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Listing rates   Listings on are not free, but they are the best and most affordable way to reach pilots, dispatchers, aircraft owners and operators, general and corporate aviation businesses and travelers, and anyone involved in general aviation. Listings on the SD74 page starts at $30 per year, an amount that no business serving the Vander Wal Airport can't easily afford.  We have various rates, for different levels of listings and options.  You may want to look at our rate sheet or the statistics of page views of the SD74 page.
By submitting the information below we will evaluate whether your business is eligible to list on, and if it is we will contact you or the business you want listed to inquire about interest in a listing.  If we have any special offer or promotion in place we will offer it also at that time.  Our process of verifying eligibility for a listing usually takes 5 business days.

Name   What is the name of the company, service, or entity for the listing?

Your Affiliation   What is your affiliation with this company, service, or entity?
Choose the best/strongest affiliation from one of the lists below:
We will be reviewing your request and we will contact you with a recommendation for an effective listing package.
Advertising Agent
Marketing Rep
We will be reviewing your request and we will follow up to get this business listed.  
Who should we contact for follow-up on this listing request?
Contact me
Contact the company directly
Prospective customer
Personal acquaintance
No affiliation
Thank you for sending this information. We will be contacting the company, service, or entity you are entering to find out how best to present them. Please provide as much contact info below as possible.
Do you know who we should contact over at the company? (name and/or title)?
May we mention that you suggested we contact them?
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Services   Please check all the services provided by this facility.
NOTE: We do not want you to list here all the services available at this airport. Only list the services provided by this particular business.

Aviation services Other services
Airport management
Fuel (retail sales of aviation fuel)
Aircraft ground handling
Parking (for transient aircraft)
Hangars (for transient aircraft)
Hangar lease/sales (for local based aircraft)
GPU / Power cart
Passenger terminal and lounge
Pilot school (FAR Part 141)
Flight training
Aircraft rentals
Sightseeing tours/rides
Aerial photography
Airline carrier
Aircraft manufacturer
Aircraft maintenance (airframe/powerplant)
Avionics service
Aircraft modifications
Aircraft painting
Aircraft interiors
Aircraft cleaning / washing / detailing
Aircraft parts (new or used)
Aviation accessories (avionics, headsets, etc.)
Aircraft sales/leasing/brokerage
Aircraft management
Pilot supplies
Flying club
Aviation museum
Airshow or aviation event
Non-profit organization
Military unit
Car rentals
Rental cars on site
Rental cars delivered
Rental cars located nearby
Rental car reservations and arrangements
Courtesy transportation
Ground transportation (taxi, limo, shuttle, bus, etc.)
Crew cars
Pilot lounge/snooze room
Public telephone
Computerized weather
Internet access (available to customers)
Other Business

Location   Please tell us as much as you can about how to find or contact the company, service, or person you are telling us about.

Located on the airport? Yes     No, miles away


street (2 lines max)
city state ZIP
Telephone ()
Telephone ()
Fax ()
Web site


Is there anything else you want to tell us about your listing request? Help us understand what this business does or what services it provides so that we can provide the best advice for this listing.

I acknowledge AirNav's policy on comments, and agree that AirNav may verify that my comment adheres to the policy, including but not limited to verifying my identity and my experience with this service. I understand my comment may not be posted unless I collaborate with AirNav and provide supporting additional information if requested.

Please verify the above information.
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