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Only minutes from Downtown Dallas, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas Market Center, the American Airlines Center, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington & Cowboys Stadium
Large Ramp with no daily parking fees (hangar fees and overnight ramp fees apply)
Centrally located on field
No Arrival or Departure Delays
Great transient stop in central US

Neighborhood grocery, dining and retail nearby

Economy fuel pricing - 100LL & JetA
Limo, taxi and rental car services
Catering arrangements
24-hour security
Aircraft sales, consulting & brokerage

T-hangars for lease - 42’ to 60’
a Box hangar/office for lease - 60’ to 150’

Build-to-Suit Executive or Corporate hangars 
Onsite FAR part 135 certified maintenance;
a Airframe & Avionics repair
Firestation #49 onsite ARFFE equipped


New Terminal
FAA Controlled Tower
ATIS: 126.35
RWY 13/31 - 6431'
RWY 17/35 - 3,800'

  100LL - Full-Service: $4.35 AIRBOSS $4.25
  Jet-A - Full-Service: $3.75 AIRBOSS $3.60

(Prices include all taxes.)


FUELING HOURS: Open 7 days; 06:00am--22:00pm or as requested after hours. * After-hours Fuel Surcharge Applies. After hours number to call 214-251-6512 or 817-366-5068
FUEL DISCOUNTS: Call for volume Jet-A purchasing discounts or hangar lease plus fuel packages - ask for Brian Myler - General Manager
Prices posted on AirNav guaranteed.



ASRI: 131.90

DallasExecutive Airport
5435 Saturn Drive, LB 12
Dallas, Texas 75237
P: 214-623-8800
F: 214-623-8956

George Moussa

Operations Manager
David Lutrick

After Hours Emergency Numbers
David Lutrick 214-251-6512
George Moussa 214-693-0858
Brian Myler 817-366-5068

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From Jon Stansel on 04-Mar-2021

  Ambassador Jet Center at KRBD sets the standard for FBO operations. Their customer service is second to none and is my go to FBO when flying to the Dallas area. I arrived today thinking getting a rental car wouldn't be a problem without a prior reservation only to find out that all of the rental car companies were sold out. Thanks to Corinne DeFrank for pulling a rabbit out of the hat and finding a car for me. It would have been so easy to just say that nothing was available but she immediately starting making calls to her contacts and on about the fourth call, she located a car for me. Thanks for the great service.
From Jim Dippel on 05-Jan-2021

  I have never had a bad experience using Ambassador. From the line personnel to the office people, everyone is fast on service, cheerful, friendly, courteous and helpful and they always go out of their way to make stopping in a pleasure!!
From Lonnie Steverson on 23-Dec-2020

  Very great stop. Good fuel price and vey helpful. Thanks Corinne for getting a car on drop of hat. Highly recommend this place for fuel stop.
From Stanley Victoria on 21-Dec-2020

  Very nice people at FBO, they went out of their way to accommodate our passengers and the flight crew. Dena was especially helpful in getting the flight up and running again after we locked ourselves out of crew car on the ramp planeside. I didn't do it, I didn't do it. She also made some great suggestions for lunch. Thanks again Dena
From Pat Boone on 30-Nov-2020

  Certainly the BEST FBO in the Dallas area! Dena is the gem of the whole operation. Hunter and Corine do outstanding work. Great airport. Great tower. Great FBO. Pat Boone
From Dan Wyson on 28-Nov-2020

  Absolutely one of my favorite FBOs. Top notch service, always with a big smile. Rental car is always planeside. Fantastic fuel prices and just a wonderful group of people. And a special shout out to Dena who brings that wonderful southern charm.
From Irwin Pentland on 18-Oct-2020

  If you are stopping in the Dallas area, KRBD & Ambassador Jet Ctr is the BEST. Ambassador has by far the cheapest JetA (CAA) in the area. I arrived right before high winds were forecast and the linemen (Marty & Hunter) did a superb job moving me right into a hangar. Corinne on arrival and Deana at departure were extremely helpful with all my questions & needs. It was a true pleasure stopping here.
From Terry Jones on 06-Oct-2020

  My experience at Ambassador last Saturday was excellent - as it has been on many previous stops there. Dena is wonderful!
From Austin Dickson on 03-Oct-2020

  Always a pleasure doing business with Ambassador Jet. Customer service is friendly and welcoming. Dena always goes above and beyond to make sure every visit is one to remember.
From Keith Pache on 01-Jul-2020

  Deana Ellis was friendly and very helpful. Will be back!!
From Philip Nicholson on 18-Jun-2020

  Excellent service! Over $1.00/gal discount for Angel Flight. Dena, the dispatcher, was very helpful! Will definitely revisit Ambassador.
From Tom Beheler on 21-May-2020

