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GlobalSelect, the FBO at the Sugar Land Regional Airport, has been a consistently top ranked FBO in the Americas. With a name that represents the superior service given to every customer, and the ability to handle all business aviation customers it shows in GlobalSelect's rankings in Aviation International News (AIN) FBO Survey: Top 30% in 2015, Top 10% in 2014, #2 in 2013, #4 in 2012 (under the newly branded name "Global Select"), #2 in 2011, #1 in 2010 and 2009, #5 in 2008.

GlobalSelect made its first appearance on the Pro Pilot PRASE Survey in 2012 as "Most Improved FBO," Ranked #4 in the 2013 PRASE Survey, #5 in 2014, #2 FBO in the United States and #1 Best Independent FBO in 2015.

Sugar Land Regional Airport is the destination of choice for the business traveler in the Houston area. It is the fourth largest airport in the greater Houston area, and the foremost general reliever airport in the southwest sector. Sugar Land Regional Airport is only a short distance from the Texas Medical Center, Energy Corridor and downtown Houston, and only a few minutes away from all of the major highways in the city and surrounding area.

The Sugar Land Regional Airport's focus is on corporate aviation, while maintaining a balance for our community's general aviation needs. The airport contributes greatly to the local economy by providing jobs, corporate access to local markets, access to air transportation services, and facilities to house corporate aviation departments. More than 100 Fortune 500 companies utilize the airport annually.
Amenities at the airport include: a 20,000-square-foot corporate aviation terminal with Texas gift shop and Cafe Select proudly serving Starbucks; a state-of-the-art air traffic control tower and radar system; a reinforced, concrete runway measuring 100 feet wide by 8,000 feet in length with 20-foot wide concrete shoulders, accommodating the largest business jets such as the Global Express and Boeing Business Jet; and an instrument landing system and high-intensity lighting.

Taxilane Juliett was completed in 2012, and three sites are currently available to lease for large corporate hangar/office complexes. A 60-acre T-hangar Complex was completed in 2009.

Sugar Land Regional Airport
UNICOM 122.95

Sugar Land Regional Airport
12888B Highway 6, South
Sugar Land, TX 77498
United States of America

toll-free 1-866-435-9747
Fax 281-275-2404

 NATA Safety 1st   U.S. Customs Service   WSI Pilotbrief   Shell AeroClass   Crew cars   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   Hertz   Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)   National Business Aviation Association 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Luxury Terminal with Full Service FBO
  • Shell Branded Fuels: Jet A and 100LL
  • Hangars - call 281-275-2400 for availability
  • NATA Safety 1st Certified Line Crew
  • Quick Turn Service Available
  • No Landing Fees
  • Ramp Fee Waived with Minimum Fuel Purchase (call for more information)
  • Full Time US Customs Service
  • GPU and LAV Service
  • "Cafe Select" proudly serving Starbucks products
  • Texas Gift Shop "Treasure Hunter's Too"
  • WiFi in the terminal and on the ramp
  • Rental Cars on Site
  • Crew Lounge
  • Flight Planning
  • Massage Chairs
  • Business Center
  • Private Office and Conference Rooms
  • Sleeping Rooms
  • Television Room
  • Shower with Shampoo, Soap, and Towels
  • WSI Pilotbrief
  • Kitchen Facilities
  • Reading Area
  • Executive Lounge
  • Conference Rooms
  • Gourmet Catering Available
  • Complimentary Coffee, Tea, Newspapers, and Ice
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: 0500 to 2300 (Local)
To arrange for fuel after hours, please call 281-275-2400 to make advanced after hour arrangments.
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.64
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.08
Jet A Full service    $4.30
Discounts: Annual Jet A Volume Discounts Available
Prices include all taxes.
Accept the following: MultiService, UVair, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and Shell

All Jet Fuel is a premix blend and contains additive.  
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From David Abrams on 05-Jun-2017

  A great FBO. We flew in from Boston and filled up at the self-service pump ($3.89/gal). Taxied over to Global. They had arranged for a rental car for us and it was waiting at the place they parked us. The lineman helped move our stuff into the car. The FBO is clean and modern. When we returned two overnights later, they gave us a ride to the airplane after we dropped off the car. There were no charges because we had purchased fuel. Wonderful service.
From Gus Meza on 17-Jan-2017

  Hey guys - have to write something. Based at SGR for almost 4 years, I have to admit this is one of the best facilities I have been based at or visited. The facility is very, very nice and always clean. The CSR's and Line Crew personnel are incredible and always willing to help. Sometimes they are very busy and you can see by the amount aircraft on the ramp, but they have numerous Line personnel and run to your service.
From Del Clayton on 25-Apr-2016

  Flew in to SGR with family for the day from KBAZ could not get in touch to get Rent Car but receptionist took care of it for me when we arrived car was ready and parked in front. When we returned plane was fueled ready to go very nice people. Have flown in many times and have never had a bad experience.
From Jeff Hankinson on 16-Feb-2016

