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City of Arcadia

at Arcadia Municipal Airport

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From Tom Wiliams on 04-Sep-2021

  Good fuel stop
From Mike Dwyer on 27-Apr-2021

  FIRST TUESDAY of each month is Taco Tuesday!
From Ronald Keating on 21-Mar-2021

  Arcadia has a new taxiway for the grass strip. Service is always good and the fuel is always the cheapest in the area. Taco Tuesday brings in a load of different airplanes always for us airplane watchers.
From Mark Cannon on 18-Mar-2021

  We just flew across the Southern USA from Cali to Florida. Without a doubt the very best place we have ever air-camped is Arcadia (X06) in Florida. Grass strip, tent with air mattress ("honeymoon suite"), airplane parked amongst the oak trees, fire ring, restrooms and showers, TERRIFIC pilot day room, and a wonderful hostess named Shelley.
From Daryl Hickman on 15-Apr-2020

  Stopped into Arcadia last week for Touch and Go Tuesday. We were greeted by manager Shelley upon arrival. Fuel prices were excellent and the food from the taco truck was outstanding. Nice crosswind grass runway! The on-airport camping facilities look awesome. A credit to the city!
From Ronald Ferraiuolo on 02-Apr-2020

  Flew in today with 2 friends for a "separation distance" picnic. Got 30 gallons of fuel at $3.49. The tanker had just delivered a load. As I was starting to fuel, a female waved to us through the window. Topped off and went to the picnic area. As we were having lunch, she drove her golf cart to the area and talked to a group that was at the next table, telling them that she just dropped the price to $2.90+. Wish she had told me that the price was dropping BEFORE I fueled. Instead of saying oh well. Then on the way out some dude mentioned the price. I said yeah, I got 30 gal. at the higher price. He laughed and said well at least it wasn't 300 gallons. Yeah, big joke. No more sausage & pancakes for me, plenty of other places.
From Drew Gillett on 03-Mar-2020

  Arcadia has become really excellent with great fuel price and services Taco Tuesdays includes 3 tacos for 5$ from Jose Tagua’s food truck 11-2 delicious with many menu options had Mexican sweet corn elotes today 2$ also crew car and downtown restaurants available including Martins, Amish deli now if only city council would put in an FAA funded community swimming pool.
From Sam Lindsey on 26-Jul-2019

  This is a story of "Above and Beyond". We called Arcadia to check on fuel availability today, which Shelley confirmed. We were at a nearby airport that was having a problem with their fuel pump, which got fixed just after making the call. We ended up not having to go to Arcadia. A short time later, Shelley sent a text message to check up on us to make sure everything was OK since we did not show up for fuel. If that isn't going the extra mile and a half, I don't know what is!!!
From Rich Zeidman on 15-Dec-2018

  Great self serve fuel prices
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