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City of Hereford (FBO)

at Hereford Municipal Airport

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From Robert Ohrenberg on 24-Nov-2020

  Interesting to see all the cattle as you fly the pattern, and yes you can smell them on the ground. The Lineman came out and fueled the plane for us while we had a nice chat. Very friendly, and let us know about the courtesy car, places to eat, and hotels if we wanted to stay the night. Terminal building is clean and quaint. Very nice GA stop.
From Sanford Meyerson on 19-Aug-2019

  Nice little terminal, clean and COOL. The young man (manager) was very friendly and fueled us quickly.
From Gary Risley on 02-Jun-2019

  This has long been a favored stop, but it now appears to be suffering a lack of maintenance. The grounding wire reel at the self-fuel was a tangled mess and seemed to have been that way for quite a while. The electric hose reel did not work for the fuel line and there was no hand crank. I managed to get it reeled in but it was a bit of work. The terminal is neglected. No towels in the men's restroom, and the women's restroom was really dirty. I cannot tell if the vending machine has been fixed from its disrepair of two years ago. I have knocked this down to "average" because the fuel ramp is excellent and courtesy cars are available, but it is a shame to see this nice location go downhill like this.
From Tim Smolen on 22-Mar-2019

  Got a car no problem, cheap fuel. It does smell like cattle, you can't escape it. On Sundays the family owned restaurants close early so be warned. The mechanics on the field are excellent! Primer line broke and they went way beyond what I'd expect to help me get back in the air.
From Kerry Johnson on 21-Jan-2019

  Stopped to fuel my Aerostar Jan 20, no one there. Nice little FOB with restrooms. After using the restroom someone showed up to sit behind the desk. I needed two quarts of Phillips 15-50, all they had was Aeroshell @ $11.50 per quart. Fueling was easy, FBO facilities nice, no problem, but the oil situation not so good.
From Tom Gray on 24-Sep-2018

  Great little airport. A comfortable FBO, with access to an airport car for the short trip to town. A number of restaurants and hotels. This is one of the airports you can plan to RON at. Friendly staff.
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