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Henriksen Jet Center

Houston Executive Airport opened for business in January of 2007. The Henriksen Jet Center provides 24-hour aircraft fueling, ground handling operations, rental and crew cars, crew lounge, catering services and complimentary wireless internet access. We are a Conoco Phillips dealer and we are committed to providing premium service for business travelers living in and visiting the Houston Area.
Built for business

Houston Executive Airport
UNICOM 122.975

1900 Cardiff Rd
Brookshire, TX 77423-1708
United States of America

toll-free 1-866-936-2626
Fax 281-945-4350

Andrew Perry, Executive Director, 281-945-5000


 NATA Safety 1st   U.S. Government AIR Card   WSI Pilotbrief   Phillips 66® Aviation Contract Fuel   World Fuel Contract Fuel   WingPoints™ Rewards   Crew cars   Avis   Enterprise Rent-A-Car   Wireless Internet Access (WiFi)   National Business Aviation Association 

Services, Facilities and Amenities
  • Full Service FBO
  • Wi Fi
  • WSI Weather Briefing
  • Pilot's Lounge
  • DVD
  • Internet Access
  • Rental Cars
  • Crew Cars
  • Complimentary Gourmet Coffee
  • Snacks
  • Restrooms
  • Quick Turns
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Ground Transportation
  • Customer Work Areas
  • Fax
  • Copy Machine
  • Satellite Television
  • Newspapers and Coffee
  • Lavatory Service
  • Ground Power Units
  • Fork Lift for Cargo Operations
  • Complimentary Ice
  • KVA
  • Aircraft Ground Cooling
New Air Traffic Control
KTME opened a new air traffic control tower. Tower hours are 6AM to 10PM 365 days a year.

local, 126.975,
ground 132.075
clearance delivery 132.075
ATIS/AWOS 119.525
Aviation fuel services
Brand: Phillips 66
Fueling hours: We offer Self Serve AVGas 24 hours a day
We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week
100LL Avgas Full service    $4.79
100LL Avgas Self service    $4.45
Jet A Full service    $4.10
Discounts: We offer volume discounts
We offer weekend Avgas specials, call Friday for the discounted price.
Prices include all taxes.
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From Sanford Meyerson on 10-Oct-2019

  I have been flying into KSGR for over 20 years...The folks at Global Select are the best!
From Nigel Catterall on 15-Aug-2019

  Top Notch, went to pick my TBM up after a little maintenance at Avalair (another top notch shop!) and a front had moved through, the wind was 34 gusting 41 kts, couldn't find my plane. The line guys at moved it into a hangar, as they didn't like the way it was moving around in the wind. That's what I call service! Way to go guys.
From Mike Forster on 29-Mar-2019

  Arrived at beautiful terminal building, checked in with the gracious Miss Olivia at the front counter only to discover my pick up vehicle had blown a tire on the way to the airport. Andy Perry took control of the situation, and with the able help from Deion and Thaddeus, we soon had the tire changed and I was on my way. Service above and beyond!
From Donnie Plant on 20-Feb-2019

  Best service around!!!!!! Hands down this FBO is hard to beat. They monitor incoming flights and automatically pull valet passenger vehicles to planeside, on the ramp, at shutdown. Fuel prices are good and they get fuel orders correct. Very well trained staff and extremely helpful. Love operating in and out of this FBO. 5/5 stars.
From Ryan Barker on 10-Jan-2019

  I'll start by saying the whole staff couldn't be nicer or more accommodating. However when we checked in at the desk to let them know we were just there for a couple hours and didn't need any fuel, we were told the landing fee is $50 for a Cessna 210. After I picked up my jaw I was told that the fee was waived with the purchase of any amount of fuel. When we returned from dinner, the girl at the front desk met us and apologized for mistakenly telling us there was a $50 fee for a single engine Cessna. We were not required to purchase fuel nor were we charged any fees. Top notch and I can highly recommend. 5 stars
From Rick Manor on 07-Aug-2018

  As we pulled into Henriksen Jet we had to write up our airplane and we knew we were done for the day. The staff and line service were exceptional for us. Olivia went above and beyond to see to our needs and made sure we were taken care of to include sending us on our way in a rental at a
From Jeff Kelly on 20-Jul-2018

  I had to fly to Houston for a hearing on July 19, 2018. I landed and was immediately greeted by Charly McLane. She lent me a crew car and had it pulled around super quick. Upon return, my airplane was all gassed up and Olivia walked me out to the airplane and retrieved the crew car. Amazing service and I will for sure return to Henriksen. I hope to see Charly and Olivia again.
From Bob Gordon on 24-Apr-2018