  Line crew doesn't get any better, just too much to list, they're incredible. The CSRs are friendly and so eager to help, genuinely care about making your experience better every time. Between the people and the facility, it's the best FBO in the country.
From Dan Mercurio on 20-Jan-2016

  I know everyone likes this place because of the city money that gives you a TV and a couple recliners in the pilots lounge, but as a professional who provides professional service to my passengers, the personnel here are horrible. I've never had a good experience here. Today was the icing on the cake. I've been coming in here for 5 years in countless airplanes and have borrowed a crew car. Today, I asked for a crew car so I could run and get lunch for my passengers for the flight home. The lady at the desk said, "sorry, your plane is not registered under a corporation, we have no way to insure the car." Huh?????? Why am I paying a facility fee if I can't use your resources?? Well ok, how about if I give you my own business card. "Sorry, no". Well that's great. I guess I'll just throw some animal crackers at them when they board and tell them to hold on tight. They're the only game in town and they know it. If I could, I'd give zero stars.
From Brad Altman on 19-Jan-2016

  Great experience. Came in Friday evening for sons tennis tourney in our Bonanza. Dusty (lineman) helped get bags in rental car. Upon leaving late Sunday evening, lady at the desk was great, they had plane pulled up (I called 1 hour before we left and let em know we were coming), fueled up, and again Dusty was there to help load the bags. Great service and was treated like I stepped out of the falcon jet I parked next to. Highly recommend.
From Alan Gardiner on 03-Jan-2016

  Great FBO. Very pleasing décor, facilities and appointments. Handled my Bonanza as well as the LearJet just before me. Fuel prices were reasonable. Have two rent-a-car desks inside. Linemen and counter-staff all very courteous, friendly and efficient.
From Jeffrey C. Weiss on 13-Oct-2015

  Had a wonderful experience starting with the line crew and capped off by wonderful service from the CSR, Maria Barroso. Based out of KIWS but stopped here to pick up Young Eagles participants. First class treatment not only of me but the passengers as well. Had a great opportunity to present General Aviation in a positive light. Excellent facility and will be looking forward to my next return.
From Jason Andrews on 06-Sep-2015

  Passed through here several times in the last month or so. Each time was the most efficient quick turns I have ever seen. A phone call and an AIRINC heads up was all that was needed. They quickly emailed the receipt and I never even had to go inside! I wish more FBO's were like Sugarland! You guys ROCK! Many thanks!
From Don Hayes on 02-Jul-2015

  My 182 and I spent several days at KSGR. Overall, it was a good experience with good SS fuel prices. It would have been nice if someone had guided me to parking when I taxied to the ramp. Several linemen were walking around, but they largely ignored me until I taxied over to the far side of the ramp and parked. They did come then and help me carry my luggage to the FBO. Very nice facility with Enterprise onsite. Tiedown fee waived for 5 gallons/night, even SS; great deal. BTW, SS fuel is by the hangars - no where near the FBO. But, they took my word that I would buy enough fuel to cover my nights there (I purchased more). Overall, it was a good experience and I will likely use KSGR again on my next trip to Houston.
From Phil Rosenbaum on 01-May-2015

  I flew my PC12 to KSGR as combined AngelFlight/PnP mission. Landed to offload 2 dogs – and got no help. Told line staff I wanted 50 gals (25/side). They inadvertently fueled 45/side – 90 gals total. They admitted the error, and told the front desk. Front desk apologized, and offered me $0.04 per gallon discount "for the error". So their mistake costs me $160 for fuel I did not ask for, minus their "huge" discount of $1.60!!! I should have made them defuel the overage... But, my time and my commitments are worth more. They will likely never see my plane or me again. BTW, at the next stop Jet-A cost me $2.58/gallon...
From Tom Petillo on 05-Apr-2015

  I'm not sure how "Corporates" are treated but it couldn't be any better than the treatment this Cirrus SR22 owner received. Beautiful facility, friendly employees from the desk to the line, and reasonable fuel prices.
From Tony Hale on 22-Mar-2015

  I went to Global Select today and I cannot recall having seen a nicer FBO facility anywhere. The service was superb, very fast and friendly. Fuel was reasonably priced. The crew lounge is second to none. Well done!
From Casey Dufur on 19-Mar-2015

  One of the best facilities I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Unbelievable pilot's suite complete with massage chairs, theater room, flight planning, and even a kitchenette stocked with drinks and cookies. Hertz and enterprise both have locations in the FBO. There is also a Starbuck's coffee located in the lobby. Will definitely be back in the future!
From Mike Harwood on 12-Feb-2015

  Very nice facilities and service. $50 ramp fee for a Cheyenne would be waived with 40-gallon purchase.
From Terry Hemmen on 31-Oct-2014

  Was here in Nov '12...Had excellent service then and again this October. Even though we fly our single engine Rockwell Commander, they make us feel like we flew a business jet. Women at the counter were super friendly and the Enterprise rental counter was in the terminal. Even though we got there after they closed, the rental agreement and car keys were at Global. Couldn't have been easier! Filled up at the self service pump and were not charged any fees for 3 days. Fuel was $4.98..Will be back!!!
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