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New Jersey

ID City Name
JY24AllamuchyWeiss Farm Airport
70NJAsburyParker Airport
NJ09BelvidereMatthews Airport
6NJ9BridgeportBridgeport-Cahill Field Airport
34NJBridgetonBlews Airport
JY31BridgetonWide Sky Airpark
NJ84BridgetonHidden Acres Farm Airport
7NJ2CantonStoe Creek Farm Airport
7NJ9CedarvilleDave's Aerodrome
NJ20ChatsworthCoyle Field Airport
NJ25ClarksboroPeaslees Airstrip
04NJElmerEmmanuel Airport
7NJ7ElmerCoombs Airport
NJ46EnglishtownMar Bar L Farms Airport
9NJ6FairtonHalka Nurseries Airport
NJ50FlemingtonThe Landing Airport
NJ59FreeholdEkdahl Airport
NJ60FreeholdCuddihy Landing Strip Airport
NJ63FrenchtownEagles Lair Airport
NJ61FrenchtownMalone Airport
61NJGlassboroThomas Browne Airpark
NJ65Great MeadowsJohn E Rogers Airport
JY04Green CreekParamount Air Airport
67NJHainesburgMount Pleasant Landing Strip Airport
NJ69HammontonIdeal Air Strip
9NJ5HarrisonvilleStallone Airport
NJ72HolmdelHop Brook Farm Airport
9NJ8HopeHigh Meadow Farms Airport
92NJKingwood TownshipFly-N-D Landing Strip Airport
NJ79LambertvilleGoat Hill Airport
0NJ6LinwoodDix Field Airport
89NJMays LandingStrawberry Fields Airport
NJ95MilfordHerr Brothers Airport
2NJ1PattenburgJugtown Mountain Airport
3NJ1PembertonPemberton Airport
2NJ3PenningtonWeidel (Private) Airport
2NJ5PhillipsburgSanduff Farms Landing Field Airport
2NJ6PhillipsburgMarkle Airport
23NJPittsgroveAlliance Airport
3NJ6RancocasInductotherm Airport
4NJ0RosemontWindward Farms Airport
JY39SalemRainbow's End Airport
NJ74SalemSalem Airfield
24NJSalemTaildragger Acres Airport
NJ06ShilohB J Farms Airport
JY17ShilohWoodcrest Farms Airstrip
4NJ8SomervillePeters Airport
5NJ2StantonHerr Mountain Airport
3NJ9VincentownAllen Airstrip
6NJ1WashingtonVliet Airport
JY43West MilfordHill Top Airport
JY08WoodstownVar-Sky Airport

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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