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Professionals Aviation Company Inc.

at Holmes County Airport

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From Greg Koedel on 27-Oct-2020

  My son and I flew 160 miles to 10G Holmes County, for lunch in Berlin. Larry treated us like kings even though I only needed 9 gallons for our Champ. Such nice people, we'll be back. Thanks Larry..
From Jim Porterfield on 22-Sep-2020

  Professional, top notch operation. Marshalled in to parking on arrival, car delivered to plane, at a small county airport. Impressive. Larry knows how to do customer service.
From Barney Kemter on 11-Aug-2020

  I stopped in for a restroom/fuel break on a cross-country. My first visit there. As I rolled out a friendly voice asked if I needed any services.. Great customer service. Will be on my "stop here list". Thanks for the outstanding customer service.
From David Burton on 14-Jun-2020

  My wife and I went in last week to pick up a new puppy. On downwind were asked what services we needed. Had prearranged for a crew car. It was brought out to the plane as soon as we shut down. Had a picnic lunch with our new pup, got fuel and went on our way. The group here is excellent I would have no problem making this a stop in the future and recommend it for your stop.
From Bern Heimos on 09-Sep-2019

  Got a call from the FBO on the Unicom as I was taxiing in asking if I needed fuel. I said yes and I intended to spend the night. There was room in the hangar and the overnight fee was reasonable. Blake also started the crew car and put the air conditioning on so it was cool when I drove it. These are some really nice folks who work hard and appreciate your business. Hats off to Larry Clark and his crew.
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