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Naples Airport Authority

Naples Municipal Airport (APF) serves as the gateway to "The Paradise Coast" for thousands of passengers each year. The airport is ideally located within minutes of downtown Naples with convenient access to major roads and Interstate 75, and is convenient for visitors, residents and businesses.

Ramp fees waived with minimum fuel purchase.
Customs Facility available. Call for info (239) 430-9321
Naples Municipal Airport
ASRI 128.825

160 Aviation Drive North
Naples, FL 34104
United States of America

Fax 239-643-1791


Customs and Border Protection facility is open from 10:30 until 19:00
Questions and info call (239) 430-9321
After Hours call (800) 973-2867


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Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Remodeled Facility as of Dec 2009
  • State-of-the-Art Flight Planning Room
  • Computerized WSI Weather Briefing
  • Executive Conference Room available with Tele-conferencing
  • Business Center with Computer, Printer, Copier, and Fax
  • Relaxing Pilots Lounge
  • Free WiFi
  • Pilots Snooze Room
  • Workout Room with various exercise equipment
  • Showers and crew lockers available with complimentary toiletries
  • Huge comfortable lobby with a great view
  • Numerous Rental Car Companies on site
  • Customs Facility on field
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: Fuel can be purchased from FBO between 0600-2200
Fuel prices as last reported on 20-Nov-2018
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.14 Reported by the FBO
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.14 Reported by the FBO
Jet A Full service    $4.60 Reported by the FBO
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
Self fueling (100LL) available.  
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From Wolfgang Weimer on 27-Aug-2018

  Another excellent stop at NAA to overnight due to weather. Staff is courteous and going out of their way to help, avgas is cheap, facilities top notch. Best place to clear customs and refuel on way back from Mexico/Central America, nice change from Key West's obnoxious CBP agents and price-gouging FBO.
From Mitch Januszewski on 05-Aug-2018

  Naples is a very busy airport during the winter season it amazes me how well the line and FBO staff are able to orchestrate the multiple arrivals and departures. The desk staff is always friendly and willing to help, despite the volume of traffic. The line staff is true professionals and I always feel that our CJ3 is well taken care of. Keep up the good work! Other FBOs could learn a lesson from you.
From Eric Sanchez on 26-May-2018

  Let me be the first to tell you, that this post is LONG OVERDUE!!! We just wrapped up another winter flying season where our aircraft (a midsize corporate jet), normally based in the Midwest, is largely based in Naples from Jan. Thru May. I can say, without hesitation, that the Naples Airport Authority is one of the most accommodating, professional, and well-managed FBO locations that we use. Airport Ops personnel are EXCELLENT! Line Service personnel are EXCELLENT! And the Front Desk staff is SECOND TO NONE!!! They have made me feel like a part of their family, while continuing to provide 1st Class Service, to not only the flight crew but also the aircraft owner & passengers, on an astoundingly consistent basis. NAA, Have a great summer season, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again next winter!!!

Response from Michael Hushek, FBO Manager, Naples Airport Authority
Mr. Sanchez, Thank you for such a nice comment. We strive to treat everyone as part of our family and are happy to hear that we accomplished that with you, your passengers, and owners. We look forward to seeing you next winter as well.

From Bob & Patti Cheyney N828BP KVNC on 24-May-2018

  What a great experience coming to Naples for a day trip. On arrival we were greeted by Keri who "made our day". Courtesy crew car, water, answers to all of our questions and a "huge smile". That is "customer service". On our return a few hours later, staff gave us a tour of the facility & again exemplified the best in customer relations. What makes the difference above the rest is the professionalism and expertise in Directorship spearheaded by Chris Rozansky. Chris and his staff go above and beyond with excellent service and make the statement: "This is what a Municipal Authority GA FBO is all about"! Kudos Chris. Keep up the great work. We'll be Back!

Response from Michael Hushek, FBO Manager, Naples Airport Authority
Mr. and Mrs. Cheyney, Thank you for taking time out of your day to write such a nice comment and acknowledge our team. We take great pride in our customer service and look forward to your next trip through APF.

