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DC Metro Aviation Services

at Montgomery County Airpark

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft ground handling
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • Hangar leasing / sales
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Catering
  • Rental cars
  • Courtesy transportation
  • Pilots lounge / snooze room
  • Public telephone
  • Computerized weather
  • Internet access
  • Restrooms
  • Restaurant
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: Full Service Fuel available 7am - 7pm Sun - Sat
Office open 8am - 7pm
Fuel prices as last reported on 17-Oct-2018
100LL Avgas Full service    $6.45 Reported by the FBO
100LL Avgas Self service    $5.90 Reported by the FBO
Jet A Full service    $6.30 Reported by the FBO
Discounts: 100LL self and full service with a Phillips credit card: .10 off retail price
We now offer CAA Fuel Discount for Jet A
**Jet A Price with additive available
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
Update Prices Now
Contact information
Address:7940 Airpark Road
Suite 200
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
United States of America
Telephone: 301-963-8043
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From Philip Greenspun on 04-Oct-2018

  Returned in a PC-12. Rented a car and forgot to return the keys. The DC Metro folks remembered "Hey, didn't that guy have a car" and called my cell phone as I was going through the preflight checklist.
From John Sciera on 22-Apr-2018

  Great service from FBO and entire staff! Very customer oriented and we appreciate all.
From Philip Greenspun on 28-Mar-2018

  Arrived as a transient SR20. They plugged in the Tanis heater as promised and then spun the plane around the next morning so that the sun could melt the frost off all surfaces.
From Adam Broun on 22-Feb-2018

  Great experience this weekend. I had tried to call Enterprise to leave a car there on Sunday - they were clueless. I gave up and called DC Metro; they called for me, and within 10 minutes called back having made the reservation for me. On landing, line guys were right there, helped me push into a tie down, and the car was right there waiting. Easy departure using the Potomac RCO.
From Jeff Hankinson on 29-Sep-2017

  While this airport FBO seems to try, it falls well short of a proper corporate facility and airport. Aircraft parking is limited, terminal building is old and smells and there is no way down to the bottom floor other than to carry pax bags down steps by hand. Line service was just okay and the GPU couldn't handle our Citation's ac much less a start. Finally, their AWOS says to use rwy 14 as the "calm wind" runway but the flight school ignores this and as a result on a two mile final for 14 to land, a 172 was taking off 32 opposite direction of their "calm runway" via AWOS. We will not return and we do not recommend this airport for professional flight crews.
From Steve Mustaikis on 30-Jul-2017

  Great service all around, called about a rental car and they scheduled it through Enterprise for me. Line guy met us and directed us to a parking spot for the week, and helped us with the luggage. The airport restaurant was good too.
From Justin Schultz on 02-Mar-2017

  The pros: The airport is convenient to the DC area and is easy to get in and out of IFR with the RCO for Potomac. The Cons: The customer service is terrible. I flew in a few days ago and contacted the FBO on the radio after landing to figure out where to park. There was no line guy to marshal me in or chock the airplane, which is a very basic service that any FBO should be providing. On top of the lack of customer service the fees are on the steep side. Also as another comment mentions the building is kind of strange as well, definitely not what you would expect of an FBO at an airport this size and busy.

Response from Sandy Poe, General Manager, DC Metro Aviation Services
Mr Schultz, I wanted to say I am sorry that you did not have a good experience when you flew into GAI. I can assure you my staff has been trained in how to handle incoming/outgoing traffic and certainly the line staff is always ready to assist with parking. I will however, talk to my staff about this incident to make sure this does not happen again. Again I apologize and hope that if you are to return, you will have a better experience.

From Geoff Geise on 28-Sep-2016

  Flew in around 7:30pm with an expected departure the next afternoon. I was glad I had called earlier in the day as the FBO gave me an assigned space to park in. I arrived essentially at dusk, and it was difficult to find the assigned spot from the cockpit due to the very small and faded painted numbers in front of each spot (had I arrived 30 minutes later, it would have been essentially impossible in the dark). A numbered 'space map' (on the website) would be helpful. The ground is a bit uneven, so I was fortunate that another pilot/instructor duo came in after me because I was having an incredibly difficult time pushing (and simultaneously steering) my Mooney uphill and back into the tie down spot (no pull-through option). The $15 overnight parking fee seems a little steep (relative to other places I have flown into) given the challenges associated with actually parking, but it is a small expense overall. The on-field clearance delivery frequency made IFR departure easy.

Response from Sandy Richardson Poe, General Manager/Owner, DC Metro Aviation Services
Mr Geise Thank you for visiting GAI. I wanted to let you know that if you go to our website under FBO Services and click on Hangars and Tiedowns, there are diagrams that show the space numbers to make it easier to locate if you were to fly in again at night. You can hold your cursor over the image and enlarge if need be. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you again!

From Scott Dyer on 12-Jun-2016

  Prompt help with parking (T210) on arrival, and friendly fueling and payment on departure. Really nice folks and fair prices, it made it a joy to do business with them.
From Walt De Vasier on 02-Nov-2015

  We use this airport every 2 to 3 months it's very easy to get in and out and if you by Fuel it's almost free
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