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Windham Air Services, LLC

at Windham Airport

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From Ed Fischer on 30-Aug-2018

  The part-time FBO is run remotely by Hartford Jet Center at Brainard Airport (KHFD). At Windham, they charge $30/night for parking a light single (must bring your own ropes), which seems kind of steep considering nearby Meriden (KMMK) charges $10. Also, the ramp fee at Windham (waived with fuel) is $40. We'll fly into Meriden next time.
From Robert Meyer on 27-Aug-2018

  Got there at 1000 on a Monday and FBO was closed. Self-serve pump worked (thankfully) but was out of paper so no receipt. With FBO only part-time, no vending machines were available and had to use the porta-potty. The "on-field" restaurant is actually a half-mile up the road. Don't waste your time here.
From John Sannizzaro on 18-Jan-2018

  I used to land here often to visit the airport diner just up the road. Upon my last visit my two other fellow pilots and I were approached by a man who identified himself as airport personnel, (but I/we wondered if he truly was) demanded $10 landing fee from each of us. That would have rivaled the cost for our breakfast and effectively doubled our experience. We elected to vote with our wings and go someplace else more friendly for breakfast. If this man was genuinely staff and the fee was legit, then a policy should be made to waive the fee for aircraft arriving to patronize local establishments. It only hurts the local businesses when policies like this are in place. I look forward to reading future comments from other people about this fee. I would like to go back to the airport grille again, but won't if this fee would make a $10 meal a $20 experience when I could simply go somewhere else that is reasonable.
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