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Efforts to restore the historic forts and antebellum homes in Savannah have been successful. Featuring broad streets, small parks and gardens and moss-trimmed trees, Savannah is considered one of the top 10 walking cities in the country. Let Signature-Savannah be your guide to this beautiful Southern city.
Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport


ASRI 130.375

1001 Davidson Drive, Suite 150
Garden City, GA 31408
United States of America

Fax 912-964-7321

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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • 100LL Line Service
  • Jet A Line Service
  • Fuel System Icing Inhibitor (Prist)
  • Aircraft Maintenance 3rd Party
  • Aircraft Parking Long Term
  • Signature Status and TailWins
  • Signature QuickTurn
  • International Trash Disposal
  • Overnight Hangar
  • Potable Water
  • Transient Hangar Space
  • 6,400 sq. ft. Hangar
  • 150,000 sq. ft. Ramp
  • Courtesy Cars
  • Long Term Vehicle Parking
Aviation fuel services
Brand: independent
Fueling hours: 0600L - 2200L
Call out available on request
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.99
Jet A Full service    $6.734
Discounts: Weekend TakeOff: 50 cents off per gallon of AvGas.
Ask Base about any other additional discounts.
Prices include all taxes.
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From Buddy Criminale on 12-Nov-2017

  Really nice folks here. The wife and I flew in for a weeklong visit with family and relatives. Even though were only flying a Cessna Cardinal, they treated us as if we were a Gulfstream and rolled out the red carpet. Great staff and the line guys were terrific. We'll be back.
From Thomas Hall on 28-Jun-2017

  Debated which FBO to use based on comments. Based on math alone, Signature was more price efficient, if buying fuel. They do have a $30 handling fee, but this is waived with 10-gallon fuel purchase. There is also a $5 infrastructure fee, which is not waived. Signature has a 50-cent per gallon weekend fuel discount on Friday-Sunday. Their overnight tiedown charge for single engine was $10. My experience with service at Signature was excellent. I was beating it to the field as a line of strong storms was bearing down. Two ramp crew members marshaled me into tiedown spot and had aircraft secured in record time. Inside facilities were nice and we needed use of crew car when we returned and that was provided. Props to the ATC at KSAV for expedited arrival and willingness to make any runway available to avoid weather. They were exceptionally helpful and friendly.
From Fred Perkinson on 26-Feb-2017

  The SAV signature staff is always friendly on the ramp and at the counter. I haven't tried the competition because they have treated us so well every single time.
From Jim Lambert on 25-Aug-2016

  Did an Angel Flight into KSAV and used Signature. Great service from both line and front desk. Very nice facility. Waived all fees for Angel Flight. Thanks Signature Savannah.
From Chad Krastins on 10-Jun-2016

  No assistance. We arrived midday. When we got there and asked about a crew car, we were told they had none left. In a bit of a hurry, we asked how much a rental car was. They said around $50 dollars. We elected to go with it, as it would've been about the same had we taken a taxi. Well, $102 dollars later for a car we had for less than 3 hours, and we were not amused. No discount, not refund back for even a partial rental day. I was sorely disappointed that they elected to charge me so much for such a little time. Had we known that, we would've waited for the crew car. Can't say I can recommend this place or their sky high charges for short periods of time. It was a nice facility, but before agreeing to any charges, hear the whole price first.
From Jay Barr on 19-Feb-2016

  Stopped on our way to RDU, told Carter "line service" personnel we were gonna go to commercial side to catch a hotel shuttle. His reply nonsense!!!!! We will take you to the hotel. I have been to SAV about 34 times now, I don't know if the other FBO is good or not. I guess I'll never find out. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
From Craig Lawler on 20-Oct-2015

  We stopped at Hilton Head on a whim on our way from Pennsylvania to Florida. The staff at Signature was friendly and most helpful, offering to shuttle our bikes and us where ever we needed to go. We are definitely planning another visit to this beautiful island and great FBO.
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