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Metro Aviation Services

at Olive Branch Airport

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Airport Management
  • Full service fuels (Jet A & Avgas)
  • Aircraft Parking (ramp & tiedown)
  • Hangars (availability only)
  • Passenger terminal & Lounge
  • Rental cars
  • Courtesy tansportation
  • Pilots lounge/snooze room
  • Conference Room facilities
  • Flight planning with Weather Radar
  • GPU available
  • Oxygen service available on field
  • Lavatory services
  • De-Ice Services
  • Aircraft Maintenance available on field
  • Avionics service available on field
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: Mon-Fri 6am-9pm,Sat-Sun 7am-9pm LOCAL TIME
Holiday hours may vary, CALL AHEAD TO VERIFY HOURS
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.25
Jet A Full service    $4.70
Discounts: Angel Flights 25 cents per gal with paperwork.
Jet Fuel discounts by volume.
AV Gas discounts by volume
Prices include all taxes.
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Contact information
Radio:UNICOM 122.95
Address:8000 Terminal Drive
Olive Branch, MS 38654
United States of America
Telephone: 662-895-2978
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From Steve Urban on 03-May-2017

  Friendly service just a little tough paying $15 to stop in for lunch only, wish there was a transient area because I didn't need any services at all. Great facility and if staying overnight I have no problem with $15.
From Russell Hyde on 19-Sep-2016

  Came in late on a Sunday evening. They put the plane in a hangar and took me to the hotel. Great service and staff thank you for all the help!
From Dale Thomas on 01-Jul-2016

  Have flown in here twice in the past 30 days. Today, I came in and had a Hertz car reservation that Hertz decided not to fulfill. The FBO ataff was amazing. Edy made sure that I had transportation to my meetings and took excellent care of us. She is amazing to deal with, as is the entire staff. The folks in the tower are pretty great as well.
From Erik Zinger on 11-Jun-2016

  I flew into KOLV with a few friends in a Seminole on June 2nd to spend some time with some friends in Memphis. We parked at Metro Aviation and were immediately met by a line service guy who was very helpful and polite. The lady behind the desk in the FBO as well as the gentleman who I believe was the manager was very friendly. They topped off the aircraft and moved it to a tie down for us. When we came back a few days later to head back to Michigan, we were treated just as kindly as we were when we arrived. This is the second year in a row that I have flown into KOLV and stayed with Metro Aviation and I will continue to do so. Their facility is nice, the staff is wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone that is planning on flying to the Memphis area.
From Christopher Pickerell on 25-Nov-2015

  Our corporate aircraft visit KOLV on a monthly basis and we are very satisfied with the services. Derek the line service tech is willing to go out of his way to make sure both pilots and passengers are taken care of and Justin the desk manager has made some great recommendations on local restaurants. Thank you for the hospitality, it's always a pleasure!!
From Manuel Scott on 18-Jul-2015

  Stopped by to refuel, and enjoyed the great Gus' World Famous Chicken. Took the crew car. The car has no working AC, and it was at least 100 degrees outside. It is not the best we've had. =) Still, the crew was quite helpful. There is a gentleman inside who is an amazing sketch artist.

Response from Ed Woods, General Manager, Metro Aviation Services
We have upgraded our crew car!

From JD Carney on 22-Jun-2015

  I have flown in to Olive Branch many times flying Pilots n Paws flights. Ramp service is the luck of the draw and to back it up the contract ATCS tower (non FAA) has a couple of unprofessional controllers. The rest are excellent.
From Jim Royse on 12-Jun-2015

  Edy and the other staff at Metro were very cordial and helpful when our single engine aircraft overnighted with them.
From Jason Davis on 05-Jun-2015

  Line folks were great, CSR was friendly and helpful, Fuel service was quick, Great experience!
From Rick Thomason on 14-Apr-2015

  Landed VFR at OLV and was instructed by Ground to proceed to Metro Aviation for ramp parking, and passing immediately in front of the FBO office going to the far end of the tie down area I saw no lineman or activity whatsoever. I proceeded to taxi and locate a spot and tie down my plane using my own equipment since theirs was not suitable for my plane. Unloaded and covered my plane. Still no lineman, golf cart to help with luggage, or activity of any kind. So I loaded everything on my shoulders and pack muled it about a quarter of a mile to the office. When I departed 4 days later, same situation. Now here is the rub, I received an invoice in the amount of $60 for 4 nights tie down. I know it is not unusual to pay a nightly tiedown fee at some airports but you usually get some service as well. Even though they monitor the ground frequency and heard them direct me to Metro, no lineman appeared. Was told the charge was because I did not communicate to them my intentions. HELLO, Lineman?

Response from Dave Taylor, Account Manager, Metro Aviation Service
Concerning comments from Mr. Rick Thomason on 14 April 2015. The tower does not direct anyone to go to a tie space. His plane is a Pulsar XP and we do not have equipment to tie down and that's why he carries his with him. His wife drove onto the ramp and met him at his plane where he loaded his luggage and left the airport. Upon his departure his wife drove him to his plane where he unloaded his luggage. Not once did he set foot in the FBO to register his presence with us as is required. And yes I did invoice him for the four nights he was tied down on our ramp.

From Matt Doggett on 10-Apr-2015

  After flying a client in for a meeting in Memphis we were given the keys to the crew car and allowed a large amount of time to keep it, which was great. We had planned to leave the same day but due to storms we were stuck trying to wait out the weather. The FBO was supposed to close at 9pm but an employee stayed with us until we finally gave up on the weather near midnight. He was then kind enough to book us a room at a great rate at a nearby hotel and even dropped us off in his personal vehicle. Great people, very kind and helpful, highly recommend.
From Jerry Hubbard on 28-Jan-2015

  Outstanding ground crew & unmatched service. Great facilities to that can handle heavy metal as easily as a super cub.
From Ross Edmondson on 24-Sep-2014

  Well kept airport within walking distance of town. The bar and grill nearby is very good. Camped on the grass behind our aircraft with no hassle. The FBO is clean and comfortable and has wifi available.
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