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United States of America


ID City Name
18LSAbbevilleOmni Mouton Cove Heliport
LA95AbbevilleAbbeville General Hospital Heliport
95LAAlexandriaLouisiana State Police Troop E Heliport
LS27AlexandriaRapides RMC Hospital Heliport
LA82AlexandriaVA Medical Center Heliport
LA20AlexandriaSt Francis Cabrini Hospital Heliport
LA66AmeliaArco Morgan City Heliport
LA06ArnaudvilleBehavioral Health Center Heliport
LA69Baton RougeJenkins Heliport
1LS1Baton RougeCosmar Styrene Plant Heliport
LS32Baton RougeAndre Smith Aviation Heliport
LA05Baton RougeBaton Rouge Heliport
LA00Baton RougeBaton Rouge General Medical Center Heliport
29LABaton RougeOur Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center Heliport
27LSBaton RougeLa DOTD Headquarters Heliport
49LABaton RougeBaton Rouge Police Heliport
96LABaton RougeLa State Police Troop A Heliport
LA28Baton RougeLouisiana State Police Headquarters Heliport
27LABaton RougeBaton Rouge General Hospital Heliport
LA99Baton RougeMedical Center of Baton Rouge Heliport
1LA0Baton RougeWoman's Hospital Heliport
04LSBaton RougeLouisiana National Guard Heliport
23LSBaton RougeOLOL Children's Heliport
63LABaton RougeCeltic Heliport
14LSBaton RougeGo Gulf Heliport
85LABaton RougeSpencer Calahan Office Building Heliport
LA39Bell CityChalkley Heliport
06LABelle ChassePanther Helicopters Inc Heliport
LA08Belle ChasseJesuits Bend Heliport
LA74BerwickCagc Berwick Heliport
28LABogalusaWashington Parish Fire District 7/OEP Heliport
KLNQBoothvilleBoothville Heliport
02LABossier CityLouisiana State Police Troop G Heliport
LS29Bossier CityHorseshoe Heliport
LS73BraithwaiteAmax Metals Recovery Inc Heliport
3LA7BroussardVariable Bor Ram Heliport
02LSBroussardWindy Hill Heliport
30LSBroussardRotorcraft Heliport
LA18BunkieBunkie General Hospital Heliport
LS12BurasBastian Bay Heliport
49LSBurasEmpire TRML Heliport
16LACadeArrow Aviation Company Heliport
24LACameronERA Helicopters Cameron Base Heliport
7LA5CameronPetroleum Helicopters Cameron Heliport
32LACameronJohn W Stone Oil Distributor LLC Heliport
LS75CameronCameron Shore Base Heliport
LA78CameronCagc Dock Heliport
24LSCameronMidstream Cameron West Heliport
13LACameronEvergreen Heliport
LS13CarencroOmni Heliport
03LACarvilleDamien Heliport
LS19ChauvinHouma Terrebonne Heliport
57LAChurch PointAslh-Heli- Pad
LA86CocodrieKinetica-Cocodrie Heliport
LA23ColumbiaCitizens Medical Center Heliport
LA19CoushattaCCHCC Heliport
98LACovingtonLouisiana State Police Troop L Heliport
LA24CovingtonSt Tammany Parish Hospital Heliport
79LACovingtonLakeview Regional Medical Center Heliport
25LSCreoleRotorcraft Leasing Company Heliport
LS42CrowleyAcadia General Hospital Heliport
59LADelcambreTransco Delcambre Heliport
26LADelcambreDondero Island Heliport
61LADenham SpringsSandefer's Heliport
94LADonaldsonvillePrevost Memorial Hospital Heliport
LS28EcailleBarataria Bay Heliport
LA65EuniceAcadian Medical Center Heliport
LS50FerridayConcordia Parish Hospital Service District No 1 Heliport
9LA7FranklinFranklin Foundation Hospital Heliport
19LSFranklintonRiverside Medical Center Heliport
2LS0GallianoBristow US LLC Heliport
LA97GallianoLady of the Sea Hospital Heliport
LS55GeismarNova Chemicals Olefins LLC Heliport
LS01GibsonShell Pipe Line Gibson Heliport