From John Skittone on 19-Feb-2018

  Very busy, but extremely well organized. Self-serve gas was just about the cheapest that I have encountered at a busy airport. There are three rental car counters conveniently located in the FBO. I rented from Hertz, but I had inadvertently booked my car through the counter on the other side of the airport. Make sure you are booking at the GA location.
From Elliot Zeltzer on 12-Oct-2017

  Wow what can I say this facility run buy a local government is fantastic. Busy but handles all sizes with care, respect and great service. Besides 100LL SS at $3.70 is one of the lowest prices around. Go to this place and enjoy a great stop!!!!
From Joe Greenlee on 27-Jun-2017

  June 2 2017: Very helpful line service and desk staff. Great fuel prices.
From Michael Mcgrath on 11-Oct-2016

  Very business-like given the iron that comes in/out of KAPF, but great and friendly service by all staff for our Saratoga and us. Beautiful facilities and the most inexpensive fuel in the country. Rental car was waiting to take us to our home upon arrival.
From A Fraser on 22-Aug-2016

  Didn't need fuel so paid the $21 fee. They gave me a brand new crew car for a quick trip to Michelbob's. They couldn't have done anything better. This is exactly how it should be. They were very nice, the building and car were spotless. 100% from me.
From Darren Caffrey on 09-Aug-2016

  Absolutely wonderful experience here. I came from Ireland to hour build and only flew in here once but it was the best FBO. Services at the ready, crew car there and everything went smoothly. Keep up the good work guys and hopefully I'll be back soon.
From Michael Mcgrath on 26-Jun-2016

  We fly into KAPF several times a year in our Saratoga and always get the same level of service that all the big iron gets. Great service all the way around and great fuel prices to boot! Used customs for the first time this past trip coming back from Bahamas and it was a great experience.
From William Ibarra on 10-Jun-2016

  Very nice facility with great fuel prices for full service Avgas. I fly in here often on charter flights and the ramp is always busy with jet traffic. I can see why they say Naples has the largest number of retired CEO's in the country.
From West Jones on 25-Feb-2016

  Asked for coffee, ice and papers, after waiting for 45 mins I dropped off coffee pots and ice tray at front counter, 30 mins later I walk into the line office and count 10 employees standing around talking. I see our pots and tray sitting on the counter and I’m asked “whatcha need?” and when I point to our stuff and say “coffee, ice and papers”, I’m told “we’ll bring it out to you”.
From Gerald Blank on 03-Nov-2015

  I stopped at Naples for cheap fuel on 10/8/15 in my Piper Mirage and wow, all was well, and the fuel as cheap as advertised. All very nice, including the pilot lounge facility, bathrooms, etc.
From Steve Kingston on 04-Oct-2015

  Excellent service and value is incredible. Very excited that Go rentals will be offering some really fun cars for rent at the GA terminal.
From Don Ferrario on 29-Sep-2015

  Always great service. Hard to believe this is a government operation. Most of them are terrible. This one is great. Everyone smiles and is helpful.
From Karl P. Young on 10-Aug-2015

  Citation 560, we spent a 3 nights @ APF. Customer Service as well as Line personnel were top notch. They even had a pump up sprayer with warm water to take the dew of your windshield! When we left on the third day, we had a planned return to pick up additional passengers. Quick turn was Quick! I had given the CSR my cc earlier in the day in anticipation for the quick turn, CSR had my invoice printed pronto and even brought it to me outside, I think it was Kerri, THANK YOU! Excellent service, you would not have known this FBO was operated by city! Kudos to all the personnel there that make their city shine!
From Maurizio M. on 30-May-2015

  A great FBO location, modern, stylish and with great people! Highly recommended!
From RJ Williams N711P (KSUS) on 19-Apr-2015

  Going into Naples on a regular basis it's always a pleasure to deal with the customer service at the Airport Authority. Heidi and all the CS reps there do a great job to take care of us and our pax on a regular basis. Thanks also to the line guys for all of there hard work. I know it's a thankless job at times. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks!!
From Drew Gillett on 23-Mar-2015

  Wow two self-serve pumps with the cheapest fuel in FL. Lots of jets but they give everyone the same excellent service. Local EAA chapter hosts made to order pancake breakfasts on second Sunday.
From Jim Horan on 20-Mar-2015

  First class facility, with very pleasant receptionist (Kerri) office staff (Kathy) and linemen going above and beyond to be helpful to one of us lowly GA pilots! Especially surprising with all the private jets around. Pretty good gas prices as well, a favorite place to stop.
From Deepak Bansal on 23-Feb-2015

  Beautiful FBO, they will let you use crew car for 1.5 hours. Several cars available, and the vehicles are late model and well maintained. 10-gallon minimum purchase for single engine to waive landing fee. Very reasonable fuel prices, full serve is less than self-serve at most airports.
From Jim Harley on 11-Feb-2015