  This is a first class FBO worth going out of the way for.
From Bill Hoglan on 18-Mar-2018

  14 March: Stopped in to pick up a passenger. Used the self-serve fuel and parked on the east side near the grass. The Tower person must have been really bored or worked on the movie Top Gun. A few wise cracks when words could have a double meaning. I had difficulty with the fuel pump system. Too many questions and buttons to push. Beautiful airport facility and fantastic Terminal.
From Robert Allen on 27-Feb-2018

  A great service oriented FBO. The huge canopy arch to load/unload is unbelievable under the hot Texas sun or a rainstorm. A special shout out to Fred and Bruce and Charlie. There is even a weekend discount for 100LL fuel. My only concern is the $20/night tiedown fee. That's the highest I've paid anywhere.
From Ross Aimer on 28-Jan-2018

  As a retired airline pilot, now flying a private jet, I have visited many FBO's around the world. This FBO is among the top 10 worldwide!
From Daniel Thues on 11-Jan-2018

  Henriksen Jet center at Houston executive is hands down the best FBO I have ever flown into. The staff were extremely accommodating going above and beyond all expectations. Olivia and Charly were very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. If you have the chance you should definitely stop by to see this beautiful FBO.
From Cody Schapson on 13-Sep-2017

  This is by far the best FBO that I have ever been to. The employees here at KTME went above and beyond to assist us in any way possible. They were very supportive and courteous during our brief time to support Harvey. I would like to give a special shout out to Olivia. She went above and beyond the standard helping me track down all of my fuel receipts. Her professionalism and patience with me was very appreciative. Thank you so much Olivia and thank you Henriksen Jet Center for welcoming us into your home.
From Mordicah Thomas on 05-Sep-2017

  This has been by far one of the greatest and hardest working crews I have had the pleasure of working with. The line team is amazing, quickly supporting refuel operations and massive parking. The aircraft density during the Hurricane Harvey relief effort was extreme and these guys managed it flawlessly. As for the operations team I have to point out two people particularly that aided in smooth transitions and helped us every single day. Cassandra and Olivia were two of the nicest people and really went out of their way to make things easy. Big ups to the entire team at Henriksen Jet Center Houston Executive.
From Lyndon Nugent on 29-Aug-2017

  This is an outstanding FBO and restores my faith in humanity. I spent a good portion of the day here in support of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. The staff here had been stranded for days due to rising floodwaters, and the airport was open only to helicopters. Nevertheless the personnel here were eager and courteous to help every arriving aircraft as those aircraft were trying to relieve conditions in the Houston area. This would have been a great experience under the best of circumstances. As it happens, it was a trying week for all involved, and these guys are still going strong. What a great group of people.
From Andres Serina on 21-Jul-2017

  Called ahead and was able to visit the tower! Staff was friendly and gave us a ride to and from. Thanks Sheldon and Olivia!
From Bill Hoglan on 04-Jul-2017

  Great experience and excellent service. All airports should be this neat, clean, well built, organized and professional. We were guided in under the shelter, our rental car was brought to the plane and we were assisted with our luggage. All this for an old pilot, even older Bonanza and a day visit to the area. Thank you.
From Jeff Hankinson on 27-Jun-2017

  Had a line guy recently curse at me on a recent visit, I need not say more about this FBO and it's leadership.
From Jason Andrews on 21-Jun-2017

  Super nice FBO. Great line guys that were on the ball. Reasonable fuel prices and a caddy for a crew car! Many thanks for the great service! Will be back for sure.
From Greg Beckner on 31-May-2017

  Best FBO ever. Olivia, the primary daytime CSR always professional and helpful. We were based there for 2 years, only leaving due to relocation.
From Aubrey Warrick on 24-May-2017

  These FBO employees went above and beyond for my crew and clients. Val at the front desk was so personable and had no problem meeting my many questions with a smile! Love these girls!!! (The line guys weren't bad either lol)
From Jack Van Blarcom on 19-May-2017

  I've used Henriksen Jet Center on a number of occasions. The service just keeps getting better. Everyone is extremely helpful and professional.
From Ryan Crocker on 13-May-2017

  Henriksen Jet Center FBO is great!!!! Great customer service. Passengers wanted to stay the night and I was in a bind, Olivia helped me out and got me a hotel room last minute. Thanks Olivia and keep up the good work Henriksen Jet Center.
From Dan Shipner on 21-Apr-2017

  Olivia was great I had a credit card problem she handled it like a professional I was unable to leave due to wx Olivia hooked me up with a car for food a movie for entertainment and a shower and a bed She rocked it Thank you from now on this will be my Houston stop.
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