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We-B Smokin

at Miami County Airport

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From Rick Blumhorst on 11-Apr-2021

  I regret ever posting this restaurant on the 'Fun Places To Fly' website. The food is OK but the owners are absolute jerks, and that's being kind. That's unfortunate; they could have had a lot more business if they hadn't run off so many of us with their abrasive behavior. They could probably keep their help longer too; I can only imagine what it must be like to work there. I hangar my airplane at K81 but I'll fly to Topeka or Hutchinson rather than do business with this couple. If you're looking for a nice, local fly-in restaurant experience for your family, I'd recommend Hutchinson Airport Steakhouse or Topeka Billiard -Tammy's Airport Restaurant. For those driving in, there are several superior dining options in Paola. You'll need to Uber or call Paola Taxi since there's no airport courtesy car. Don't just take my word for it though. Step in there once; you'll see what I mean.
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