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ID City Name
34KYAuburnLone Pine Aerodrome
57KYBelcherBelcher Regional Airport
42KYBentonPirates Cove Airport
05KYBereaCartersville Airport
0KY5Bowling GreenBoyce Wafer Farm Airport
2KY3Bowling GreenPlane-O-Field Airport
73KYBrooksBrooks Field Airport
23KYBurnaBarnes Farm Airport
08KYBurnsideBoss Airport
5KY5CadizLowe Airport
4KY4CalhounMoseley Field Airport
96KYCalhounWoosley Field Airport
29KYCaliforniaSocks Flyers Airport
3KY4CarrolltonCraw Daddy Landing Airport
44KYChaviesDuff Airport
66KYClarksonMc Grew Airport
0KY7ClintonClinton-Hickman County Airport
82KYCrestwoodWoodledge Farm Airport
69KYCub RunLakeview Airport
74KYCunninghamTerry Field Airport
59KYDeatsvilleSamuels Springs Airport
19KYDry RidgeCharlie Bravo's Airport
2KY4ElizabethtownOz Airport
5KY4ElktonStandard Field Airport
58KYFinchvilleWillow Island Airpark
2KT4Fountain RunEubank Field Airport
6KY4Fountain RunAdair Airport
05KTFrankfortHigh Point Farm Airport
35KYFranklinWelcome Field Airport
0KY1FranklinArnemann Farms Airport
8KY3FranklinCummings Farms Airfield
4KY1GlasgowCreek Side Landing Airport
03KYHendersonFlying H Farms Airport
84KYHillsboroClarks Field Airport
04KYHisevilleNatchez Trace Farm Airport
8KY6IndependenceCaintuckee Airport
76KYLawrenceburgBuzzard's Roost Airport
64KYLexingtonCoal Field Airport
53KTLibertyLiberty-Casey County Airport
9KY4LondonTEC Field Airport
07KYLouisvilleBlue Lick Airport
6KY6LouisvilleJeffries Farm Airport
20KTMcDanielsBrushy Fork Field Airport
77KYMount Sterling/OwingsvilleOne Oak Airport
28KYMurrayBrandon Airdrome
54KYMurrayRudenberg Field Airport
85KYNew CastleDeer Run Airpark
12KYNew CastleJohn M Foree Airport
79KYNicholasvilleLucas Field Airport
2KY5Olive HillWomstead Field Airport
13KYOwensboroMiles Airport
0KY0OwentonOwen Air Park
61KYOwentonSchroder Airport
9KY9PaintsvillePaintsville-Prestonsburg-Combs Field Airport
14KYParisBlue Haven Farm Airport
52KYParisAir Castle Airport
50KYParisZanzibar Farm Airport
31KYParisWild Blue Airport
71KYPetersburgSunrise Acres Airport
8KT8PleasurevilleCherry Hill Airport
1KY7RichmondJordan Hill Farm Airport
94KYRumseyWoosley Airport
80KYSacramentoDavid Lowe Airport
17KYSacramentoLester Airfield
5KY8SalvisaHarold Reynolds Airport
3KY9ShelbyvilleMiles Field Airport
6KY3ShelbyvilleFlying C Farms Airport
40KYShelbyvilleRooster Field Airport
68KYSomersetLee's Airpark
36KYSpringfieldArnolds Airport
00KYStanfordRobbins Roost Airport
7KY3TaylorsvilleLittle Mount International Airport
3KY3TaylorsvilleMason Valley Airport
33KYUticaBigger (STOL) Airport
3KY1UticaGoode Airpark
20KYVeronaVerona Landing Airport
4KY7VeronaMueller Farm Airport
70KYVine GroveVine Grove Airport
4KT4WarsawSteele's Bottom Airport
4KY5West PointWeavers Run Airport
72KYWilliamsburgCarr Airport
75KYWinchesterHisle Field Airport
3KY0WinchesterRenick Field Airport
78KYWinchesterMountain View Airfield

The above list contains only private use airports and may be incomplete.
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