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Only minutes from Downtown Dallas, Dallas Convention Center, Dallas Market Center, the American Airlines Center, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington & Cowboys Stadium
Large Ramp with NO RAMP FEES
Centrally located on field
No Arrival or Departure Delays
Great transient stop in central US

Neighborhood grocery, dining and retail nearby

Economy fuel pricing - 100LL & JetA
Limo, taxi and rental car services
Catering arrangements
24-hour security
Aircraft sales, consulting & brokerage

T-hangars for lease - 42’ to 60’
a Box hangar/office for lease - 60’ to 150’

Build-to-Suit Executive or Corporate hangars 
Onsite FAR part 135 certified maintenance;
a Airframe & Avionics repair
Firestation #49 onsite ARFFE equipped


New Terminal
FAA Controlled Tower
ATIS: 126.35
RWY 13/31 - 6431'
RWY 17/35 - 3,800'

  100LL - Full-Service: $4.75 AIRBOSS $4.65
  Jet-A - Full-Service: $4.05 AIRBOSS $3.90

(Prices include all taxes.)


FUELING HOURS: Open 7 days; 6am--9pm or as requested after hours. * After-hours Fuel Surcharge Applies. After hours number to call 214-251-6512 or 817-366-5068.
FUEL DISCOUNTS: Call for volume Jet-A purchasing discounts or hangar lease plus fuel packages - ask for Brian Myler - Director of Sales
Prices posted on AirNav guaranteed.



ASRI: 131.90

Dallas Executive Airport
5435 Saturn Drive, LB 12
Dallas, Texas 75237
P: 214-623-8800
F: 214-623-8956

George Moussa

Operations Manager
David Lutrick

After Hours Emergency Numbers
David Lutrick 214-251-6512
George Moussa 214-693-0858
Brian Myler 817-366-5068

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From David Rigsbee on 13-Feb-2018

  Visited Ambassador for the first time yesterday. It was a great experience. I owned and FBO for 8 years and know how a FBO should be run. Ambassador is a model for Service, Safety, Friendliness and Professionalism. I was especially impressed with the care they took when fueling my TBM. Ambassador will be my Dallas connection form now on. Great job guys. LUV the SERVICE!
From F Ricodeau on 07-Feb-2018

  Last minute diversion to RBD due to ADS closure on 02/04/18, stopped at Ambassador. Desk staff was super nice and helpful. Very clean confortable facilities. Were offered to stay as long as needed.
From Bruce Cameron on 13-Jan-2018

  It has been a couple years but it was a pleasure to see David on the ramp & experience Ambassador's great facility and service, I look fed to the next opportunity & highly recommend - Thanks!
From Dr. Vaughn DeCoster on 23-Oct-2017

  Outstanding! Linefolk promptly marshaled us to front, helped cover the plane and with baggage, Uber ride was there in 4-minutes. They put our bird in the hangar when the weather went south and didn't charge us, nothing charged for tie-down either. Had us pulled out and ready for departure. Very impressed!
From Dave Chael on 31-Jul-2017

  First impressions truly do matter. My first trip to Dallas Executive airport was on 19 July 2017 and I was not sure what to expect. We were greeted by an enthusiastic line staff member, who turned out to be the Ambassador Jet Center's general manager - talk about leadership by example! Brian Myler, David Lutrick and the entire staff were simply amazing, and displayed a genuine, radical hospitality during our brief stay catering to our every need. After landing, with the car at plane side, our boss tells me "oh by the way, I forgot to tell you, we don't need the car now, we have a ride..." I was very grateful for the FBO's more-than-fair, very flexible policy on last-minute Enterprise car rental cancellations which helped us a lot. Ambassador Jet Center is a superb facility featuring very easy in and out airport operations, a great airport location, and a phenomenal staff with a contagious desire to serve customers.
From Robert Feldtman on 16-Jul-2017

  Outstanding service. Prompt fueling. I have had a hangar there for 6 years and I am very pleased with the awesome service. David runs a great line crew.
From Sam Daniels on 16-Jul-2017