  The NAA staff at KAPF is top notch and goes out of their way to accommodate and promote our operations with the B-17, B-24, and P-51. We always know that we will get great service with them and that's why we come back each year!
From Bill Gardner on 10-Jan-2015

  Third trip in from Las Vegas. Terrific and quick line guys, and friendly capable folks inside that beautiful terminal. Self serve fuel easy and economical nearby. Still the only "weirdism" is that $21 night parking for a Bonanza, with not even a single night free with my fuel purchase from Las Vegas. Still the highest I pay anywhere. Pretty busy ATC. On landing, I was number six for the field, and vectored out over the water pretty far to accommodate the Cherokee ahead of me.
From Nick DeMarco on 27-Jul-2014

  This airport and its staff are A1. Fuel prices are incredible, especially when you consider this is Naples, FL! The staff is incredibly courteous. Note to Elizabeth: If you want to tip, be very discreet and offer a 2nd time. Naples Airport Authority supposedly has a "policy" against line staff accepting tips.
From Elisabeth Wuethrich on 22-Jun-2014

  We got gas at the SS pump and then taxied over to the FBO. The follow me car was ready for us and parked our Piper Archer conveniently a few steps from the FBO. We asked for a close by restaurant and were offered a courtesy car, which allowed us to go Downtown for a nice lunch. Back at the FBO we were not charged any ramp fee or fee for the car. The extremely friendly staff didn't even accept a tip. As a side note: the FBO is very nice, too. Great experience couldn't be any better. Highly recommended!
From Don Shade on 06-Jun-2014

  Nothing but first-class service. Didn't know about the 10 cent discount for buying more than 25 gallons. Happy surprise. No ramp fee. Crew car. Snacks. Beautiful facilities. Bathrooms as found in a five-star hotel/restaurant.
From David Marsh on 22-Apr-2014

  Clean, and decent. Everyone was great. $5.15 for full service wasn't too bad either! $20 overnight fee - but honestly, I've had way worse than that... Will come back!
From Troy Morgan on 14-Apr-2014

  Good stop. Self-service fuel (100LL) was easy to access & operate. Airport was very busy and lots of aircraft were on the ramp. However, we were immediately marshaled in and parked in a very convenient spot to access the FBO. Inside facilities are some of the nicest that I have been too in Florida. Will stop again!
From Brandon Herzog on 18-Mar-2014

  The other pilot and I had a terrible airline experience the night before our departure and wound up spending the night in Newark terminal. When we got to the FBO, they allowed us to use their crew shower facilities to clean up before our departure that morning. Great service! Thanks guys!
From Jimmy Farris on 04-Feb-2014

  I've been flying corporate aircraft for 41 years (this year). We arrived at KAPF last Friday evening with a Hawker 850XP, and departed yesterday. For a "Government Operated" FBO, they do an amazing job. Much more organized and efficient than some civilian FBO's throughout the country. Thanks Y'all
From Bill Gardner on 01-Feb-2014

  Still an interesting airport...Some very good, some not so good. Facility, people, and fuel prices are amazingly nice. But that nightly parking fee of $21, still the highest that I pay anywhere, and not even one free night for buying fuel. I used one of two self serve fuelers, which worked well. They've just converted to AvFuel, but not awarding points as of today.
From Tom Stocker on 23-Jan-2014

  Great service. Helpful staff. Quick turnaround. We appreciated the very professional service and very reasonable fuel price ($4.96 on 1/17/2014). Ramp fee was waived with fuel purchase; $35 overnight fee for a Piper Aztec; crew rental car rate $44/day. Very refreshing to find a top-notch FBO in South Florida who appreciates piston business instead of rejecting it by charging $9 a gallon (as seen many times in Miami and West Palm).
From Clemente Salcedo on 16-Dec-2013

  I just visited 2 time a month, great people and experience shipper fuel
From Paul McGhee on 24-Nov-2013

  Everyone carps about the $21 fee (as of 11/23) but this airport has the lowest 100LL price of any airport we visit in FL. Don't know why people are happy to buy $6-$7 gas with the fees waived but hate this system. Do the math. If I need a lot of fuel, I'd lots rather pay the fee. Not to mention the fastest marshaling anywhere, really helpful line guys and now multiple car rental agencies right in the FBO.
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