LS64GibsonDistrict 8 Emergency Heliport
LS95GlenmoraMackie Memorial Heliport
9LA0Golden MeadowHarvey Gulf Heliport
00LAGonzalesShell Chemical East Site Heliport
8LA8GonzalesGalvez-Lake VFD Heliport
LA84GonzalesSt Elizabeth Hospital Heliport
5LS0GonzalesShell Chemical West Site Heliport
0LA7Grand IsleExxon Heliport
0LA5Grand IsleConoco Inc Heliport
09LAGrand IsleERA Helicopters Fourchon Helibase Heliport
LS56Grand IsleMedicant Island Heliport
LS22GreensburgSt Helena Parish Hospital Heliport
0LA0HackberryWest Hackberry Heliport
LS02HammondNorth Oaks Medical Center Heliport
LS66HarahanPetro Com Headquarters Heliport
08LAHarahanAir Oil Inc Nr 2 Heliport
92LAHoumaTerrebonne General Medical Center Heliport
20LAHoumaLeonard J Chabert Medical Center Heliport
1LS2InnisInnis Community Health Center Heliport
LS31Intercoastal CityFresh Water Bayou Heliport
LA09Intracoastal CityBristow (Intracoastal City) Heliport
1LA9Intracoastal CityChevron Intracoastal Heliport
2LA1Intracoastal CityNorth Freshwater Bayou Heliport
1LA8Intracoastal CityS Fresh Water Bayou Heliport
31LAIotaIota Volunteer Fire Department Heliport
36LSJeaneretteSquires Heliport
LS96JeffersonOchsner Medical Institutions Heliport
LA88JenaLasalle General Hospital Heliport
75LAJohnson BayouStation 44 Heliport
0LA8JonesboroJackson Parish Hospital Heliport
93LAKaplanAbrom Kaplan Memorial Hospital Heliport
2LA9KaplanTrunkline Kaplan Station Heliport
LA12KennerLouisiana State Police Troop B Heliport
LS45KillonaWaterford 3 Heliport
LS80KinderStation 823 Heliport
LS94Krotz SpringsAlon USA - Krotz Springs Heliport
LS57La PlaceRiver Parish Hospital Heliport
34LSLacombeLA Medical Center & Heart Hospital Heliport
LS23LafayetteWomens's and Children's Hospital Heliport
76LALafayetteLafayette General Hospital Heliport
33LSLafayetteOur Lady of Lourdes Heart Hospital Heliport
89LALafayetteAcadiana One Office Building Heliport
48LSLafayetteOur Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center Heliport
4LA5LafayetteLa Haye Center Heliport
28LSLafayetteHargroder Heliport
36LALafayetteLafayette Training Center - Cusa Heliport
4LA6LafitteLittle Lake Heliport
LA55Lake CharlesLake Charles Memorial Heliport
17LALake CharlesGolden Nugget Lake Charles Heliport
LA62Lake CharlesGrand View Lodge Heliport
LS58Lake CharlesChristus Ochsner Lake Area Hospital Heliport
5LA8Lake CharlesLouisiana State Police Troop D Heliport
LS81Lake CharlesLake Charles Office Heliport
LA27Lake CharlesTexas Eastern Transmission Maintenance HQ Heliport
47LALake CharlesChristus Ochsner St Patrick Hospital Heliport
LS74Lake CharlesUtec Heliport
LS11Lake ProvidenceEast Carroll Parish Hospital Heliport
LA29LeesvilleByrd Regional Hospital Heliport
4LA4LeevilleChevron USA Inc Heliport
4LA1LeevilleChevron Fourchon Heliport
LA49LeevilleFourchon Base Heliport
4LA2LeevilleGreen Hill Compressors Heliport
LS97LulingMyu Heliport
04LALutcherSt James Heliport
1LA7MamouSavoy Medical Center Heliport
LS98ManySabine Medical Center Heliport
LS67MarksvilleAvoyelles Hospital Heliport
4LA7MarreroWest Jefferson Medical Center Heliport
LS85MetairieEast Jefferson General Hospital Heliport
07LSMonroeLouisiana State Police Troop F Heliport
LS30MonroeUniversity Health Conway Hospital Heliport
LS90MonroeSt Francis Medical Center Heliport
9LA4Morgan CityTexaco Heliport
5LA3Morgan CityKerr Mc Gee Heliport
