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Palestine Jet Center, LLC

at Palestine Municipal Airport

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From Bill Bennett on 02-Dec-2017

  The Palestine (Spoken Pali-steen, not like the place in the Middle East) airport has good runways and taxiways. Small rolling hills with lots of trees in the area, quite beautiful. Ample tie down area, a nice FBO and self service fuel for 100LL. Only Jet A is available full service from the truck. Fuel prices were pretty low. The airport grounds are clean and well kept. The FBO is small but nice and seems to monitor the CTAF. They had an unusually nice courtesy car available. The town of Palestine (about 19, 000 pop) is actually quite busy for it's size. The usual chain restaurants are available within about 10 minutes of the airport. We selected "Switch Brick Oven Pizza". This place has excellent food. Also in Palestine is The Texas State Railroad, about 4-hour tour to ride the train to Rusk and back. Just west of the airport is the NASA balloon launch facility. Overall Palestine is a nice place to stop, nice runways, good fuel prices, easy access to town.
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