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Million Air White Plains

at Westchester County Airport

  • Aviation fuel
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Aircraft interiors
  • Aviation accessories
  • Aircraft sales / leasing / brokerage
  • Catering
  • Pilot supplies
  • ...
Aviation fuel services
Brand: World Fuel Services
Fueling hours: during regular FBO business hours; call FBO for hours of operation
Fuel prices as last reported on 15-Jun-2021
100LL Avgas Full service    $7.64 Reported by the FBO
Jet A Full service    $7.21 Reported by the FBO
Prices include all taxes. Prices not guaranteed.
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Contact information
Address:136 Tower Road
Hangar M
West Harrison, NY 10604
United States of America
Telephone: 914-946-0100
Fax:toll-free 866-741-0199
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From Vinnie Pugliese on 07-Apr-2021

  One word.... Wow! Great facility and easy parking with Million. Kelly (CSR) extremely helpful securing a Hertz rental car for us to attend a funeral nearby. NY Approach and HPN ATCT really helped with flow into an already congested airspace amid Covid. Kudos to Team Million.
From Paul Vasilescu on 04-Oct-2020

  I love Million Air HPN. This is my favorite FBO. I fly in often and am always treated like royalty. The facilities are by far the nicest out of all of the FBOs I've been to. The entire team is very professional and consistently gives A+ service.
From Frank D Watson on 07-Nov-2019

  Never look forward to NYC trips - This was my second Million Air experience in one week (other KSYR) in an Aerostar -Good people / expected level of service amazing facility (located on the west side of airport cuts off the distance to the train station - Free ride to station - You just have to keep in mind you are in New York and not Kansas! Expensive but they make it worth it ... Side note great controllers @ KHPN
From Rick Armellino on 25-Jul-2019

  After 43 years and dealings with hundreds of FBOs throughout the US, finally found the best. My experience at Million Air was absolutely, without a doubt, the best all around experience a little airplane (Mooney) pilot could have with an FBO, especially commendable considering the close proximity to a big city: Upon entering their ramp, was immediately flagged to parking by 2 very competent linemen, then driven to the office in a golf cart. Beautiful new building with plush amenities, including free coffee at their Starbucks kiosk. Upon asking the best method of being transported to the nearby (10 minute ride) train station, was informed their free limo would take me, both going and returning - worked flawlessly. Upon return, paid for the fuel and was charged only a $10 facility / landing fee. Found the fuel in the tanks as ordered, with the plane securely tied down right where I left it. Bring cash for tips, these pleasant employees really do earn them. Best way into Manhattan ever
From Nick Kline on 21-Aug-2018

  Absolutely clueless counter girls and shuttle drivers. Have ZERO training on GA operations. 172 is not my tail number. No, it doesn't take Jet-A. Yes, tiedowns are indeed the ropes you use to tie down your plane. The good was that the shuttle will meet you at the plane (he won't know how to read English-written tail numbers but I digress) and whisk you to the train station. And he'll be there three days later when you come back. I'm pretty sure I was charged only for fuel, mainly because the counter girl was so overworked. I don't know what I really paid for, however, because I received no invoice and couldn't ask for one before she scurried away onto the next ordeal.
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