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Rocket Aviation, LP

Formerly Miller Flying Service and Hutcherson Air Service, we are now Rocket Aviation,LP. We are excited about being a part of aviation in Plainview, and we look forward to serving you when you stop in. Our staff is service oriented, and we strive to make your stop exceptional. Courtesy cars available, restaurants and hotels less than 5 minutes from the airport. A pilot lounge with satellite television and wireless internet now available as well as a computer for checking weather. Stop in and let us show you 'West Texas Hospitality'.
Hale County Airport
UNICOM 123.00

Hale County Airport
PO Box 1600
Plainview, TX 79073
United States of America

Fax 806-293-3904

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Courtesy cars
  • Internet
  • Television
  • Friendly Service
  • Great fuel prices
  • Full Service fuel during normal hours and by request after hours
  • Rental cars with prior arrangement
  • Tie Downs no charge
  • Overnight hangar
  • Computer flight planning
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: FBO hours
8am to 6pm Monday thru Friday
8am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday
Self Service 100LL available 24/7 next to the Rocket Aviation office.
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.45
100LL Avgas Self service    $5.25
Jet A Full service    $3.85
Prices include all taxes.
Dual over wing and single point jet fuel truck in service for quick turns! GPU on request!  
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From Barry Harper on 15-Apr-2023

  From past post you can see I am a regular customer of Rocket Aviation. I stopped for fuel and rest stop 4/11 during an AngelFlight. Everything works great at this FBO, fuel prices are always lowest in the area, and service cannot be beat. This FBO is exactly what you want when traveling.
From Pierre Melcher on 10-Apr-2023

  I changed where I stop for fuel on frequent trips to KSAF. Line crew and counter staff are super friendly and efficient.
From Barry Harper on 23-Oct-2022

  I made my semi annual stop at Rocket on October 14. Same great fuel prices and friendly service as always. The crew at Rocket is always ready to help. Much faster and easier than the big airports and better service.
From Barry Harper on 07-Apr-2022

  Made another stop at Rocket Aviation today returning from an Angelflight trip. The staff at Rocket always makes us feel welcome and they really provide friendly and personalized service. This FBO earns your business every time.
From Barry Harper on 11-Feb-2022

  Everybody at Rocket Aviation is great. The fuel price is always the best around, the staff is very friendly and glad to have your business and really show it. Highly recommend this FBO to anyone passing through the area. Runways, taxiways and self-serve pumps always are in top shape.
From Barry Harper on 13-Jan-2022

  Stopped for fuel and lunch on another Angelflight today. You always find friendly service and a warm welcome. The crew at Rocket offered a car and directions to a great place to get lunch. I stop here often and the quality of the customer service is always top notch.
From Barry Harper on 28-Nov-2021

  I stopped at Rocket again for fuel and a lunch break during an Angelflight. This FBO really supports general aviation pilots with great service, reasonable prices and a warm welcome every time. Cannot be beat.
From Barry Harper on 06-Nov-2021

  I stop at Rocket every chance I get. I am there for Angelflights and transporting a friend from New Mexico to Texas and back. Never had a bad experience. Most recent stop was 11/5/21 returning to NM from an Angelflight trip. Got good price on self-serve AvFuel, used the crew car for a trip to the DQ for lunch and friendly conversation with the FBO staff. This FBO is what makes flying fun for the GA pilots-good prices and great service. Support them when you are in the area.
From Gary Risley on 27-Oct-2021

  I have been stopping here for years on treks from the 4 Corners Region of New Mexico to Texas. Excellent service, excellent fuel prices, and nice facilities - what FBOs used to before they became "big" business focused on jets. There is an "honor" snack bar and drinks - pick your product, put your dollar in the bucket. For the 20 cents per gallon difference, I usually get full service fuel.
From JM Gaines on 25-Oct-2021

  Great fuel stop. Low prices and nice FBO with helpful staff. Crew car available.
From Barry Harper on 24-Oct-2021

  I stopped at Rocket again for my semi annual trip from New Mexico to South Texas. The staff here is always helpful. The restroom is always clean, plenty of snacks to chose from and comp water. If you stay long enough for lunch there is usually a car to get you to the DQ. It is important to support businesses that provide customer service along with reasonable fuel prices. Rocket cannot be better at taking care of their customers.
From Barry Harper on 05-Oct-2021

  I stop at Rocket Aviation as often as possible and have found that the service is always outstanding. Stopped for fuel after an Angelflight trip and was ready for lunch after fueling the airplane. A car was offered and directions provided. Lineman even offered to help push the airplane to parking. You cannot find a better or friendlier FBO anywhere.
From David Prentice on 28-May-2021

  Facility is a little dated but clean and complete with what passengers and crew may need. Line crew is very professional, prompt, and willing to help in anyway they can. Fuel prices are really good. Runway and taxiways looked basically like new. Highly recommend Rocket Aviation.
From Barry Harper on 02-Apr-2021

  I stop at KPVW at least twice a year moving a passenger between Texas and New Mexico. I always stop at Rocket Aviation for fuel and rest stop. Crew is always friendly and eager to help. Great fuel prices. Lineman came out twice to tell me about facilities available and assist with "self serve" fueling. Took advantage of the pilot lounge to eat some lunch and a short snooze. Easy to get into and out of KPVW and cross runways favor almost any wind West Texas can throw at you.
From Jack Shelton on 15-Feb-2021

  Quick and easy fuel stop with terrific people. Neat airport. Thanks!
From Melvin Anderson on 09-Oct-2020

  FBO was friendly and helped out a lot. I was able to use a courtesy car to get to my hotel that night. Reasonably priced gas. Stopped on my trip east and then again on the return just because they were especially nice.
From Larry Driskill on 26-Sep-2020

  As always, great service from Rocket today. Hardly ever do I need just fuel. I also need a potty and a bottle of water. Rocket has 'em along with courtesy cars and maintenance near at hand. Full marks.
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