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Marathon General Aviation

Marathon General Aviation is the piston only FBO at the Florida Keys Marathon Airport.

U.S. Customs & Border Protection is open mid-field at the main terminal, txwy INTL.

Please note: The U.S. CBP facility is a fee based operation. Pistons pay a $50 user fee during normal business hours. Clearance outside of normal operating hours is an additional fee.

We are located to the east of the field at the approach end of 25 in the heart of the beautiful Florida Keys. Our NATA Safety 1st certified line crew will guide you comfortably into our spacious ramp while our courteous and knowledgeable concierge service attends to all your lodging and transportation needs. The wealth of recreational activities from the excitement of offshore sports fishing and wreck diving to the tranquility of back country eco-tours makes Marathon a perfect destination for action lovers and beach bums alike. Come for a bite and stay for the night, you're always welcome at Marathon General Aviation. Our slice of piston prop paradise!

U.S. CBP office is open Wed-Sun, 9 am - 5:30 pm.
Phone: 305-289-2029; Fax: 305-289-2059
After hours call out available
The Florida Keys Marathon International Airport
ASRI 131.45

9850 Overseas Hwy
Marathon, FL 33050-3310
United States of America

Fax 305-946-5995


 U.S. Customs Service 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Professional, Courteous and Experienced Personnel
  • Line Crew Trained to NATA Safety 1st Standards
  • 24 Hour on call service
  • Pilots planning area
  • Taxi service
  • Concierge service
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Avfuel
Fueling hours: 100LL only: 7AM-7PM daily for full-serve / 24 hrs self-serve
24 hour call out for fuel and services.
After hours number 305-481-6919
100LL Avgas Assisted/Self Service    $8.90
100LL Avgas Full service    $9.40
Prices include all taxes.
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From Thomas Hanley on 14-Apr-2022

  Great general aviation support, friendly and professional. Excellent for a fly-in restaurant and quick turn. Fast fuel and line support. They made the BELLA FLIGHT, Cessna 421B, passenger support easy and convenient.
From Jose Gibert on 27-Mar-2022

  Outstanding services by the entire team at Marathon General Aviation. Nettie exceeded my expectations and it was great to meet Kirsten on her first day! Their smiling faces are most welcoming. Many thanks to Landon for the line services and to Justin for the avocado, cannot wait to try the mangoes! The key lime pie traveled safely to Vero Beach and my family said it is delicious! Thank you ALL for your hospitality. See you soon!
From Brian Campbell on 15-Feb-2022

  Stayed four nights and was charged $100.00 per night just because my Lancair IVP has a turbine on it. I couldn't meet the fuel requirement, even though I bought 52 gallons. If I came in with piston version-same size and weight- the fee would have been $30.00 per. I'm an individual not a corporation.
From Lynn Spilman on 31-Jan-2022

  Line service and office staff is always very friendly and professional.
From Rich Gurr on 10-Jan-2022

  Up until recently I was a long-term monthly tenant with MGA for years. Left for the December holidays. When I flew home in the beginning of January I was ambushed with a 250 percent monthly rate increase. No prior notification was sent. Basically got told too bad. I moved my plane two days later and was charged 20 a night plus addition 20 for not buying fuel total of 67 dollars including all their other fees. If this is how they have decided to treat long-term tenants, I hate to think how visitors will be treated from now on.
From David Hill on 05-Dec-2021

  6 nights on the ramp with my single engine turboprop cost over $160 PER NIGHT, with no fuel purchase because my tanks were not empty enough to accommodate the minimum. I spoke with the manager at length about this price gouging, but got no relief. His primary argument seemed to be that Key West charges even more. The line and desk staffs do a fine job, and they graciously lent me a crew car when we arrived, but the pricing imposed by new management feels abusive and far beyond what can be justified by cost increases.
From Geoffrey Cochrane on 01-Mar-2021

  Landing fees for a light twin totaled $45 without adding the minimum 40 gallons of 6.81 avgas.
From Jacob Martin on 03-Feb-2021

  Very nice flight to MTH and a Lineman was there to greet the plane/assisted with parking. The Lineman was also quick to service fuel as requested and there is still a service fee at this airport even if you purchase fuel. The cost for 100LL on this day was $6.55 per gallon and not that much more than the self-service 100LL. BUT when I walk into the FBO with no one else around, a woman with thick glasses began to screech about a facemask was required. Then the boss (obviously him) walk into the FBO without his mask on but NOT a word came from the same woman. I think that the FBO would be improved if this same woman were replaced.
From Kirk Powell on 14-Dec-2020

  Cannot speak for the avgas side of things but flying a Citation Bravo (you leave a comment for the jet side of the FBO) all over the country I can say Marathon has the highest fees of any airport I go to with the exception of Teterboro. Minimum fuel purchase, for the ridiculous high priced fuel is 275 gallons. For a Bravo that is just shy of half tanks, God forbid you only can only take on 200 gallons or in my case 250, you pay the high price for the fuel AND HIGH RAMP FEE. They really go out of their way to gouge the flying public.
From Tony Brown on 04-May-2020

  KMTH General Aviation has been excellent during our trips to Keys. Always flexible. Line staff and front desk folks are awesome. Highly recommend.
From Louis Ballerstedt on 21-Nov-2019

  After landing, we are asked if we prefer to pay the 15$ fee vs. buying 10 gals of 100LL at 6.35$. We go for the 10 gals of fuel, as we needed some anyway. When returning after lunch, we are hollered at by the lady at the counter claiming our C172 would not take more than 9.3 gals and she would "gracefully" and "exceptionally" accept to waive the 15 $ fee. Quite strange, only 9.3 gals after a 2.2 hrs. flight... Anyway we leave and when we get to destination we had a message to call her back since the lady had switched receipts with another plane and wanted us now to authorize a sale of 0.7 gals (yes, 3 quarts of 100LL). Ok, we could have assumed that the mistake being so minor, this could have been waived, but no, we were charged for the 0.7 gals of 100LL. And another 2.5 $ "security fee".... Will I fly to MTH again? Maybe be and only if I have no other option.
From PJ Hurley on 18-Sep-2019

  Jury is out on this one...Ran down to Marathon to escape hurricane Dorian. Working with relief pilots they have told me Dorian devastated parts of Bahamas. This was an emergency reposition and not vacation or business travel. It was low season and 50% of the businesses are closed. Marathon GA/Marathon Jet (who are the same company) quoted me a laundry list of premium charges. Since the hurricane stalled we were stuck extra days which they charged full price for. The runway is too short and has towers off the end for us to add more weight in fuel that they required us to buy or pay penalty. I asked for days to talk to Manager James about working out something but never heard back. Waited in FBO for James to show up until it was too late and we had to leave. CSR made comment that "Marathon is expensive down here" even though we didn't have any choices then. For people who were impacted by a hurricane themselves one would think they wouldn't be so hardened and crass...
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