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Adirondack Flying Service

at Lake Placid Airport

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From Randy Sachs on 03-Oct-2022

  Flew my Cherokee N9083D into Lake Placid recently, Manager Chris was really helpful, even offered ride into town but its walkable if you like longer hikes, also bus service. Plenty of shopping and eateries in this Ski Mountain Town
From Mark Occhialini on 21-May-2022

  We flew into KLKP and Phil B. could not have been nicer. Not only did he give us a ride to our hotel but also he spent at least an hour with us. We learned all about the area, local places to visit, where to stay and where to eat. All this and it was his day off from work. He was full of great information and I will look him up on our next visit. He deserves 6 stars out of 5. He went over and above. Thanks Phil.
From Mitch VanDuyn on 19-May-2021

  A great airport. Very friendly, great facilities. Call ahead if you will be early or late, and they will give you the code to get in. On the end of runway 14 is a great secret: A fully stocked Adirondack lean-to. To top it off Lake Placid runs a regular bus that will take you the 2 miles into town.
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