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Stein's Aircraft Services

Waukesha County Airport
ASRI 130.55

2651 Aviation Drive
Waukesha, WI 53188
United States of America

Fax 262-544-2068

 CAA Preferred FBO   Everest Fuel   Shell Aviation Contract Fuel   Crew cars   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   Hertz 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Oxygen service
  • Hangar leasing / sales
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Flight training
  • Aircraft rental
  • Aircraft charters
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft sales / leasing / brokerage
  • Aircraft management
  • Catering
  • Courtesy cars (free for pilots to use in the local area)
  • Pilots lounge / snooze room
  • Internet access
  • Restrooms
  • Showers
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Shell
Fueling hours: 7 days a week 0700-2100
Other hours by Appointment
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.74
Jet A Full service    $4.89
Discounts: Overnight Ramp Waived with Top-off for Piston Aircraft. Additional Discounts Available. Call for more information
Prices include all taxes.
Jet-A is Premixed w/Prist  
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From Ken Maples on 25-May-2018

  As of today, Stein's is once again able to fuel your aircraft!
From John Bremner on 11-May-2018

  Really wonderful to finally have another FBO at Waukesha County airport. Flew my Cirrus in yesterday for a few hours on business and thought I would try them out. Very nice, friendly people who were genuinely glad that I was there. They will have fuel later in June but, until then, can still get you fuel if needed. Stein is the big brown hangar with the Shell logo. Will waive tiedown fees for as long as you are there if you buy fuel. No other fees charged and they have crew cars to use in the area. Managed and run by Stein family members. First class service. What a breath of fresh air to be appreciated for your business. Try them out. You'll like the experience.
From Pete White on 19-Apr-2018

  The FBO is open, they just can't pump gas. Got the whole story from the ramp guy. They'll call the fuel truck for you if needed. I parked my 172 there for a few hours and they didn't charge a ramp fee. Very friendly and easy to work with.
From Ken Maples on 06-Apr-2018

  It is true that part of Stein's is closed for a while. But it is only the ability to get fuel from them that is closed. The lobby and parking ramp is open and available. Fuel is available by truck from Atlantic if needed. The fuel is closed because of a dispute with the city over construction of a new hangar. They hope to be able to start fueling again in June.
From Jim Ninomiya on 03-Apr-2018

  The facility and FBO is closed at Waukesha and they hope to reopen in June.
From Rolf Berg on 27-Feb-2018

  Landed at KUES for fuel. As usual STEIN is my only choice. Excellent service, great prices, and no additional fees. Support a Wisconsin Company that has earned it. Go to Stein Aviation.
From Harry Bladow on 12-Oct-2017

  When you land at Waukesha Airport, tell the tower or ground control you wish to taxi to Stein's FBO. 100 LL fuel is 35 cents a gal less, there is NO "security fee", and NO facility fee.
From Ken Maples on 31-Jul-2017

  Nice facility with pleasant helpful staff. I was there for a week and they waived the entire week's worth of tiedown fees because I purchased fuel from them. Their fuel prices are reasonable so why not? Great place.
From Neil Rosoff on 26-Jul-2017

  Started using this FBO a year ago. Good service and fuel prices. Will continue to use them. I was told that the tower has a habit of directing planes to Landmark. Tell them you want to go Stein.
From Kevin Malone on 29-May-2017

  Stopped in for a few hours on 5.27.17: great service, nice facility and competitive fuel prices. Karin at the desk was friendly and made it a point to ensure my needs were met. I have not tried Signature at UES, but can highly rec'd Stein's.
From Ed Whitman on 26-May-2017

  Visited KUES/Stein Aircraft for a three-day visit to the Milwaukee area. Very pleased with the service and attentiveness upon arrival by both line service and customer representative. Had a problem with car rental reservation (Hertz issue), Stein rep was on the phone to Hertz to solve the issue before we got in the building, car was in the parking lot within 15 minutes. Treated this Cherokee driver like I just pulled up in a Gulfstream. Recommend visiting Stein if in the Milwaukee/Waukesha area.
From Tom Davis on 21-Apr-2017

  I've used Stein's in the past, and they're great. But one item to note is that if you need access to your plane after hours (9 pm), there is a $50 call-in fee to get through the gate. I was flying in for an evening Brewers game, and it was a better deal to park at Atlantic, where they waive the $40 ramp fee for a C172 with the purchase of 15 gallons of avgas.
From Dennis L Hopkins on 15-Mar-2017

