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Mesquite Aircraft Sales And Service

at Mesquite Metro Airport

  • Aircraft ground handling
  • Oxygen service
  • Aircraft parking (ramp or tiedown)
  • Hangars
  • Hangar leasing / sales
  • GPU / Power cart
  • Passenger terminal and lounge
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Avionics sales and service
  • Aircraft modifications
  • ...
Contact information
Address:1350 Airport Rd
Mesquite, TX 75181
United States of America
Telephone: 972-216-3597
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From Lansford Ireson on 02-Aug-2019

  After dropping off a passenger, I then discovered a problem during run-up. It was 4:30pm on a Friday. Marty directed me to rental car and said they would get me in early the next week. Early the next week they had the problem identified and repaired. However, they discovered a few other issues that, although did not effect the airworthiness, I decided to have addressed. Pricing and timing of repairs were very reasonable. In fact, I plan to return there for my annual.
From Bradley Grimsley on 09-Jul-2019

  Marty and the team are always responsive and do good work in a timely manner. Glad to have them on the field at KHQZ
From Bruce Hanson II on 05-Jun-2019

  I recently stopped in for fuel at mesquite in our A36. After fueling, I moved out to the taxiway, and began to have serious steering issues: sure enough, nose wheel flat. And it is about 9 o'clock at night. So I got it tied down, called Marty at Mesquite aircraft sales and service the next day. He got the job done quickly (needed a new tire and tube) and efficiently, and quite reasonably too. I'm pleased with the results and very glad they were there to help.
From Gary Dobbins on 22-Mar-2019

  I highly recommend Mesquite Aircraft Sales and Service. Marty Sisk manages a professional maintenance facility with the ability to handle any maintenance need. He manages all the maintenance requirements for my 1978 Piper Aztec from annual inspections, AD requirements, and the tracking of recurring tasks. I have been with them since they opened in 2013 during which time they did a fantastic job refurbishing my Aztec. As an airline pilot and retired Air Force pilot I appreciate knowing that one phone call will get any maintenance issue taken care of quickly and professionally.
From Dennis Tanker on 15-Mar-2019

  Marty and the team at Mesquite Aircraft have always gone above and beyond to get us going any time we were AOG with our King Airs. They are especially knowledgeable on the King Air and PT6.
From Kevin Highsmith on 02-Mar-2019

  After stopping in one day due to wx, we had a MX issue that had prevented us from departing. Not being familiar with any facilities, we decide to stop in and visit Mesquite Aircraft Services. The individual who we spoke with was Marty Sisk. After his repair work, we were on our way. We have since relocated and made MAS our base MX shop that provides nothing but great maintenance, personality, character & professionalism. If you’re looking for quality, stop in for your own experience.. You won't be disappointed!!
From Martin Perry on 26-Feb-2019

  Marty and the crew at Mesquite Aircraft Sales and Service have taken excellent care of me and my 182Q over the past couple of years. They are always helpful, reliable, and professional, and are exceptional communicators.
From Frank Cinatl on 24-Feb-2019

  Marty has been performing the maintenance on my Mooney since 2003 so I was excited when he came to KHQZ. His team provides first class service. They are responsive to issues that arise and are great at communicating.
From Paul Tremback on 20-Feb-2019

  Mesquite Aircraft Sale and Service professional and dedicated team directed by Marty Sisk has provided outstanding service to our fleet of King Airs since 2013. I can attest to their SAFE level of high quality assurance. Bring your piston, turbine or jet over for service, storage etc. A new next level of service second to none!
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