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Payson Airport Campground

at Payson Airport

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From Marv Miniely on 02-Apr-2017

  This is the most spectacular camping airport in the world. Dennis and Ray are very friendly and eager to help in any possible way. I've now stayed in the campground for the past 4 years and continue to enjoy the view, the peace and the hospitality. The crew car is an added feature in the past two years and it's also great. And GREAT hot showers too. Thanks Payson and specially thanks Ray and Dennis.
From Scott Diffenbaugh on 09-Aug-2016

  Stopped on the way back from OSH to wait out a wx system. Dennis greeted us at the gas pump and offered the courtesy car along with great tips on places to explore. This is our second time camping at PAN and it is second to none. We were the only ones due to the wx, but had a great time, and a great dinner at the on site Crosswinds restaurant. We love to visit Payson and the airport & staff are wonderful.
From Matt Strieby on 08-Jul-2016

  Took our Cessna 150 into KPAN for an overnight campout. I called Ray ahead of time and he was very pleasant and helpful. The campgrounds are excellent and they even stock firewood and newspaper for your fire! We love Payson airport!
From Pascal Reid on 30-May-2016

  OUTSTANDING!!! Where does one start? Camping is 50yds from runway, clean restroom with showers, a courtesy car, wood, lighter and firestarter and all available for free, the scenery is awesome all around the area, a Host that kept coming around and checking to assure we were doing okay, seeing we had two girls offered to take us to his ranch to see his horses and actually allowed the girls to ride them too!! (On his day off) This airport does not charge overnight, camping or any other fees, they will take donations to pay for car gas and firewood resupply. When we left Dennis (host) mentioned that if we came back with a few folks he would arrange a blue grass band for the site.. Based on Dennis's great stories of his past jobs, I think his coming by and telling campfire stories would be second to none. This is the best camping at airport I have experienced, Payson airport is a notch above anything else we have experienced with our plane. If one has a chance to camp here. Do it!
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