  I hangar at Ambassador Jet Center managing several aircrafts, the line guys are superior and Diana and Deana are exceptional CSRs! Ambassador Jet Center is a very enjoyable full service FBO! I highly recommend it, even for quick turns and excellent conference meeting room. Catering, crew cars, rental and hotel car bookings, and lower fuel prices, among other services! Located very close to downtown Dallas, and never any runway traffic! Ambassador Jet Center really is the "hidden jewel FBO" of Dallas Ft Worth!
From Rodney Johnson on 16-Jul-2017

  One of, if not the best FBOs I have ever visited. Rodney is the very knowledgeable about how to handle aircraft and I will come back to take advantage of the great fuel prices and excellent service
From Ed Pittman on 25-Jun-2017

  Great experience at Ambassador this weekend. First they got me a better rental car. The line guys were very helpful and courteous. Fuel prices were the best in the Metroplex. Special thanks to D.C., Dena, and Diana. Y'all were great!!!
From Michael Simmons on 05-May-2017

  I could have flown my Cardinal RG into any airport in the Dallas area but I SELECTED Ambassador Jet Center due to a very positive past experience - and this visit did not disappoint either. On arrival (before I even mentioned it), hangar space was suggested due to upcoming storms and I greatly appreciated the option as I had been thinking about securing the aircraft during my weekend visit to the area. Upon departure, the aircraft was fueled and ready PLUS the windows were cleaned. This is a GREAT place to stop and the service is EXCELLENT.
From Bobby Lucroy on 28-Apr-2017

  Just a great FBO if you are going to downtown Dallas. Ease of access in and out is great and the service is top notch. The linesman and front desk go the extra mile to insure your stay there is excellent. Just make sure you leave them access to your tow bar if you have a small plane like mine so they can move it if they want to. Excellent place to go for sure!!!
From Glen Stancil on 27-Apr-2017

  Great facility and great people. Quick and easy access to downtown Dallas - even as rush hour. The Ambassador team even put the plane in a hangar to protect from a 5am hailstorm. Thanks!!
From Austin Stavros on 13-Apr-2017

  We had a great experience at Ambassador Jet Center in our Beech Baron. No landing/facility/tie down fees at all! The staff was very friendly and helpful. Facility was new, convenient and elegant. Over our stay, there was a potential hailstorm and staff graciously found room in their hangar during the storm. We called ahead before our departure and they had her untied, pulled up front, and fueled even with short notice. Airport is very close to downtown Dallas and the tower made IFR in and out seamless. Overall, Ambassador Jet Center offered excellent customer value--high quality service at a very reasonable cost. I would recommend stopping at Ambassador to anyone visiting the Dallas area.
From Matt Tilghman on 13-Feb-2017

  FBO is nice however it is very sad when the FBO manager questions unknowing customers for the purpose of causing other operators on the field trouble. I wasn't caused any trouble personally however I will not be back
From Wesley Watkins on 17-Jan-2017

  Friendly professional service, they take care of all of your needs. I'll definitely return to Ambassador.
From Jeremy Barbee on 30-Dec-2016

  Stopped in today to pick up a friend. Very friendly staff and wonderful service. I'll be back here the next time I come to Dallas.
From Don Ellisor on 06-Oct-2016

  I fly into Ambassador at least a couple of times a month in a bonanza. The staff is always friendly and prompt with fueling/cars. Dallas Executive has suffered due to recent construction projects that are finally done. It's definitely a business/airport that has committed to serving the downtown Dallas area at a very reasonable cost and has invested significantly to do so. It's a great FBO!
From Ryan Short on 03-Oct-2016

  I'm part of an aerial photography company based at Dallas Executive and hangared with Ambassador Jet Center. We are always treated well and have had excellent customer service. My plane is on the ramp when I call ahead and ask for it and the line guys are true professionals.
From Pat Boone on 18-Sep-2016

  Gonzo and the staff were OUTSTANDING!
From Bobby Lucroy on 26-Jun-2016

  Was a great airport to fly into and the tower was very easy to work with. Excellent experience here at Ambassador!!! Very accommodating to my RV and me. Was there for several days and when I came back it was in the hangar, I had originally tied it down, and the lineman, David, said well it looked like there might be a chance of a thunderstorm rolling through and we did not want to take a chance when we had plenty of space for an airplane of that size. This was very much appreciated! Thanks for making my trip to Dallas excellent.
From John O Lytle on 05-Jun-2016