42LAMorgan CityLakewood Hospital Heliport
LS47Morgan CityMarine Shale Processors Inc Heliport
5LA5Morgan CityRti/Data-Com Heliport
LS48NapoleonvilleAssumption Community Hospital Heliport
7LA8NatchitochesNatchitoches Parish Hospital Heliport
5LA7New IberiaBristow U S LLC Heliport
LA43New IberiaBristow U.S. LLC Heliport 2
15LSNew IberiaPort of Iberia Heliport
LA72New IberiaIberia Medical Center North Heliport
31LSNew IberiaHelicopter Management Heliport
37LSNew IberiaInternational School of Aviation Excellence Heliport
2LA2New IberiaIgh Heliport
LA93New OrleansChildrens Hospital of New Orleans Heliport
3LS3New OrleansJefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Heliport
LA58New OrleansUMCNO Heliport
1LS4New OrleansTulane Medical Center Heliport
LS24New OrleansTouro Infirmary Heliport
6LA0New OrleansJackson Barracks Heliport
48LANew OrleansChevron Place Heliport
7LS6New OrleansAvondale Heliport
LS06New RoadsPointe Coupee General Hospital Heliport
LS03OpelousasOGHS Main Campus Heliport
LS63OpelousasOGHS South Campus Heliport
6LA7Pecan IslandCagc Freshwater TRML Heliport
LA45PlaquemineRiver West Medical Center Heliport
LA80PlaquemineIberville Medical Facility Heliport
LA02Port SulphurPlaquemines Medical Center Heliport
7LA2RacelandOchsner St Anne General Hospital Heliport
LS71RacelandRaceland Station Heliport
81LSRayvilleRichardson Medical Center Heliport
50LSSatsumaLivingston Parish Air Support Heliport
41LAShreveportMetro Aviation Heliport
LS78ShreveportWillis-Knighton Medical Center Temp Groundlevel Heliport
LS07ShreveportLSU Health Science Center Heliport
77LAShreveportSt. Mary Medical Heliport
LA85ShreveportChristus Highland Heliport
15LAShreveportWillis-Knighton South Hospital Heliport
1LA2SlaughterAir One Helo Heliport
LS17SlidellJack Kent Heliport
LS51SlidellOchsner Medical Center Northshore Heliport
9LA8South KennerCornerstone Chemical Company Helistop Heliport
LA94SpringhillMuddy Bottoms Heliport
7LA6St BernardSouthern Natural Gas Company Heliport
06LSSt FrancisvilleTembec Heliport
09LSSt FrancisvilleWest Feliciana Sheriff's Office Heliport
LA37St FrancisvilleWest Feliciana Parish Hospital Heliport
LA96St FrancisvilleRiverbend Heliport
35LSSt FrancisvilleThe Bluffs Heliport
LA44St GabrielCalpine Heliport
LS60St GabrielEast Field Heliport
LS37SulphurWest Calcasieu Cameron Hospital Heliport
72LASulphurSulphur Mines Heliport
8LA0ThibodauxTransco Schriever Heliport
LA59ThibodauxThibodaux Regional Medical Center Heliport
50LAThibodauxLouisiana State Police Troop C Heliport
LS79UraniaHardtner Medical Center Heliport
LS52VeniceERA Helicopters Venice Base Heliport
45LAVeniceBristow US LLC Heliport
LA47VeniceMarathon Venice Heliport
8LA4VeniceConoco Inc Venice Heliport
8LA5VeniceChevron Southpass Tank Battery W-2 Heliport
8LA7VerretSouthern Natural Gas Company Heliport
LS53Ville PlatteMercy Regional Medical Center Heliport
0LA4VivianNorth Caddo Medical Center Heliport
LA42WalkerOur Lady of the Lake Heliport
LA14West MonroeCoffman Heliport
1LA6West MonroeGlenwood Regional Medical Center Heliport
0L6WinnfieldWinn Parish Medical Center Heliport
03LSWinnsboroFMC Nr 1 Heliport
3LA5ZacharyLane Regional Medical Center Heliport

The above list contains only private use heliports and may be incomplete.
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