Send Us An Aerial Photo of Barstow-Daggett Airport

Thanks for your interest in submitting an aerial photo of Barstow-Daggett Airport. Before you proceed, please read the notes below.
Before you submit the photo, please make sure that you have the rights to distribute it, and that you have the rights to grant AirNav a license to manipulate it and place it on our web site. For most people, if you took the photo and are willing to share it with us that is all it takes. But if you found the image on the internet, scanned it from some paper publication, got it from a friend, or somehow came upon it without knowing its source, please refrain from sending it to us. If you feel you must sent it to us anyway, please attribute the source. If you find a good photo on the internet and want to suggest that we use it, please send us the URL of the page where the photo is found and we will contact the page owner for permission. That is much better than you copying the image from the page and sending it to us. Please treat copyright owners with the courtesy and respect they deserve.
Some authors wish to have their name associated with the photo displayed on AirNav. If you want a specific credit displayed with the photo you send, please note your request in the email you send us with the photo.
We prefer images in JPEG format. However, we can accept many other formats, including PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and others. Don't worry about image size — it doesn't matter much, we will size it to fit. Usually the bigger the better.
Check out our guide with Tips and Techniques for Good Aerial Photos of Airports.
If you have read everything above and understand it, especially the copyright information, then go ahead and send us that photo. You can do so by emailing it to us.
  • Please attach your photo as a file attachment.
  • Please indicate whether you want credit for the photo.
  • Tell as the date that the picture was taken. If you are not sure of the exact date, something like "last month" or "summer of 2004" would be better than nothing.
  • If possible, tell us the direction form which you took the photo (from the east, from the northwest etc.)
  • Since your photo is an update to an existing photo, please tell us why your photo is better than the one we already have. That will help us decide whether we should keep the existing photo (shown on the right) or replace it with yours.
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