  Awesome FBO and great service. Deana was great and really looked after us. I have been to other airports in the Dallas area and was disappointed, but not here! Great fuel prices also, rental car was there when he arrived. We will be back!
From Duane Barr on 25-Mar-2020

  Here for a quickturn, superb FBO!! Great fuel prices and none of the price gouging you get at other FBO's. Dena is the best! If you're flying into the Dallas area, this is the place to go, hands down!!
From Travis Sampson on 24-Mar-2020

  We fly our citation into here often and have only received the best of service from the entire crew at Ambassador Jet. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone flying into the Dallas metro. Great service, great FBO.
From Martin Kastenbaum on 21-Jan-2020

  My third time with Ambassador at RBD. Corrine, Dena, and the whole staff are top notch. Super convenient, fuel is cheap, and easy to make arrangements for a rental car. I may be in a small, GA plane, but I get treated no differently than the jet traffic.
From Jim Howard on 17-Dec-2019

  My Cardinal had a collapsed nose gear landing at Dallas Exec. A mechanic got the gear down, but I needed a place to tie down the airplane until I could get it removed. Dena at Ambassador was super helpful. She contacted her management and arranged for me to pay for a months tie down, rather than charging the daily rate. I was able to remove the airplane in two weeks, and was really pleased when Dena called and said that Ambassador would refund half the money I paid, since I didn't need the tie down a whole month. Highly recommended!
From Kevan William Leveille on 06-Dec-2019

  Overall great experience at Ambassador Jet. Although we had a minor fueling mistake, which happens even to the best FBOs, the management, line crew, Dena & Diana were more than helpful/supportive. Will most definitely return!
From Karl P. Young on 11-Nov-2019

  Operating a C560XL, I would like to commend the entire crew at Ambassador Jet Center on doing an outstanding job. The CSR's, Corrine, Dena, and Diana are Top Notch. The GM Bryan is a pleasure to work with. All of the line personnel are right there when you need them. The fuel price is great especially with CAA. Overnight hangar pricing is also good. The airport is much easier to fly into than KDAL and not congested. When we need to go back to Dallas, my pick is Ambassador @ KRBD!
From Bob Lare on 24-Oct-2019

  I always stop at Ambassador Jet Center when I go to KRBD because of the service I get from Dena!! Keep it up!!
From Chris Morris on 15-Oct-2019

  Dena did an amazing job for us today. Gave us use of the crew car for a Dr visit and took really good care even though I was in a "little" Bonanza. I've been to RBD many times over the years, but never to Ambassador. I will make a point to stop here more often. Thanks Dena!
From Nicolas Bilbao on 09-Oct-2019

  Dena and staff always provide us with excellent customer service. The location, fuel prices (CAA) and maintenance facility (RBR) are second to none.
From Mark Congco on 12-Aug-2019

  Outstanding service by Dena to get us a rental car last second on a Saturday afternoon. Very friendly and attentive service. Just beware, there are no ramp fees, BUT there are OVERNIGHT PARKING fees. I'd definitely call to inquire as some can confuse ramp and parking fees. Poor advertising in my opinion, but still great service nonetheless in my piston single as I have also received here in a jet.

Response from George Moussa, President, Ambassador Jet Center
Mark, Thank you for your comment about our customer service and Dena. It is very much appreciated. Based on your additional comment about 'overnight fees' possibly being confused with 'no ramp fees' we are amending our advertising to reflect more clarity to avoid this issue going forward. Thanks again and fly safe.

From Jesse Tait on 25-Jul-2019

  Advertised as a no fees FBO, I was surprised by a $25 crew car fee when I had to get a friend over to Love. $25 for 1-hour use of a 15-year-old Camry is quite a good deal...For them. We flew my Mogas Cherokee since it was just the two of us, so I couldn't even buy gas if I wanted to. I'm not opposed to fees, but don't say there aren't any when there are. I won't be back out of principle.

Response from George Moussa, President, Ambassador Jet Center
Our advertisements listed are correct. We have no RAMP or LANDING fees contrary to what other airports charge. Our courtesy car is free with a min purchase of fuel or the $25 charge. There are those pilots out there like you that just don't get it and always looking for a 'free lunch'. FBO's have costs and expenses associated with offering services to a wide range of aircraft and pilots and at Ambassador we pride ourselves on our customer service and taking care of all of them. So you expected to use the ramp for free, courtesy car for free, bathroom, lobby, and flight planning room, and then gripe about a $25 charge for the courtesy car? You said you would not be back out of principal. Please donít!

