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Grand Canyon Airlines

at Grand Canyon National Park Airport

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From Mark Sorensen on 20-Jan-2022

  We arrived at GCN and one of my idiot passengers didn't bring a jacket to the Grand Canyon in January. Howard at GCA saved the day by hooking us up with a jacket and arranged a taxi to pick us up. Thank you so much for your help and making a great day possible!
From David Carr on 05-Sep-2021

  Prompt fueling and easy in and out. Good fuel stop on any trip.
From Bob Jandro on 03-Jan-2021

  Flew in to GCN for son-in-law to run the Grand Canyon. Great experience. There is low traffic now due to winter and COVID, and lack of tourist plane ops. Monte went out of the way to park us in front of the building and made it very easy to transient the airport. Very helpful in general information about the area. He and Howard run a very good operation.
From Karl Kulling on 24-Dec-2020

  FBO parking is at the far far north end of the ramp. Look for the white hangar with a blue awning and a sign that says FBO. If you arrive at night, it's not obvious where the best parking is. Monte and Howard were friendly and helpful. Traffic is low now and they were happy to have someone come in. I recommend calling ahead. Getting your aircraft in the hangar requires you to be there, so plan accordingly for that. Airport is a short walk to the town of Tusayan, less than a mile to the closest hotel.
From Jeremy Hitchcock on 15-Dec-2020

  Now is the time to come visit! A typically busy airport serving the Grand Canyon is quiet meaning you have the whole airport and park to yourself. Super friendly team on the ground and helpful.
From Courtney Schlosser on 25-Oct-2019

  First things first, CALL AHEAD IF YOU PLAN ON STOPPING/STAYING HERE FOR A FEW DAYS. There are no rental cars on the airport. This is not your average FBO as they are an aerial tour company. Most of their services are for their tour airplanes as that is their moneymaking business. Our company was based there about a week for some aerial survey work. I called ahead and they were able to give us a parking spot close to the FBO! They were even nice enough to bring in some oxygen so we could service our bottles while we were there! Everyone was super friendly and shout out to the FBO manager Chas for helping us be able to base there!! Side note if you have time, see if the tower has time to give a tour. It is really cool to be able to see the airport from their perspective!
From Juliette Cosh on 19-Oct-2019

  I was there on a super busy weekend but the folks at the FBO still worked quickly to get us back in the air fast.
From Mark Rubin on 10-Oct-2019

  Very friendly and helpful staff and overall excellent experience. I called in advance of my arrival to tell them I would be stopping in for lunch and they told me to just pull up to the FBO and I could park right there. Lineman was outside on my arrival to park me right near the FBO. Inside the FBO they had a small area to sit and relax and nice restrooms. We needed lunch and one of the workers happily drove us into the town and recommended a nice restaurant. Lunch was great and when we were done, a call to the FBO quickly brought the driver back to us for the return ride. Plane was ready and waiting with a full topoff of fuel when we got back. They could not have tried harder to make us happy and get us everything we needed. Would go back there any time I am in the area.
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