Daniel Whiting on 29-May-2017

  I emailed both Del Monte and the other FBO about rates and car rentals. Del Monte never responded, so by default I went with the other FBO. Don't list a customer service email address if you don't respond to it!
From Peter Baron on 06-Nov-2016

  Visited Sep 2016. Comprehensive and spotless pilot facilities, unusual architecture in the terminal and helpful staff. The plane was parked safely overnight and fuelled as requested.
From Don Ferguson on 17-Aug-2016

  You can either get a good deal at Del Monte or get skinned. Their avgas is expensive but not horribly so, so make sure you have room in your tanks(s) for the minimum, and expect no quarter if you are close. Call ahead for the latest "minimum, " they seem to jack it up every so often. Once you've refueled, you can enjoy the full-service FBO. They have an upstairs pilot lounge with a view of the runway, with complimentary ice cream and cold drinks. They also loan several courtesy cars on a first come-first served basis with which you can drive to lunch or visit the Aquarium, Big Sur, etc. BTW, Del Monte has no tiedown chains or ropes, so do not leave your light aircraft here overnight if high winds are expected.
From Marty Mitchell on 16-Aug-2016

  $100/$200/$300 EXTRA FEE this week! Stopped in for fuel and a quick dinner on my way home from Seattle. I was asked to cough up an EXTRA $100 (for my Bonanza) since it's Concourse week. All I wanted was dinner, not a car show. I've been coming here for tens of years, always a good experience. This time, not so. They sent George, the ramp manager out, to cool me off. He explained that since they needed to hire extra people for this event, that they needed to charge these extra fees. Humm, maybe MacDonald's should hire extra people then sell $35 Big Macs. Bad idea Bob Buck. Unpleasant end to an otherwise beautiful weeklong trip in the Bonanza. Too bad...
From Daniel Sarna on 01-Aug-2016

  First time to Del Monte FBO in Piper Arrow 3, N343TA. The line crew was Great, inside the FBO the Young lady who helped my wife and I was fantastic. I ordered fuel and she told me I get a crew car with minimum of 15 gals of fuel, so I increased my order. The FBO is very nice, lot of amenities and pilot friendly. My wife and I have a wonderful time in town. I put the word out at the Travis aero club and this will become a stop for our members. Due to the customer service we will be back. Thank you Del Monte.
From Dan Thompson on 19-Jul-2016

  July 1-3: Line guy parked us and left. Didn't offer a ride. There were no tiedowns, when asked, he said, "It doesn't get very windy here". The facilities are top notch. The bathrooms are clean and well maintained. The lady at the desk (sorry forgot her name) was really nice. We requested a top off. I knew about the 15-gallon minimum to waive the $45 'handling fee'. I do not agree with the fee, for they did no 'handling' on my single engine RV-6A, but for a nice airport and FBO I understand it is their policy. They also charge $10/night 'parking' fee (there were no tiedowns). We paid our bill, I took the receipt and left. A couple days later I reconciled the bill and found they charged me $10 more than the receipt I signed. I called and talked to Nathan and he said, "We forgot to charge you for the second night, so we voided your first receipt and re-charged you". This is illegal and I could cancel the charge. I requested a manager to call, he said she would, but no one ever called.

Response from Angelica Lockwood, Customer Service Manager, Del Monte Aviation
Mr. Thompson, I am sorry to hear that the experience here at the FBO was less than perfect. It is not our policy to adjust any discrepancies on a bill without first notifying the customer with the information. The two nights parking will be credited back to your credit card for the inconvenience. I did try to reach out to you on Monday with the number we had on file for you. I am sorry I was unable to reach you. Thank you for your kind words about our CSR and her service. We always appreciate feedback from our valued customers.

From Christopher Lumsdaine on 25-Jun-2016

  I had another wonderful stop at Del Monte today. I fly here about monthly. It really is one of the easiest places to fly into, with an abundance of things to do for families or when solo. Shana, Jazmin, and the rest of the crew did a great job, as usual. It's very convenient to ride a bike right out of the facility, catch the bike trail, and ride 17-mile drive. They even have a shower there for use after the ride, ice cream in the freezer, and crew cars are frequently available. Fuel is only $1.50 more than my home field, so for $22, I get free use of a car, the facility, and the freezer...Pretty good deal.
From Don Parsons on 01-Mar-2016

  Arrived at Del Monte Aviation and all was well until we returned to depart. They asked how much fuel I wanted and I said 8 gallons should fill it up. OK, now they let me know that if I couldn't hold 15 gallons I would be charged a $45 "handling charge". This is new and nobody let me know of this change when I arrived. The plane was left exactly where I parked it on arrival. If I took the very expensive 8 gallons I still would have to pay the full $45 fee. Sorry, no more Del Monte Aviation; I guess they don't want the likes of a 2 seat Luscombe to overfill the ramp. I was the nearly the only small plane on the ramp.
From Brian Geasa on 11-Nov-2015

  Just short of the 15-gallon minimum purchase so I had to pay a $45 handling fee!!! There was no handling involved. We taxied to a parking spot and walked to the facility. Staff was pleasant. Facilities were nice as well.
From Joe Tuminello on 07-Nov-2015

  Single engine ramp fee has gone up to $45 (used to be $25) and I was told it will not be waived unless you take the whole 15 gallons on fill up which I could not. I was parked there for three hours. It was not my first visit to Del Monte. In the past if you were close the fee was waived. The new ramp fee makes me wonder if the want small GA aircraft at all since it was a very quiet day.
From Brandon M. Smith on 17-Sep-2015

  Staff is great. Always friendly and accommodating. My gripe is the recliners are showing/feeling of age and the WiFi has not worked correctly for months. Kinda of a big deal for those trying to get work done while waiting to fly.
From Chris Zhang on 08-Sep-2015

  Helped us out hugely when Budget Car Rental stood us up. Nice facility and friendly folks. Did I mention free ice cream in the fridge? Would definitely come back.
From Ken Maples on 24-Aug-2015

  Very good service and reasonable prices. "Follow Me" cart showed me the way to the tiedown. All requested services were done on time. Very nice lobby with a good flight-planning center. Tie down fee was not waived with a fuel purchase.
From James Betker on 08-Jul-2015

  Great service. Reserved a rental car from a carrier at the terminal and they had it brought around and took care of the paperwork for me. Would use again.
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