From Lisa Falls on 16-Jun-2019

  Dena & the crew at Ambassador are terrific; they're extremely helpful, efficient and friendly...Wish all FBOs were this good!
From Chuck Investor, N698WA on 25-May-2019

  Top notch FBO. Dena and the line crew really took care of my M600 and me. The Gold star service here is all the more impressive given how inexpensive they are all in compared to the competing airports. My only stop in the Dallas area from now on. Thanks
From Elliot Hamilton on 16-May-2019

  "... No ramp fees, no landing fees, no landing or taxi delays, ..." -- all true, except overnight parking is $20/night. Yes, I know I should have called to learn of the overnight charge but I was sufficiently impressed with "no ramp fees, ..." to skip that step. Two night's accommodation raised the Avgas per gallon cost $5.85.
From Chris Huff on 07-May-2019

  I have nothing but good to say about Ambassador Jet Center in Dallas. We had to make a very spur of the moment trip from Midland to Dallas Executive on a Sunday afternoon to deal with a family medical emergency issue on Monday at Methodist Medical Center. I needed a rent car lined up and a call to Deena at AJC was all that it took even though the rental car places were closed. The car was delivered planeside upon our arrival. Gave them our fuel order and we were on our way. I wish I would receive that kind of service from every FBO. Thanks Ambassador.
From Roger Cao on 23-Apr-2019

  First time to KRBD and definitely not last. Where do I start? - Picked KRBD for prox. To downtown easy 15 min. And $22 by LYFT - Nice, clean, fast, efficient, courteous and friendly FBO even on a Friday evening - FBO is quick and honest to report potential issues - Needed assistance with a rental car return after I had flown home; while anyone could've washed their hands (after all it's not the FBO's problem), the CSR, Dena, was friendly and amazing at helping me Call ahead. Ask for Dena. Don't forget Dena. You're a VIP even if you're a 4-seater!
From Ben Roper on 11-Apr-2019

  Flew into KRBD for brief stay for meetings. Ambassador Jet had rental car waiting and took care of all details for a quick turn around. Will definitely return.
From Kevin Sadler on 25-Mar-2019

  All the staff is professional, courteous and attentive. Great FBO.
From James Knox on 12-Mar-2019

  Good, as always. Stopped in overnight for a business meeting in Dallas. Cold and pouring rain when I left, but they did everything they could to make it as easy as possible. Friendly folks. [Just wish it were easier for the Uber drivers to find.]
From Mike Murdock on 13-Feb-2019

  I flew our CJ1 into KRBD and picked Ambassador as the FBO, due to the great comments it got on AirNav. I was not disappointed. The CSR, Dena, was friendly, skilled, and efficient. She also gave us some good restaurant recommendations. Thanks, Dena! They had hangar space available for our jet, and the price was very reasonable. I'll definitely use Ambassador the next time we fly to the Dallas area.
From Jeff Karst on 03-Feb-2019

  We have friends that live near here and fly in occasionally, service is always great. Nice friendly folks. Also pretty slick IFR arrival and departure to and from the north.
From Tom Olson on 07-Jun-2018

  Visited Dallas for a 10 day stay last week, the staff, facilities, and pricing were all excellent. Thank you!
From Drew Gagliardi on 21-May-2018

  Made my second visit to KRBD and Ambassador this past weekend. I neglected to post a review last time around but the rating is the same regardless. They were busy with lots of incoming visitors for a PGA golf tournament and I was still treated like a king in the C-172. Upon shutting down, I was immediately welcomed warmly by two Brianís in succession - one being a lineman and the other a manager. The lineman was quick to offer help with moving our bags to the lobby and managed to get all of them in one fell swoop. Deana (hope I spelled that right), the CSR was second to none with regard to hospitality and making sure we were squared away with water, transportation or any other needs. Our departure at the end of the weekend was delayed by weather and you'd have thought we were guests of honor while we waited for it to pass in the comfy pilot's lounge. All in all, this place sets the standard for customer service, amenities and fair prices, especially in this busy area.
From Dana R. Thomas on 11-May-2018

  Comfortable facilities, professional services at affordable prices in the big city of Dallas! This is the hospitality that other airports shall be judged! $16 Uber ride to the heart of downtown, and the charm of Texas! Makes the small airplane guys feel just as important as the pros!
From JD Williams, N927MB on 24-Apr-2018

  Go a quick, professional, friendly, turn around from David H. We'll be back!
From Jason Tuggle on 23-Apr-2018

  I flew into RBD and Ambassador Jet in my Seneca to go to a convention downtown. The staff was 1st class all the way, fuel was much cheaper than DAL and it was just as convenient to get to the convention center. This is my new airport and FBO to use for downtown Dallas.
From Godfrey Lam on 16-Apr-2018

  Ambassador FBO got the best staffs working there. Especially the receptionist Dena, she is so friendly and helpful. The nicest person there. The line guys are nice. They get you fueled up quick and clean and get your plane pull up so fast. One of the best FBO I've been to. Worth 5 stars.
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