  Top drawer service! My first time into Waukesha, and I chose Stein's based on customer reviews. Prompt, courteous service, nice 100LL price. Facilities are well maintained and comfortable. Mine was just a quick stop to deliver a rescue dog for Pilots & Paws, but they have much to offer the more demanding customer! I will definitely be back! Thank You, Stein's!!
From Steve Uchman on 02-Mar-2017

  First class service every time! Steins goes above and beyond without hesitation. Highly recommend!
From Brock Ward on 17-Jan-2017

  Great staff! Great service! Great FBO!
From Peter Dornbos on 17-Jan-2017

  Stein's Aviation is the type of FBO that goes up and beyond. When asked if they had a shower, they not only said yes but also cleaned it before I used it! They are very friendly and professional.
From DV Mason on 27-Dec-2016

  Totally awesome! Great FBO! Line and Customer Service (Carol, Dawn, and Alexis) are professional, efficient, and over-the-top excellent! The facility is clean and expanding. New ramp Area opening soon. Prices are very reasonable. They have a nice big hangar to handle all kinds of airplanes. This was my first flight into Waukesha and looking forward to it again.
From Alex Kosch on 20-Dec-2016

  Great Service. We are here often and they take great care of us. Even get us in the hangar for the day during the winter.
From Bryan Currier on 17-Nov-2016

  I'm finally using KUES again because of Stein! Had switched to Timmerman after the other FBO ran me out with excessive pricing. Great service, great pricing on Jet-A, and a wonderful staff! Glad to have you!
From Aaron Zieber on 19-Oct-2016

  Great FBO! Line and Customer Service are professional and efficient. The facility is clean and expanding. Combined with CAA membership, this is a great stop and good alternative to MKE.
From Brandon Murrer on 19-Oct-2016

  Fast and friendly service. Top notch FBO!
From Andrew Swindell on 16-Oct-2016

  Nice to have options in Waukesha! Great FBO! Good fuel prices, and reasonable overnight fees. Had rental car waiting.
From James Nergenah on 04-Oct-2016

  CAA fuel and a nice facility. Ramp improvements to come will make this a great location and option in the Milwaukee area.
From Paul Calderwood on 04-Oct-2016

  As a corporate flight department, we look for service and pricing. Stein's offers both. Customer service is impeccable. Line service is well trained and helpful. Fuel prices are excellent. Thanks, to all of the personnel at Stein's.
From Matt Lussier on 01-Sep-2016

  As a corporate pilot, Stein is a better option than the other FBO on the field. With no facility fee and very reasonable Jet A prices, they save us on operating costs.
From John Jeska on 29-Aug-2016

  We love using Stein's! Brand new facilities, friendly and attentive staff, competitive fuel pricing...What's not to love?
From Brian Varnell on 24-Aug-2016

  Fantastic FBO! Great service!
From Robert McMeekin on 29-Jul-2016

  Ramp was crowded Oshkosh week, but Chris and Ian had everything under control, getting a steady stream of aircraft positioned smoothly. Rental car to the plane and help with luggage. Fueled and up front ready to go for our departure. Efficient Megan in the office has everything under control and did a great job scheduling last minute rental car and recommending restaurants. ATC tower we very helpful, too. We'll be back.
From Ken Maples on 06-Jul-2016

  Spent the week and parked at Stein. Excellent facility. Lineman helped guide me in. Overnight was $15/day however they don't yet have any tie downs so chocks are the only way to secure your plane. When a severe storm threatens they called my cellphone and asked if I wanted it in the hangar for the night at a discount ($50 instead of $75). Good thing they offered because the storm was a doozy. Line service both inside and out was excellent - friendly and knowledgeable. Facility is simple but very nicely kept up. AirNav shows a guaranteed 100LL price of $4.04 but my receipt shows $3.84. Maybe there's a discount for overnight???? Nice place, much better (although simpler) than Atlantic. I'll definitely be back.
From Rolf Berg on 26-Apr-2016

  I stopped in today, after hearing about a new FBO at Waukesha. Great! Megan was super, and they are not officially even open for another week. Atlantic lost my business when they charged me $180 for a ramp Fee to load 2 passengers. Stein has no ramp fee and great fuel prices.
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