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Oracle Aviation

at Millard Airport

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From Andrew Probert on 31-Jul-2019

  I have been visiting here for years to visit family. It is a great airport, with friendly folks. Bring your own chocks/tie-down ropes though if you are not having them put it in the hangar. Also, the line service folks could be a bit more attentive. You may or may not be greeted on arrival. Recently, I arrived with my wife and a load of luggage, in the rain. It was a challenge raising someone on Unicom to request that they bring the rental car out to the plane.
From Larry Geiger on 24-Mar-2019

  Thank you Oracle for being the focal point for flood Fremont Airlift flood relief. Your facility became the focal point for registering, loading, and unloading passengers during the worst flooding Nebraska has ever seen. Your staff "kept it's cool" and should just how professionals handle emergencies. Thank you!
From Randy Neuharth on 25-May-2018

  Went to Millard for the first time in a long time. Their service was good and the folks were very friendly. The reason I did not rate them higher was because of the $25 landing fee or 15 gallon purchase requirement that I could not find published anywhere. Just wanted people to know.
From Brian Rogers on 21-May-2018

  Flew in April 27 to spend a weekend with friends. Was met at the fuel pumps by a very courteous and professional gentleman who helps me fuel and secured the plane for the weekend. Provided a golf cart to haul our luggage to the FBO lounge where we headed out. Everyone we encountered was very friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work!!!
From Wayne DeCosta on 17-Apr-2018

  Oracle Aviation is an extremely well run FBO. Everyone on staff is helpful, polite, professional and service-oriented. Great new terminal facility has everything you need. Bob and Dave are excellent managers, and their entire team is well prepared to help with your arrival and departure needs. I highly recommend Oracle.
From Kenneth Jackson on 16-Apr-2018

  We are always treated very well at Oracle! Nice facilities, attentive staff, hassle-free car rental, and, on this last trip, the weather on our day of departure was very cold, snowy and windy -- I called ahead to see if I could pre-heat the plane -- they offered to pull it into their heated hangar a few hours before our ETD, where we were able to pre-flight and load up out of the weather. Brian pulled us out onto the tarmac, where it fired right up and away we went -- Great service!
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