  Visited 6/4-5/2016. Called and Albert had a car waiting on the ramp. Pulled up front and assisted loading. Sunday Albert was working alone, very busy yet still managed to smile and treated me as I was the most important plane on the ramp. Excellent service and no extra fees. Convenient to Dallas and Arlington. I will go back.
From Pat Kornegay on 24-Feb-2016

  I stop here often; great facilities, super service, nice folks! The art and aviation memorabilia are worth the visit.
From Dan Wyson on 28-Dec-2015

  Why would you ever go anywhere else in Dallas? Great rates, free ramp parking, the best people you will ever find to take care of your aircraft. Was in Dallas this week during the Tornadoes. When I called ambassador to check on my plane they had already secured in it their hangar for protection from the high winds. Will always stay here when I come back. Thank you so much. And btw- thanks for letting us share in your company Christmas dinner on landing. Just like family.
From Darren Bond on 22-Sep-2015

  I've been using Ambassador for years and my experience has been outstanding each visit. I usually purchase less than 50 gallons of fuel (Cessna 180) but I'm always treated as if I were their most important customer. The pilot facilities are comprehensive and first class. They are happy to provide a nice clean loaner car. If the car is in use, they have an excellent relationship with local cab drivers. Gabrielle and the staff behind the desk will do whatever it takes to take care of you. The line staff is OUTSTANDING. Albert and Gonzo are very careful and skilled with service. I park the plane and then I don't worry. They treat it as if it were their own. On my last visit I had just ferried a CAF plane to the new headquarters. I walked over to Ambassador and they treated me like a king. I didn't even purchase fuel on that visit. They have my business every time I land at KRBD. They should have yours too. Tell Albert "Darren sent me"
From JD Casteel on 28-Aug-2015

  Flew into Dallas for a meeting on 8/24/2015. We chose Ambassador and had called ahead of time. They had a car ready for us and quickly fueled the plane and aired up a low tire. Line / administrative service was great! I will definitely go back!
From Paul Burger on 19-May-2015

  Flew into Dallas Executive last Saturday for a one night stay in Dallas. The folks at Ambassador Jet Center did a great job! The rental car was brought right to the plane, and everything was in order. They even pushed my plane in the hangar that night when some severe storms blew in! Before I left I asked if I could get some air in my tires, and they were on it right away. Super great service! I give Gabby and the others at Ambassador FIVE STARS!!
From Reuben Smith on 14-May-2015

  IFR arrival went as expected. Landed to a very courteous ground crew, which helped with an O2 service and fuel. Ambassador jet center is my new go to place in KRBD. George the owner came and spoke thanking us for business. It's nice to have a place like this with so many big chain FBOs that hate prop planes
From Patrick Andrews, AFC & AFSC-15yrs on 04-May-2015

  Better than excellent--Outstanding and beyond++++. Ambassador had a full ramp due to Angel Flight--no snags, delays, or needed excuses. They managed it like a well-trained precision team. A tip of the "headset" and abundant accolades to all.
From Sargent Caldwell on 10-Apr-2015

  Picked my son up early Saturday morning. Did not need fuel, just a bit of ramp space. We were treated very well. Great FBO!
From Mark Antoine on 06-Apr-2015

  Outstanding experience here, whether I'm in a jet or in my little Piper. I'm fairly low-maintenance and don't really require much, but the entire crew was very eager to help. Also had a maintenance issue with a jet I fly once and they helped me track down some recommended shops in the area. Will make this my "Dallas-stop" if I can help it! Also, lower rates through Enterprise by booking online through AirNav. Just make sure to call the local Enterprise office to deliver the car.
From Mike Danko on 31-Mar-2015

  Stopped in for an overnight stay, looking for a tiedown and a taxi. The GM was concerned that it might hail that evening but he had no more hangar space available. So he walked over to the FBO next door and arranged for me to be hangared and fueled there. Then after he set me up next door, he walked back and called me that cab. Incredible service, especially since as things turned out, I wasn't even his customer.
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