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Sandhills Aero

at Miller Field Airport

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From Ken Andrews on 28-Feb-2023

  Be very careful about using this airport as a fuel stop - especially at night and/or during the winter. NOTAMs are NOT kept up to date for hazards like runway width reductions and snowbanks that severely limit turning radius. This is a major issue as there are no taxiways or turnarounds! JET-A fuel connector appears to have been repaired with JB Weld and leaks fuel copiously. Fuel pump has a ridiculously short timeout so you need to run on the icy ramp from wing-to-wing to avoid your transaction timing out. After swiping your card a few times your credit card company will eventually disable your card. You can't access the terminal building after hours without calling the police department. Just too many issues at this airport. Save yourself the hassle and make a better choice than we did!!!
From Art Fritzson on 23-May-2021

  Landed for fuel for our Citation Mustang on a trip from Oregon to Virginia. It was a Friday about 1730 and we were met by Ryan who proceeded to set up for fueling us (really Full Service even though advertised as Assisted Self Service) and then the pump just failed. He tried everything including climbing on the tank to clean and reset the pump, but could not get it working. Ryan's grandfather Bob (the boss?) took a 55 gallon drum and headed off to the nearest airport to get us enough fuel to get to that airport. Ryan gave us a car to use and we opted to stay the night in a local hotel. By the next morning Bob had the pump working and got us fully fueled an on our way. These guys could have just said "oh well, the repair guy will be here Wednesday" but instead both went out of their way to overcome a bad situation. Top notch service!
From Kevin Malone on 10-Nov-2020

  We stopped here twice in our Baron for fuel and a rest. Great guys who will handle the fueling despite the self serve prices. Nice runway, approaches and lighting, decent lounge and briefing room. Very friendly fellows manning the field. Highly recommended!
From Richard Greb on 08-Aug-2020

  Stopped at KVTN in route to Black Hills and on return for fueling of helicopter. Unbeatable Jet A pricing and helpful assistance at the self-serve pump. Operator essentially makes it full service. Good facilities and highly recommend.
From A. Travnicek on 19-May-2020

  Courtesy car was offered, but you can walk into town about 1/2 mile from the FBO if you like; several restaurants. Friendly staff. Not a whole lot of fuel options close by going westbound; I suggest stopping here!
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