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Epps Aviation

at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport

  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Aircraft charters
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Avionics sales and service
  • Aircraft parts
  • Aviation accessories
  • Aircraft sales / leasing / brokerage
  • Pilot supplies
  • ...
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: 24 hours a day
Fuel prices as last reported on 11-Dec-2017
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.99
Jet A Full service    $5.50
Discounts: discount with Shell Aviation credit card, volume discount
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:1 Aviation Way
Dekalb-Peachtree Airport
Atlanta, GA 30341
United States of America
Telephone: 770-458-9851
toll-free 1-800-241-6807
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From John Taylor on 21-Nov-2017

  Nothing special. Twenty dollars to drop off a passenger from an Arrow. Crowded ramp. Reminds me of TEB or HPN.
From Nathan Zieman on 12-Sep-2017

  Thank you to Debbie and the rest of the Epps team for an excellent FBO experience during out hurricane Irma evac with our TBM.
From Richard Isherwood on 23-Jul-2017

  We flew up to Peachtree DeKalb for the fourth of July and parked our RV at Epps, three days later when we preparing to depart we had a dead battery. Their maintenance supervisor helped me to pull the old battery out and we tried to charge it. (My RV doesn't have an external charging port). After a bit it became apparent that the battery wouldn't take a charge, so Epps let me use their crew car to go and get a new battery. Now keep in mind that I can only put 42 gallons in my aircraft, Epps Aviation couldn't have been more accommodating and helpful. Epps Aviation is Southern hospitality at it's best.
From Robert Parker on 05-Jun-2017

  Superb service, attentiveness. Like visiting friends who already know what you'll need almost without asking. This is the PDK place to go. Thanks Debbie and Allen!
From Tom Roush on 13-Mar-2017

  My wife and I flew in to EPPS for a meal at their famous 57th Fighter Group Sunday Buffett. On departure I had an engine problem I couldn't clear, so opted to leave the plane and hitch a ride for wife and I back to Knoxville. The desk and linemen were VERY helpful and understanding. The next morning I called EPPS and talked with their Maintenance Supervisor who said they'd be happy to look at my Experimental RV, but suggested there was mechanic on the field who was better set up to work on small single engine planes. Best service I've ever experienced when away from home!
From J. Mina on 03-Mar-2017

  As a dispatcher, I have to rely on FBO staff to accommodate not only my passengers, but my flight crew and aircraft(s) as well. Brianna was extremely helpful with booking multiple rental cars and promptly provided me with the information I needed to relay to my PAX and PIC. She was very personable over the phone and took the time to answer any questions I had. For once I'm not worried that my crew and client's will be left waiting for transportation or other services. Thanks Brianna!
From Matthew McDonald on 08-Dec-2016

  First time at EPPS in PA-24. Came in to visit the famous PDK and have lunch at EPPS. Great line service on a packed ramp. Appreciated the key to go through the building to the picnic area. Would recommend EPPS to other piston drivers going into PDK.
From David Bryant on 30-Oct-2016

  Top notch service at a reasonable price!
From Don Avery on 30-Oct-2016

  Epps is an awesome FBO! Everyone employee I met was warm, friendly and professional. The facilities are beautiful and clean. They handled my airplane well, turn around time was great, and the fuel prices are the best on the field. I also received comp shuttle service to and from MARTA! Thanks Epos team for doing it right!
From Larry Johnson on 01-Oct-2016

  Flew into PDK once in the morning and then again at night on the return trip. People at Epps were really great to work with and very friendly. Enjoyed hanging out and taking a break talking with them while they fueled the plane. Tower, and ground control really easy to work with and help you work your way around the airport. Was a little hesitant going into such a busy airport, especially at night but they all work really well together in making it an easy experience. Will be back!
From Andrew Reiland on 22-Sep-2016

  Been here several times in August and many times over the years. Friendly professional service and good avgas price. Will be back!
From Adam Edelstein on 31-Aug-2016

  Been here quite a few times...Only positive feedback. Everyone has always been prompt, responsive and courteous. Great FBO!
From Kenneth Kushner on 27-Feb-2016

  Flew to PDK on a Veterans Airlift Command mission. Shane and the staff at Epps made certain that everything went smoothly and efficiently. The facility is beautiful, everyone is very friendly and the hospitality is outstanding. Thanks!
From Richard DesPortes on 22-Dec-2015

  Have been back using Epps FBO in the last six months could not convince the previous bone head chief pilot to use Epps what a great operation good prices helpful and knowledgeable staff and great piston or turbine maintenance on site we will be back soon
From Ray Meyer on 28-Oct-2015

  Visit Epps on a regular basis. Everyone behind the desk are always courteous and quite friendly wether we come in in a piston aircraft or a turbo prop. We also get maintenance done there as well and they do an amazing job of getting thing done quickly. Thanks Sophie, Cindy, Megan, Greg, Pat C, and especially Pat Epps.
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