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From Eric LeMarier on 24-Apr-2021

  Stopped in to say I stepped onto Long Island for the first time in my life. Ramp and office staff were pleasant but landing fee was $25 (152) which I didn't mind paying due to it being my first time here. I think the landing fee is a little high as it is the highest I've paid so far for a 20-25 minute stop over just to see the airport and say I've been to Long Island. Just be willing to pay the landing fee and understand its $25 before going.
From Eric Hazen on 05-Sep-2020

  This airport is a public hazard. They pack in the park planes everywhere, including across the end of the runway! The lady who seems to run things isn't too bad, but there was a teenager with a radio who had no clue about safety. My plane was parked well into the movement area, and since I had two passengers I decided to stay for a while, but I won't return. I know that it's tough to keep a private airport like this open, but they need to follow basic safety procedures. Considering reporting them to the FAA.
From David Windmiller on 19-Jul-2020

  Making money is fine. $50 landing fee last year for a Robinson helicopter. $125 for the same helicopter this year is ripping off GA. Private flight dinner with wife for 2 hours. Yes $125 landing fee. Avoid this airport. It is a disgrace to General Aviation. No fees posted. All I was told was I am lucky because she gets $300 for slightly larger aircraft.
From Jim Janaitis on 25-Apr-2020

  Very warm and bright Saturday in the middle of a stretch of bad weather. Flew in and walked to the beach for a picnic. The sun and waves were very nice. Met Helen on the way back to the aircraft, she is very friendly and we had a good conversation. Didn't need any services but really had a great day there.
From Dick Marshall on 14-Aug-2019

  The customer service is very rude. You park one way when no one parks you or tells you where to go and they complain. And employee’s personal cars are parked on the ramp taking up space and they complain if you get your wing close!!!
From Peter Seferovic on 02-Aug-2019

  Great Airport, Helen will give you a ride to the beach, restaurants is a short walk from the Airport. And it's always fun to land there over the Sand Dune.
From Tristan Wiener on 24-Jul-2019

  Great airport. Love being able to walk off the plane right to a restaurant without a crew car!
From Tim Quill on 11-Jul-2019

  Nice airport. Nice runway. Nice people. $20.00 landing fee for single engine aircraft I think is fair because airport is privately owned on a PREMIUM piece of real estate.
From Richard Stanley on 01-Sep-2018

  Very friendly airport but expensive for twins $35. Not much parking. Great for beach goers at the end of the runway.
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