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Jekyll Island Airport

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From Craig Lawler on 18-Mar-2018

  We are frequent visitors to Jekyll Island and always enjoy the friendly atmosphere at the airport and on the island. Our recent visit began with greetings from the two dog welcoming committee. We spent a week on the island and can't wait to return
From Roberto Peon on 28-Nov-2017

  We flew in for the day from Atlanta (RYY) for a 100-dollar hamburger and had a wonderful experience. The friendly Red Bug Motors/airport staff helped us push back the plane. They provided us with a free electric car a local map, told us about must-see places and good food on the island. The island is a paradise for folks that like to bike. So we are planning to go back for 3 or 4 days...
From Juliette Cosh on 27-Oct-2017

  Great stop for a couple of days R&R. Red Bug loaned us a car to make the trip to the campground with our gear.
From Wally Wallace on 12-Jun-2017

  Great place to visit. Sunday brunch at the Grand Dining Room is the best I have experienced. Red Bug motors will provide an electric car at no cost for a few hours if they have one available. Great folks.
From Roy Carpenter on 06-Feb-2017

  Highly recommended. Great scenery, history and food! Very friendly and accommodating folks here. Free use of Red Bug Electric Car. Hard to beat for a day outing or a destination.
From W. Dill, N2134T on 03-Dec-2016

  We arrived from KBOW for a quick bite to eat at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. Upon arrival we were met by "Peaches", the airport dog. We then grabbed a Red Bug Motor and headed over to the Hotel for a great dinner. This is a quiet and beautiful island. We will be back. Great service!
From Christine Lamb on 03-May-2016

  We flew in for the day from EVB for a spring break getaway day with our 3 teenage girls and had a wonderful experience. We were greeted immediately by the friendly Red Bug Motors/airport staff. They provided us with a local map, told us about must see places on the island such as the gorgeous Driftwood Beach and historical sites and even graciously offered to comp our 6 seater electric car for the day. We had lunch at the Red Bug Motors Pizza and it was delicious. This is a beautiful must see island if you haven't visited you need to go. Make sure your fueled up before you headset though as they have no fuel at this strip. Definitely worth the trip. We will be back soon!
From Ross Bennett on 04-Apr-2016

  We flew into Jekyll yesterday and the experience was great, starting with Red Bug motors. This is the only way to get around the island. Great experience
From Stieven Maahs on 01-Mar-2016

  We decided last Sunday Feb28 for a quick day trip from the ATL area to 09J and everything was just perfect, starting with the weather (sunny and almost summer temperatures, at least for us from northern Germany :-) the FBO hospitality, this time even offering the red bug electric golf cart for free (on our first visit in Oct 2014 we paid after some negotiations $53 for a 4 hour rental, they now also have free bicycles for pilots/crew!!!) and of course not to forget about the great flair of this wonderful island, we will be back for sure, there is always something new you can explore...Safe flights to all of you!
From Jim Troy on 21-Dec-2015

  Jekyll Island and Jekyll Island Airport is top of the line, my favorite stop on the east coast. The red bug electric vehicles fit right in with this beautiful island and Rich and John treat people very well.. I stayed and camped a couple of years ago and stayed for a few days this year at the beginning of October and it as still as excellent as it was before. This is a beautiful relaxing island. I recommend it to my pilot and non-pilot friends.
From Randolph B Mahoney on 10-Dec-2015

  What an incredibly friendly place! I have rarely felt as welcomed as I was here. John (and his canine assistants) met us and we're gracious enough to loan us a cart so we could have lunch at the historic Jekyll Island Club. The lunch was great, but the hospitality was amazing. Will definitely be back for a longer visit!
From David Lincoln on 18-Nov-2015

  We arrived on Sunday 11/15/2015 at 3:30pm for a first time trip to Jekyll Island. Richard was a great host at the airport, provided us with a Red Bug to tour the island, gave us maps and what to see in a short period of time. Our first stop was the Georgia Sea Turtle Center right near the airport. I highly recommend this visit! We spent an hour there and listened to an informative presentation on sea turtles where we actually got to see the tanks. Next stop was the historical areas including the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. After that, we drove to the east side of the island for the Grand Opening of the Jekyll Island Beach Village, and brand new Hyatt Hotel, which is beautiful. They had various bands, free drinks, appetizers, and some famous people as well. We missed GA Governor Deal by 1 day. There were plenty of food outlets, and I was very impressed with the airport, island, and staff. Will return soon and spend the night!
From William McCaskill, N1716E on 16-Nov-2015

  Arrived on 11/13/15 for a get away weekend with my wife. We were able to get a Red Bug to assist with getting around the island. The airport was clean and well maintained. The runway is in great shape also. Everything was great, however, I wish they had fuel. I had to jump over to KSSI to top off the beast. Keep up the great work... BTW, the island itself is great also. We can't wait until we can get back for a longer stay.
From Tod Peavy on 19-Oct-2015

  Great service. Flew in 10-15-15 and they had my cart ready to go. They offer a special deal for pilots visiting the island. Friendly service that can not be beat anywhere. I can't wait to go back.
From Jerry Esquenazi on 27-Sep-2015

  My wife and I flew in for the day and had an awesome time. I spoke with Rich and John about renting a Red Bug. They definitely know how to treat you right. It was fantastic! The Red Bug was ready to go and they gave us pointers about the island, the club, and the airport. Jekyll is a beautiful place to visit for the day or the weekend. There is no fuel on the field, but JES nearby has good prices and the there was no tiedown fees.
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