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City of Evergreen (FBO)

at Evergreen Regional Airport/Middleton Field

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From Dana R. Thomas on 23-Feb-2021

  I've visited the area a few times over the past couple of months to work on a friend's airplane. Although taxiing to the ramp is a bit of a challenge due to ongoing work on the taxiways, the fuel price is excellent! The locals are friendly, and some decent food is fairly close down the road. We'll be back!
From Ryan Plate on 22-Jan-2020

  Terri and George helped us fuel our CJ3 from the in-ground pump with the cheapest Jet A I've ever seen! (They will be getting a fuel truck soon so prices will, rightly, increase) Our passengers took the crew car and we hadn't eaten so Terri let us borrow hers to run into town quick (we filled her tank in exchange). Thanks again, and hope to be back to watch the Navy students buzz the temporary tower :-)
From Don Anthony on 20-Dec-2018

  Very friendly and helpful people operate the FBO. Fuel prices were as advertised $2.99 out the door on jet fuel. Use of the airport car was very helpful and there was a continuous airshow with Navy pilots from Pensacola doing circuits all day. Navy temporary tower increased safety. Thank Terri.
From Josh Meadows on 24-Jul-2018

  Terri was amazing!!! She made our visit absolutely wonderful!!! Will definitely be back!!!
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