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Corporate Wings

Aim High!

A trusted name has returned to KSBN and with it an experienced professional team that is excited to reacquaint with old friends and establish new ones.

Our full-service FBO is open and its staff brings decades of a few exclusives for executive patrons.
South Bend International Airport
ASRI 131.70

4200 Lathrop Street
South Bend, IN 46628
United States of America


Randall Jones
President / General Manager
574-282-4201 direct line

 NATA Safety 1st   U.S. Government AIR Card   U.S. Customs Service   DASSP   Avfuel Contract Fuel   Everest Fuel Preferred   Phillips 66® Aviation Contract Fuel   Crew cars   Avis   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)   Wheelchair Accessible 
Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Daily 0600 -- 2400
  • 24 Hour service available
  • Hangar up to G650
  • Type I & IV de-ice anti-ice
  • Conference Room
  • Business Center
  • Flight Planning facilities
  • High Speed Wi-Fi
  • Big Screen Smart TV's
  • Rental Cars on site
  • Courtesy cars
  • Freight handling
  • Charter screening available
  • Closest FBO to the ND campus and downtown
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: Services available 24 hrs
100LL Avgas Full service    $5.09
Jet A Full service    $4.74
Discounts: Discounts available for repeat customers and/or quantities in excess of arrival fuel.
Prices include all taxes.
With minimum fuel purchase:
No Ramp Fee
No Handling Fee
No Parking Fee
No Drop Off Fee
No Security Fee
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From Neisy Maleki on 06-Dec-2020

  Randy, Danielle, and the entire CORPORATE WINGS team helped us coordinate the movement of 41 passengers, 8 rental cars, 5 car seats, SEAMLESSLY. They are true professionals who go above and beyond. I cannot say enough good things about what a great experience it has been at CORPORATE WINGS. No doubt about it, the best in SOUTH BEND. :)
From K McGehe, Summit Helicopters on 23-Aug-2020

  The staff went out of their way to help. Corporate Wings is the GOLD standard for FBOs.
From Steven Geroski IV on 16-Jun-2020

  Over the past 2 years I have visited Corp Wings 10 times or so. There is a reason that they have received a 5-star rating! Professional, courteous, friendly and reliable are the reasons...And their terminal/pilot area is first class. I highly recommend this FBO.
From Kevin Colson on 13-Oct-2019

  Flew in for a Notre Dame football game along with well over 100 other jets. Excellent ramp service arriving. Great food and lots of it was provided for all the pilots. No $450 "Special Event Fee" at Corporate Wings. Departure was very smooth with more then enough GOOD line service members. Very well run experience for an incredibly busy event. This is the best place to go at SBN!
From Kenneth Evers on 12-Oct-2019

  This FBO is unequalled anywhere in the US. Extremely professional and yet very friendly and amicable. Catered a fantastic dinner for all us waiting pilots as our pax went to a football game. Absolutely loved this place.
From GM Perry on 17-Sep-2019

  Great FBO with friendly line service and very nice facilities. Would definitely go back!
From Steven Blaharski on 27-Jul-2019

  Outstanding. I showed up alone in a single engine C182, I was treated like a visiting head of state in a Gulfstream or Global Express. Two guys out to meet me and help me park. Offered me all the amenities of the facility, which were very nice. Great snack bar. Parked the airplane overnight, no fees. I bought gas, but I don't even think they would've charged me a fee if I didn't buy gas. It was topped off for me the next evening. I was offered a crew car, but had other arrangements already set up.
From Jon Rudolf on 12-Jul-2019

  Stopped here in both directions on flights across the country. Eastbound was a quick turn for fuel, and quick is the understatement. They had me on the way immediately, with a very good fuel price. Spent the night westbound, and they got me a bargain hotel room with shuttle pick-up and great place to eat next door. No fees. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming to a small piston plane. Their lounge is incredibly well stocked with drinks and snacks. Highly recommended.
From Walter Congdon on 22-May-2019

  Corporate Wings is the best, this is our third trip to SBN enroute to Chicago. Randy and staff will always go beyond expectations to assist you and make your visit perfect. Great facility, good prices and super service. Hangar available also. SBN is a hidden gem for getting into Chicago. Park at Corporate Wings and take the train right from SBN terminal to downtown Chicago. Easy relaxing ride. Thanks for great experiences!!
From Bob Rivard on 06-Jan-2019

  Flew in for the ND outdoor hockey game in my Saratoga. Great, friendly line service and my car was waiting on the ramp. There were no fees but I bought fuel to be a good customer. Fast check out when we returned that evening. I will definitely be back!
From Ryan Flanigan on 22-Oct-2018

  These guys are fantastic. Beautiful FBO. Staff could not have been friendlier. And best of all, no fees. Flew in for a ND football weekend. Parked in "overflow" lot with other piston singles. Lineman parked us, helped us unload a LOT of junk (traveling with an infant will do that!) into the van, and took us over to the FBO. Since our car wasn't there (car rental vendor wouldn't answer the phone to bring it over) they took us over in the van, waited while we retrieved the car and drove us right to the car. When I returned 2 days later, plane was fueled as requested and ready to go. Let us drive our car out to the plane and reload, and about 10 minutes later they retrieved and took care of the rental car return for us. On top of this, there were no fees. We bought about 20 gal of fuel. Price was reasonable. These guys are the model other should be emulating. Fantastic service, EXTREMELY GA friendly. We will be back and will use them without hesitation.
From Guilherme Schmidt on 14-Oct-2018

  Always great service. Very nice FBO. Line service could be a bit better.
From John Freitas on 14-Sep-2018

  Great service as always at Corporate Wings. When our rental car was not provided as requested from the vendor, Corporate Wings gave us a crew car that allowed us to make our previously scheduled tee time and enjoy a great day.
From Mike Waterfield, 5176V on 05-Aug-2018

  I landed at SBN late on the 23 of July. Far from home and diverted due to weather. The line team got us situated quickly set us up with a hotel and gave us a shuttle run. Usually single pistons are not so warmly welcomed at larger airports. It was a very pleasant surprise after a long day.
From Bruce Nagel on 09-Jul-2018

  A terrific FBO! Facility and service is top notch. Here's an example of the level of service that differentiates Corporate Wings from other FBOs I've used... I flew in this weekend with my daughter and her friend for an event at Notre Dame. As we were shutting down, one of the line guys pulls up with an SUV. I told him that we didn't rent a vehicle, and he replied "Good. This isn't a rental, but we thought you'd like to use it!" (I had called a few days earlier asking a few questions, one of which was if I might be able to use a courtesy car to drive to the campus if one were available. They must have made a note of it and remembered). All in all, a great FBO!
From Paul Roy on 23-Jun-2018

  The comments below are more than accurate and deserve kudos from me as well. If I was to build/design an FBO....this would be the model. This is an award deserving FBO and should be recognized. Escorted with our bags in hand to the rental car waiting with doors opened in an enclosed parking garage is a real nice touch. Thank you for making me stop to applaud you!
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